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"Happy Together": a list of series. "Happy Together": actors and roles, description, reviews

Why do most of the audience refer toTV shows scornfully? Because to remove a really good and high-quality product is very difficult and expensive, because unlike a full-length film it's a long story with a sequel. Can the qualitative domestic sitcom be called? Let's try to judge, relying on the list of series "Happy together."

list of series are happy together

When are people really happy?

When the family has love, mutual interest andsympathy for each other. When relationships are built with a sense of humor and sexual attraction. When a couple has common friends and in harmony the children grow up. Perhaps, more and you will not find common characteristics for a happy family. Perhaps, therefore, you can endlessly shoot series about everyday situations and the vicissitudes of family life. What is carried to the masses "Happy Together". The television series revolves around the history of the family of Genna Bukin, a modest shoe seller in one of Ekaterinburg's shops. Especially the creators of the sitcom wanted to move away from the capital's framework and show the life of ordinary people. Genes have a bright and active wife named Dasha and two children. Dasha - a typical housewife, who likes to live in pleasure, watch TV, eat sweets and pester her husband for marital duty. The children of the couple are very peculiar. A sweet but silly Light and intelligent Roma are absolute opposites. The Bukin family has neighbors - Lena and Tolik Poleno, a pretty wayward couple, where Lena is a very mercantile person, and Tolik is a former criminal, gigolo and cunning. Lena had her first husband, Zhenya Stepanov, who left his wife for the dream of becoming a hunter. The Spouses are relatively happy together. The television series shows the relationship of "polar pairs", which are pathologically required to communicate. Thanks to contact with friends, they really live in harmony.

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The series is a classicsituational comedy, and therefore has no single line of stories. Each series is an isolated story that has a beginning and an end. Although it happens that several episodes are united by a common meaning. The show is very easy and relaxing. It is really suitable for the whole family and charges positive for the day. They say that laughter prolongs life, but seriously there is enough reason to laugh.

Perhaps, it is impossible to name for realquality series "Happy Together." The description of the family of heroes did not make them a role model, because they do not have stable life principles, rather low moral standards and mundane desires. The series will not make you think about the eternal or become imbued with the philosophy of being. But he will help to relax after a hard day's work, forget about grumbling boss and a small salary. There is a subtle humor and simple jokes, and through the plot there is a light irony. The viewing will be enjoyable, but it's unlikely that someone will overtake the models of behavior in life.

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From the history

In the series "Happy Together" the Bukins live inan ordinary house on Gagarin Street, the truth, they have an apartment very nice and bright. In fact, the series for the first three seasons was filmed based on the American analogue "Married ... with children." Since the 4th season, the script has become an original Russian. The premiere took place in March 2006. On the world's women's day, the series "Happy Together" started (1 series - "Acquaintance with neighbors"). In 2008, the third season ended on the episode "Sexual Mensheviks". Then the shooting slowed down, as there was no script, a base for the work. Then the contest for the best script was announced. The situation was complicated by Sony Pictures' position, but a compromise was found. At the end of 2009, four premiere series of the new season were aired. For 2010, stretched 5 season, and then started and 6, which was divided into three mini-seasons. The sixth season was the final, as the ratings of the series began to fall.

Bukin gene

The central hero

Gene Bukin was popular in school, where he played forfootball team and even won the tournament when he scored in the final of the famous hat-trick. About his main achievement, he still boasts to everyone who is ready to listen to him. Career Genes even went up the hill, because he was invited to Moscow to play for CSKA. On the horizon there were bright prospects, but then fate intervened in the person of his wife Dasha, who broke his leg, dropping the car from the jack. On football had to forget, and Gene Bukin forever remained in his native Yekaterinburg. With the first beauty of Dasha's school, Gena had a violent romance that ended with a wedding. When Bukin returned to his native city, his wife was already waiting for the child. And the typical gray everyday life began, which I had to get used to. Gena got a job selling shoes with a friend. He does not like women, especially those who go to his store. Returning home, he often talks about the fatties that he saw. Gena earns little, although this fact seems slightly ephemeral, because the Bukin live in a two-story apartment, and no one in the family is working anymore.

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Nuances in description

Regularly Bukin goes on a striptease, which, probably,is a copy from the American analog. In the US, this standard of living is considered average. Gena acts as he wants, and often conflicts with government officials. The series often reveals information about the intimate lack of Genes - smelly socks, which Dasha stubbornly refuses to erase. Because of this, Gene tries not to take off his shoes even in a dream. He is unclean, rarely showering and brushing his teeth. Gene pathologically does not like his wife and Americans. In the list of his antipathies active women, but because he always wants to embroil a neighbor with her husband. Earlier, Gena was a master of all trades and even started repairs himself, but he could not finish it and left everything as is. In the process, he even flooded the apartment neighbors, fell from the roof many times.

Love and Dasha

In "Happy Together" Dasha seems verya controversial character, she is a housewife who does not work at home and always finds fault with Gene. They rarely have sex, but there is no thought of betrayal. One day, Gene explained the stewardess the reason for his loyalty. He said that he was married so long ago that treason would be a wrong act. Dasha is a pain for him, but it's his thorn. Platonically, Gena often changes Dasha, looking at the woman's breasts and special magazines.

