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Biography Chekhov, a brief and informative

A playwright and writer of world renown, ChekhovAnton Pavlovich, was born in Taganrog in 1860 in the family of a prosperous grocer. The family was large and friendly. Relations in the family were built on the basis of mutual respect and friendship. As Chekhov's biography describes, the short but substantial childhood of the little Anton Chekhov took place in endless visits to the church, where, in addition to participating in divine services, he had to sing in a church choir. At home the boy devoted his time to the grocery store of his father, guarded the front doors, laid out the goods, swept the floor.

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The beginning of literary activity

At the end of the gymnasium, the young Chekhov enteredmedical faculty, as evidenced by the biography of Chekhov, brief in essence. And then the future writer of world significance begins to publish his stories. Editorials such magazines as "Alarm Clock", "Shards", "Dragonfly", willingly took from Anton Chekhov his works, written in plain language, accessible to the understanding of every Russian person. Plots for his stories Chekhov took from life. Being a medical student, and then a doctor, he received an inexhaustible source of information for his literary beginnings. In addition to medical subjects based on professional observations, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov also used material from everyday life.

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Trip to Sakhalin

In 1884 Anton Chekhov, a short biographywho does not abound in events, graduated from the university and became a practicing physician. Six years later the young doctor leaves for Sakhalin with the purpose of sociological research. His attention is drawn to the disadvantaged sectors of society, Chekhov studies the life and life of convict prisoners and settlers. At the same time, the doctor-writer conducts a census of the local population. These events in the life of the future playwright also reflect Chekhov's biography, short and precise. Some time later Anton Pavlovich wrote "Sakhalin Island", a book in the genre of sharp publicism, which attracts a huge number of people throughout Russia, sympathizing with the plight of Sakhalin prisoners. Thanks to the timely publication of the story, the government takes urgent measures to improve the lives of convicts and settlers.

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Life in Melikhovo

During the period from 1890 to 1900, Chekhov became a literary man, as the biography of Chekhov says, a short and laconic. In 1892, he acquired the estate Melikhovo near Moscow, settled there and came to grips with creative writing activity. From the pen of Chekhov come the story "Duel", "House with a mezzanine" and psychological "Chamber No. 6". And in 1897 the playwright Chekhov creates several plays, including "The Three Sisters", "The Seagull" and "Uncle Vanya". Theatrical productions based on the works of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov enjoy unchanged success today, considering classical dramaturgy for all time.

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Death of the writer

The personal life of Chekhov is not rich in events, in 1901he marries theatrical actress Olga Knipper. The family life of the writer did not last long, after six months Chekhov fell ill with tuberculosis. The disease quickly progressed, and Anton Pavlovich was forced to move to Yalta, on the Crimean coast. In 1903, the writer finishes his last work "The Cherry Orchard". Chekhov is getting worse, tuberculosis makes itself felt. The famous playwright is invited to a treatment in a German clinic in the city of Bradenweiler. However, the disease has already taken an irreversible form, and in 1904, in July, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov died and was buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery. This concludes with a brief biography of Chekhov Anton Pavlovich, a playwright and a writer of world significance.