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Domestic melodramas: why wait for the Slavic audience

Russian writers seem to have firmly decidedto refute the myth of low-quality Russian cinema and please the fair sex. Domestic melodramas of 2013 will not be called bad language: exciting stories, stunning casts, perfectly selected musical accompaniment, special effects - all this will make you empathize heroes with all your heart, again and again plunging into the magical world of passions, partings and reconciliations. Below you will find a list, which includes only the best domestic melodramas.

domestic melodramas


The film directed by Ruslan Gavrilov consists of threestories. They are united by a common theme: the dualism of love. The tender feelings, like a coin, have two opposite sides. Sacrifice and jealousy, forgiveness and mistrust, idealism and self-esteem sometimes weave so closely and bizarrely that it is not possible to distinguish one from the other.

"Mistakes of love"

Traditionally the best domestic melodramasdesigned for female audience. The comedy of Mary Snezhnoy is a movie about women and women. Being an iron business lady is not at all as easy and pleasant as it may seem: here the heroine of the film, carried away by everyday business concerns, discretely loses her beloved person. However, on New Year's Eve everything just can not end badly: a woman miraculously gains happiness.

domestic melodrama 2013

"Toys seller"

Enumerating domestic melodramas, it is impossible not tomention the Christmas comedy of Yuri Vasilyev. To spend Christmas Eve in Moscow is the dream of every tourist. A lush Christmas tree on the Kremlin square, richly decorated storefronts and cafes, gay garlands sparkling brightly ... What could be better than this? Only a holiday in Paris. It is here that the real gentlemen bring their charmers to make them happy with the offer of the hand and heart. The fairy tale that started in France and ended in Russia is quite logical, is not it?

"Luck on Hire"

Do you like domestic melodramas?Then you will appreciate this movie. Charming Christina enjoys life: her favorite work in the bank, handsome groom, waiting for an inheritance from day to day. However, there is one nuance: very soon the heroine turns thirty. In her head the words of the fortuneteller always predict that if Christina is able to succeed before the age of 30 he will accompany her all his life, but if the girl does not marry, she is destined to remain alone forever. The loss of the "happy" medallion turns Christina's existence into a real hell: the project at work fails, the bridegroom changes her on the other. Will the heroine take fate into her own hands?

"Look for Mom"

At the wedding, Igor receives a very unusuala gift - a parcel with the baby, which allegedly is the son of our hero. Naturally, the marriage is canceled. Igor does not have a wife, but he has an heir! Who is the mother of a charming squeaking lump? The man frantically tries to sort out all his fleeting connections in his mind: the baby needs his mother.

the best domestic melodramas

"Look for the victim"

Connoisseurs of such a genre as domesticmelodramas, you must definitely watch the movie "Look for the victim." Julia loses her beloved husband and falls into depression: everything seems to her black, hopeless, life no longer makes sense. A new man, whom she hardly learns to trust, turns out to be a traitor. It's good that Yulia has a reliable friend.