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Sancho Panza: Character Characteristics

Sancho Panza, whose characteristic isthe subject of this review - one of the main characters of the famous novel by M. Cervantes "Don Quixote". He is a simple peasant, has a wife and children, but, yielding to the persuasion of the knight and tempted to become the governor of the island, the hero leaves his home and becomes his squire.


This hero is usually considered the antagonist of the maincharacter, since he seems to be completely devoid of the worldview that is characteristic of his master. Sancho is primarily interested in material benefits, the opportunity to get rich. He has his own philosophy of life, based on simple everyday wisdom. No wonder his speech is full of folk quotes, sayings and proverbs. An ordinary peasant, he perceives everything that is happening through the prism of his special, peasant consciousness. He tries to find a practical explanation for everything, he is not inclined to go into abstract reasoning, like his companion. Thus, at first glance it may seem that the protagonist is confronted by Sancho Panza. Characteristics of this character, however, shows that this is not entirely true.

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Comparison with Don Quixote

The squire of the main character is inin a sense, his double, despite the obvious difference in the characters. Not without reason, both immediately found a common language and throughout the trip even made friends. The fact is that both can find many common features. First of all, it concerns their unlimited credulity. After all, just like Don Quixote, simple-minded and simple-minded Sancho Panza.

Characteristics of the hero proves that in thishe is very much like a lord. For example, he immediately believed in the possibility of his governorship and throughout his journey never once doubted it. Despite the fact that he often questioned the words of the satellite and even more than once deceived him, Sancho himself, however, easily allowed the possibility that one day he was destined to become a ruler. At the same time, his own comfort is most important for him, as his next statement says: "Now feed me or select the governorship."

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The most amazing thing is that his desire is reallycame true: one day the duke actually appointed the squire as the head of the island. Pansa borrowed much from Don Quixote and implemented these skills in his management. So, he was honest, fair, trying to imitate his master. Especially the residents were amazed by his exquisite manner of expressing himself, which in many ways can be explained not only by his innate eloquence, but by the influence of the master.

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Folk features

Great importance for understanding the meaning of the novelhas its image. Sancho Panza is one of the most attractive characters not only in the writer's novel, but also in the world literature in general. He became close to many readers and gained great popularity largely due to the fact that in his person the author embodied the traditional folk character. Such characters, as a rule, always enjoyed the readers' love because of their simplicity, trustfulness, humor. In the course of travel, the hero perceives all the adventures as a matter of course, which immediately becomes attractive to the reader. He operates with specific concepts, his speech is almost no abstract metaphors ("On a good foundation and the building is good").

His cues and phrases are a real treasurypeople's experience of life. And if Don Quixote explains what is happening from the point of view of the knight and nobleman, his faithful and permanent squire prefers to dispense with vivid, bright phraseologicalisms that bring a touch of warm humor to the narrative.


Famous quotes from Sancho Panza indicatehis sharp mind, observation and cunning. They show that the hero reasoned from a practical point of view, caring primarily about physical health, about relationships with people, about comfort - both physical and mental. For example, he owns the phrase: "Where music plays, there can not be anything wrong with it."

So, the image of the squire Don Quixote isan integral part of the whole novel, without it the character of the knight would not be so expressive. Yes, and the character is a self-sufficient and independent figure, as it goes back to the people's life. So, Sancho Panza appeared as a kind of twin of the knight. The characterization of this character is impossible without comparing him to the master.