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Clive Owen: Filmography and biography

Clive Owen, whose filmography numbers almost fifty films, is the most famous actor of British descent. He is a laureate of several cinematographic awards.

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Childhood and youth

Clive was born in the town of Coventry, which is locatedin the flourishing county of the West Midlands, in 1964. His father was a country singer, Jess Owen, who left his family in 1967. Clive also had four brothers.

Soon, his mother Pamela appeared suitor, who later became a stepfather for children. He was an ordinary person, he worked as a cashier at a railway station.

Who knows how the life of a guy would have turned out ifin thirteen years he did not get into the youth theater of his city. Art is very attracted Clive. But after graduating from school in 1982, he spent several years looking for himself, living on unemployment benefits.

In 1984, Owen decided and entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. His classmate was none other than Rife Fiennes.

In 1987, the actor CliveOwen. He was immediately taken to the service in one of the London theaters, where he played significant roles for himself. For example, Romeo played in a play based on Shakespeare's play.

Work on TV

In the same year, he was invited to a small role in the television movie "Little Rockies".

Clive Owen, whose filmography graduallyreplenished with new roles, worked productively for several years, but noticed it only in 1990. It was then that he played in the costume melodrama "Lorna Dun". He became the lover of the main character of the film.

Next were such television films as"Censor", "Class of 1961", "The Magician". The actor made a two-year break after the failure of the drama "Close my eyes," where his game did not give pleasure to critics. This time he devoted his beloved theater.

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1994 was very productive for the actor, he even co-starred with Catherine Zeta-Jones in the drama "Return to the roots."

Approximately in this period began to arriveProposals from Hollywood, from which Owen did not refuse. But these films can not be qualified as successful, they were just passing through. As, for example, the thriller with Halle Berry "The Wife of the Rich".

Successful steps in the cinema

In 1997, Clive starred in the lead role inan interesting and provocative film "Addiction", which became a prize-winner of the festival in Cannes. The actor's game was highly appreciated by critics, which made him work even harder.

Clive Owen, whose filmography is prettyambiguous, sought to participate only in successful projects. Maybe that's why he began to play in the play "Intimacy", foreseeing the success of the adaptation of this drama.

Further in his career there were works in the films "Croupier", "Echo", "Clairvoyance". And in the early 2000s Clive took part in two quite high-profile projects - Gosford Park and Bourne Identity.

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In 2003, the actor got a new role - the former gangster Graham, who investigated the murder of his brother. The picture "I'll fall asleep when I die" entered the contest program of the Moscow Film Festival.

His next film "Beyond the Edge", where the partneracted A. Jolie, was booed by critics and was nominated for an anti-prize. However, this incident did not shake Owen's confidence in the success of his career. And right! In 2004, his triumph took place. He played the role of the legendary King Arthur in a historical drama with a crushing budget of ninety million.

Critics again found shortcomings in this work, but the public accepted the film for "hurray." He paid off twice, and Clive Owen became a real star.

The drama "Intimacy", in which the actor starred along with Jude Law, Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman, brought him the Golden Globe and the Oscar nomination. At last his works were appreciated!

Clive Owen, whose filmography every yearbecame qualitatively better, starred in the stylized film by R. Rodriguez "City of Sins", as well as impressed the audience. His partners were Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, and others.

In 2005, the first screening of the film "The Price of Infidelity" was held. Clive Owen performed the role of the father of the family, who decided to betray him and had to pay for it.

There were rumors that the actor was considered for the role of Bond, but soon Daniel Craig began to appear in the film.

The year 2006 was fruitful for the actor. His filmography was replenished with such tapes as "The Pink Panther", "Child of Man", "Not caught - not a thief". Clive Owen continues to actively withdraw and to this day, including in the series. One of the last - "Hospital Knickerbocker."

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Interesting Facts

  1. Since 1995, Owen is married to his colleague in the theater Sare Jane Fenton. The couple have two beautiful daughters, named Hannah and Eve.
  2. Favorite actor's music is indie rock. He never misses the performances of his favorite band "Hard Fi".
  3. As a true Englishman, Clive Owen is interested in football and is a fan of Liverpool.
  4. In 1996, the actor became an example in appearance for the main character of the video game Privateer 2.
  5. In 2006, according to a poll conducted by the "Gee Kew", the actor climbed to the first stage and became the most stylish man of the year, ahead of such mods as Beckham and Jude Law.