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Characters «Cars 2»: names and photos

"Cars 2" (Eng.Cars 2) - this sensational cartoon from the film studio Pixar. Animated screen version was released on screens in 2011 from the director John Lasseter and Brad Lewis. This story was the continuation of the first picture, which premiered in 2006. The statistics confirm that the second part did not become cult among other animated films from Pixar, Disney and Blue Sky Studios, but was able to collect almost 20,000,000 dollars for all time of hire. Is this not an indicator of a successful picture for 2011? In this article we will look at all the names and photos of the characters of "Cars 2", as well as their characters and prototypes.

Cars 2 characters

What is the cartoon about?

As in the first part, the characters of "Cars 2"are talking cars. The protagonist Lightning McQueen, created by the prototype Dodge Viper (Dodge Viper), is a racing car that gained fame and popularity after the first, important race. In the first part, the character of "Cars 2" found himself a friend - rusty towman Matra, who is a rustic without education and cultural manners. In this animation, two cars decide to participate in another race, which is famous for its dangerous route. For this Lightning and Maitre will have to go to faraway Japan.

For those who have not yet seen the second picture of a sensational cartoon, it will be useful to get acquainted with both old characters of "Cars 2", and with new racing cars.

Lightning McQueen

The prototype of the hero is created in the image of Dodge Viper (DodgeViper) and the NASCAR race car (Naskar). McQueen is by nature somewhat selfish, selfish, but open to communication. For two parts, the hero has to choose between fame and friendship. The cartoon shows the eternal struggle of oneself, when on one side you are rich and you have everything, and on the other there is absolutely no one who could love you as you are. Make sure in the beautiful and smoothly flowing forms of the car will help the photo of the character "Cars 2".

Cars 2 characters names and photos


Rusted towing vehicle, which is drawn in the imageevacuator Dodge Power Giant (Dodge Power Giant). Once upon a time, Maitre was a noble turquoise color, there was no rust and corrosion, and in the back of the body no details fell out or creaked. By nature, this good-hearted, who grew up among simple machines. He always lived a measured life and never thought that somewhere progress had gone a long, long time ahead. Maitre found in McQueen a true friend, sincerely accepting him, despite his self-esteem and selfishness.

photo cars 2 characters

Finn Masmysl

This character "Cars 2" is created on the basis ofcar Aston Martin DB5 (Aston Martin). A new character who did not previously appear in the first part, is a secret agent of an English company. Has "trump cards in the sleeve." This is not just a spy, but a real fighter who has both a gun, a machine gun, hooks, and a navigator. The main task of the character in uncovering a secret conspiracy, in which, by coincidence, the familiar Maître takes part.

Holly Deluxe

Prototype Jaguar XJR-15 (Jaguar) - this is anothercharacter "Cars 2". All the drivers who arrived in Japan are under the close supervision of Finn Masmisla and his young partner Holly Deluxe. This girl has unique abilities. Her dexterity, knowledge of robotics and espionage help uncover the secret terrorist group. For this, she uses not only electric shocks and hidden cameras, but also her attractive beauty.

Sir Miles Cardanwal

A large "lump" in the cartoon, created byimage Range Rover (Range Rover). Sir Miles is a major oil tycoon who finished his business shortly before the start of the race in Japan. He is the leader of the gang, for which secret agents are hunted by Finn and Holly. The main task of Sir Miles - to destroy the participants with the help of an explosive, which was poured directly into the gas tank.

Cars 2 characters All racers

Professor Tsundapp

Prototype - Zündapp Janus (Tsundapp Janus).It is a mad scientist who decided to join the group of Sir Miles Cardanwal. Participates in the world conspiracy. If the former oil magnate works under the guise of a law-abiding citizen, then Tsundappa is sought by international organizations.

Sally Carrera

Character «Cars 2» created in the image of Porsche 911(Porsche). Sally is known to the viewer after the first part of the cartoon. In love with Lightning McQueen, took the hero even after the betrayal. I'm ready to let him participate in the new race, despite the fact that my heart tells me to keep him next to me. And, as the cartoon shows us, absolutely not in vain.

Animation picture shows the viewer all the most striking characteristics that occur in every person. It speaks of family values, of friendship and love, of betrayal and trust.