The real name of Dasha is Evdokia Evkakievna, ingirlhood - Bath. Dasha comes from the mythical village of Deryabino, where all her relatives live and where the Bukina often go to visit. True, Dasha loves these trips in splendid isolation, and her family only endures them. Dasha is lazy and careless, but very optimistic. The natural talents of the heroine are limited to the influence on her husband and the desire to absorb chocolate. Day Dasha spends on the couch in front of the TV, and in the evening scrolls through the magazines. Previously, Dasha was the first beauty and stuck in that image. She loves frank dresses, hairpins and tights. Also, the heroine loves sex and always solicits her husband, but rarely gets what she wants.

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Beauty of Light

Sveta Bukina is very beautiful, but somewhat stupid. She often confuses words, quotes and idioms. It happens that she demonstrates glimpses of the mind.

The series "Happy Together" includes flash cards.For example, in one of the series there is a reference to the stupidity of Sveta. There, the Bukyns go by car, and Dasha curses her husband for paying little attention to her daughter, which means that only men will be interested in that. At that moment, Six-year-old Sveta reads a book on philosophy, and Gena brakes abruptly, and her daughter hits her head. Since then, only the "stars" care about Sveta. Now she is interested in some guys and often changes them. Gena hates his daughter's cronies and often pound them. Sveta finishes school, actively using attractive appearance. After that she takes acting lessons and tries herself as a model.

In "Happy Together" Bukin's extremely carelessfamily, and Sveta is her bright representative - she changes her work and rushes between video clips and work on television. For a long time she worked as a waitress, moonlighting in advertising sandwiches.

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Modest loser

Roman Bukin - a rare bastard and a harmful brother,who often mocks a silly sister, sneers at her parents, but studies well and goes to college after school. Temporarily Roma lives in a hostel, but then returns to his parents. The guy has all the complexes and problems of the growing up closed young man. He is sexually preoccupied and even bought himself a rubber favorite woman. Roma's love happens rarely, and most of the novels go to rubble. The first love of the hero was unsuccessful - the chosen one stole his clothes on the river and hung the underwear of the guy on the school board of honor. Roma managed to lose his virginity with the bride of his second cousin. He also had a strong interest in the university beauty Natasha Belonogova, who later admitted she was a transsexual.

Among the Roma Passes are very original ladies:niece neighbor, an English teacher, a librarian-nymphomaniac and a classmate. The list of series "Happy Together" includes the one where Sveta changed the image of Roma, making it desirable for girls. But the sister was the cause of the sad collapse of love in the life of Roma, when Victoria Daineko became interested in this and sent the guy a "valentine".

Roma is a problem guy.He has no friends and no permanent job. He tried himself in the role of producer Sveta and was engaged in rap. In the fourth season, information about Roma's problems with health emerges: because of a toy stuck in the nose, he does not have sense of smell, he also has scurvy and the strongest allergy to citrus.

By the nickname Baron

In "Happy Together" the best series are related toa pet - a dog of the Bernese Mountain Dog breed named Baron. It is played immediately by two dogs and voiced by two people. In the best traditions of the Bukin family, the Baron is stupid and sexually preoccupied, but he is smarter than Sveta and is more fortunate in love than Roma. He knows the team, but prefers not to perform them, since he treats people disparagingly. The whole family loves the Baron selflessly, but tries not to spoil, so that he is not used. Gena will soon bring medicine and food to Baron, rather than his own. And Sveta was looking for the Baron in the city during the hurricane. Only the Baron buy special food, but when a family celebrates, the Baron eats the best from the table, and the households switch to his food.

Happy with neighbors

List of series "Happy Together" will be incompletewithout episodes with neighbors. They often visit the Bukin, perceiving these visits as a heating routine. Lena Poleno is Dasha's best friend. She makes a career and earns a lot. That's why she hates Gene. Lena wants to become a bitch and promotes feminism. They have a lot of sex with her husband. They practice role-playing games and celebrate all family holidays. The second marriage at Lena begins with a drinking at a party, but suddenly it proves to be quite strong. Tolik Polen pays a lot of time for his appearance, visits the spa and positions himself as a real macho.

Actors and roles

So, how many episodes in "Happy Together"?The number turns out to be a landmark - 365. During this time, the actors have become attached to their characters and imbued with them. Victor Loginov after the series and the role of Genes really famous, began to conduct the show "Intuition" and many others, starred in four feature films, but has remained hostage to the role of the original seller of shoes. Natalia Bochkareva in life does not remind Dasha Bukin at all. It is more fragile, tiny and not so bright. The actress is busy in theatrical shoots and plays in the movies, and does not cause associations with the family of the Bukin. Daria Sagalova has long outgrown her Sveta, she turned 30 years old. She has two daughters, her husband and regular filming for movies and TV. Alexander Yakin, too, does not lag behind his serial family and conducts a program about cinema on the channel "Carousel". Still busy on TV shows and sometimes appears on the set of humorous shows.