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Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya: biography and private collection

On July 17, 1957, Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya was born in Moscow. Her father is Robert Rozhdestvensky (a famous Soviet poet). Mother - Alla Kireeva (literary critic).

Beginning of the work path

Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya after graduationentered MGIMO. Worked at Gosteleradio. After that she did translations of works of art from French and English. The list of more than a dozen novels includes works by John de Carré, J. Steinbeck, Somerset Maugham, Sidney Sheldon and others. For a while, she did not work. Catherine raised children and was engaged in housekeeping.

Creative idea

At the TEFI Prize in 1998 was invited publisher Dmitry Biryukov and his wife Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya. The biography of the woman, since this memorable day, has undergone significant changes. At the solemn ceremony, there were many star artists glittering with their luxurious outfits.

Christmas project

Looking at celebrities, Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya noted that there is a certain similarity between some of them and the characters of the famous paintings. Her creative idea was supported by her husband.

Professional work

Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya was seriously engagedphotography in 1999. She published her first works in a magazine called "The Caravan of Stories". Currently she is the author of more than three thousand photographs.

Christmas Eve

All of them were created for such projects as Rodnya and Skazki, Private Collection and Vintage, as well as Associations, Classics and Still-Life and for many others.

"Private collection"

The photo artist Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya hasa kind of business card. It is her first and most voluminous project, called "Private collection". The main idea was to recreate the paintings written by the great artists of the past.

Christmas Eve

Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya, "Private collection"which was a great success, invited to become the heroes of the filming of famous Russian stars of the theater and TV, cinema and science, as well as sports. Since 2000, Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya has been providing her work every month for publication in the magazine "Karavan of Histories". Old canvases in this project sound in a new way, and in this they are helped by scenery and make-up. At the end of 2001, the "Private Collection" gathered photos of more than two hundred well-known people in the country and far beyond its borders.

Christmas Eve robertovna
As Catherine admitted, her first projectshe built on fantasy in the field of great works of art. Accuracy of makeup, costumes and decorations revived the works of painters. An important factor in the success of the work was the charm of the stars, who shocked their likeness to the originals and forced to look with a grain of irony in the story. Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya, whose work allowed the creation of complex and multifaceted images, revealed her contemporaries, having conducted an analogue with personalities from the past. Elena Obraztsova and Vladimir Spivakov, Inna Churikova and Lyubov Kazarnovskaya, Anatoly Karpov and Valentin Yudashkin, Konstantin Khabensky, Iosif Kobzon and many other famous people took part in this project.

Christmas Collection
Christmas Catherine Robertsovna began to shootstellar personalities as no one had done before. She found the necessary props by visiting antique shops. Sometimes necessary things were bought abroad. Photo portraits made by the author are juicy, bright and spectacular. They are made in the format of large paintings. Works are printed on canvas. The top layer is a varnish.


Viewing family albums is a favorite activity of many people. Of particular interest are those images in which several generations of the genus are imprinted.

christmas christmas collection
The project of Catherine Rozhdestvenskaya "Rodney" causedgreat interest in the audience. She dressed the Menshovs in costumes worn at the beginning of the twentieth century. Presnyakov suited the image of a hippy. Zapashnye are photographed in the arena of the Colosseum of Ancient Rome in the image of the taming gladiators tigers. The family of Vladislav Tretyak looks great in French costumes of the early eighteenth century. There is a project in the Rodney project that captures Artemy Troitsky with his wife, son and two daughters in the image of the Adams family. The photo is a counterbalance to the dreary everyday life of modern society.

In all these works there is a shareself-irony, as well as pride in their family, combined with respect for traditions. For many very busy members of the clan clans, authored by the author, participating in the project has become an opportunity to stay close to their close people, and do it in an unusual setting.

Men and women

Very popular with the audience is the following projectknown author. This is a series of photographs "Men and Women." The star actors of both Russian show business and foreign wished to participate in the project, after all it is very tempting for some time to be transformed, being presented to the spectators in a completely different guise, and then to be yourself again.

As part of this project, Nikolai Baskov, as well as Sergei Makovetsky and Sergei Zverev, were involved in the role of women. Male images were created by Irina Allegrova, Tina Kandelaki and Tamara Gverdtsiteli.


To the movie stars of past decades CatherineChristmas devoted her new project. She called him "Kinodivs". The collection of Catherine Rozhdestvenskaya includes the images of great actresses who glittered in the thirties and sixties of the twentieth century. Among them are Lyubov Orlova and Greta Garbo, Vera Kholodnaya and Audrey Hepburn, as well as Ada Gardner and Marlene Dietrich. These languid blondes, spectacular brunettes, as well as fatal red-haired beauties were objects for imitation. Their style, makeup and hairstyles were copied by numerous fans.

In the project "Kinodivy" images of movie stars of the past"Tried on" famous Russian women. Among them, Valeria and Elizaveta Boyarsky, as well as Kristina Orbakaite and Olga Drozdova, Olesya Sudzilovskaya and others. Works done in black and white, allow viewers to see celebrities in very unusual perspectives. In doing so, they arouse the viewer's interest in classical art, as well as in the history of costume and fashion.


This project of the famous photo artist allowsto all viewers to plunge into the half-forgotten world of fashion of mothers and grandmothers. Enjoying the magnificent works, each of us will make a journey into the recent past, considering the models of skirts, coats and dresses, as well as the hairstyles depicted on the paintings of mannequins. Before the eyes of the viewer, the trendy trends of the forties and eighties of the last century are taking place. In photographs, the things that women transmit from generation to generation have been reflected, carefully extracted from old chests and stored, despite the transience of time.

History of linen

The entire twentieth century is encompassed in the newinteresting project. Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya called him "The History of Linen". A special cut of natural amazing fabrics, yellowed with lace time - all this brings to the viewer memories and light sadness. To each work of Daria Dontsova written original texts.

Pin-Lip Collection

Just like in the "History of Linen", in this projectthe juicy side of the everyday life of the past century is demonstrated. All photographs are made in the style of America posters designed for men. They depict beautiful girls with a minimum of clothes, standing in seductive poses. All photo works of the project deliver real visual pleasure.

christmas biography

Fruitful work and personal life

Ekaterina Rozhdestvenska takes her photos forthe cover of the magazine titled "The Caravan of Stories", as well as for the popular newspaper "Seven Days". Today, her collection contains more than three thousand works. At the same time, Ekaterina Robertsovna is the author of thirty photo projects, which were shown at seventy-five exhibitions in Russia and the near abroad.

In 2005, the Academy of Entrepreneurship andbusiness of the Russian Federation has appropriated to it a rank of the winner of the National award of female achievements "Olympus". In 2009, Catherine was elected an honorary member of the Academy of Arts of Russia.

Christmas is married. The family has three sons. The eldest is Alexei, he was born in 1986. His middle son is Dmitry (born in 1989). The youngest is Danila, he was born in 2001. Ekaterina's husband, Dmitry Vladimirovich Biryukov, is the first deputy general director of the Russian holding Gazprom-Media and the president of ZAO Seven Days Publishing House.