/ / Melodramatic series "And the ball will return": a description of the series, the biography of the characters

Melodramatic series "And the ball will return": a description of the series, the biography of the characters

In total, eight parts consists of melodramatic"And the ball will return." Description of the series of the film boils down to describing the fate of five school friends, each of which tried to go its own way in life, but then all the same asked for help from loyal old friends.

"And the ball will return": a description of the series. The events taking place with the heroine of Tatyana Kosmacheva

Tatiana Kosmacheva starred in many Russian TV series: "Pilot of International Airlines", "Ship", "Rock Climber". One of the main roles went to Kosmacheva in the multi-part film "And the ball will return."

and the ball will return series description
Description of the series 1, 2, 3 for the heroine of TatianaKosmachevoy looks pretty tragic. Tanya Petrova in the performance of the actress, the first of the four faced serious life problems: during the school graduation she was raped, and this for two or three years beat Tatiana out of the rut. The girl began to have problems not only with men, but also with the choice of a further profession. Then the parents forced Tanya to go to university on a specialty, which she disliked, to put it mildly.

As a result, Tatiana will survive an unsuccessful marriage, give birth to a child, get the desired profession of a physician and even fight a terrible disease.

Shura performed by Polina Filonenko

No less tragic was the fate of anotherthe heroine of the series "And the ball will return." The description of each series is the story of the struggle of young girls for their happiness. Shura, performed by Polina Filonenko, had to survive her mother's illness, leave the medical university, give birth to an illegitimate sick child and marry an unloved person.

series and the ball will return series description
After school for a long time, friends Tanya, Shura,Faith, Zoya and Sveta did not communicate. Only the birthday of one of the heroines collects them again together and makes them share their troubles. Shura suddenly helps Verochka's father Rumyantseva to divorce and exchange an apartment. For some time, a single mother has to work as a "professional beggar" to save money for a child for an operation. But the second friend of Alexandra in the person of Zoya Dergacheva suits her for a decent job - a masseuse in a rehabilitation center.

The series "And the ball will return": a description of the series. The fate of the heroine Catherine Travoy

Zoya Dergacheva - the heroine of Catherine Travova -classmate Shura and Tanya. She likes this gay company of girls, but since she is a "gray mouse" in the class, no one talks to her. But Zoya is studying perfectly, she passes the exams to the medical university brilliantly and becomes one of the best female students. That's only in his personal life, everything is not glued.

and the ball will return a description of each series
The heroine of the grass falls in love withclassmate, Lovelace, who leaves her after the first night together. Moreover, he talks about his "night adventure" to all the students of the course. For Zoe, it becomes a big blow: she substitutes her lover, and he is expelled from the university.

Subsequently, Dergacheva becomes the head of the gynecological department of the polyclinic, often helps her classmates in difficult times, and in the final, even the situation on the love front is getting better.

Vera Rumyantseva performed by Olesya Fattakhova

There is another main character in the series "And the ball will return." Description of the series is impossible without Vera Rumyantseva, who constantly appears in the story.

film and ball will return series description
Faith comes from a happy family.Her father is a well-known lawyer. However, the girl managed to fall in love with her classmate, who became almost a criminal authority. For many years, Vera had been waiting for him from prison, then suffered when they exploded their cars and came home with a search. In the end, her husband died in a gang warfare, and the girl was able to start a new life.

Svetik performed by Yulia Yurchenko

The film "And the ball will return", the description of which seriesis a typical melodrama, tells the story of the life of several heroes at the same time. Among them there is a certain Svetlana - the girl well-groomed and with model appearance which has a habit to live at someone else's expense.

film and ball will return series description
First it was provided by rich lovers.Then she pozaras on the money of Father Vera. In the end, fate played a cruel joke with the girl: just as she lured and took money from her men, she was ruined by her own lover. Left with nothing, the girl instantly remembered about her friends and tried to establish communication with them. The girls were worth a lot of effort to forgive Svetka and try to pretend that there were no past grievances between them.

In general, the series caused positive ratings from the audience: on the site Kinopoisk, it has a rating of 6.30 points.