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The best books for children 9-10 years: the list

Modern literature for children is significantdegree differs from those books that their parents or grandparents read. Many of them in our time prefer reading the included TV, but cartoons and anime will never replace books for children 9-10 years old. The list of literature that develops children's consciousness and curiosity is simply enormous. It includes works by Russian, Soviet and foreign writers, whose subjects give children the opportunity to dream and create.

Children's Soviet literature: Valentina Oseeva and Alexander Volkov

If you compile a list of the best books forchildren 9-10 years of Soviet time, the first in it can be the works of Valentina Oseeva and Alexander Volkov. Their heroes and modern children knows.

Valentina Oseeva was born in the RussianEmpire, in 1902, in Kiev. From her childhood, the future writer dreamed of becoming an actress and even studied at the Kiev Lysenko Institute in the acting department, but in 1923 she had to quit her studies and move to Moscow with her parents. Finding herself once at her mother's work in the commune for homeless people, Valya decided that she wants to help children, and became a teacher.

Her story "Dinka" - about honest, bold and opena girl whose childhood fell on the years of the first revolution of 1905 - fell in love with the Soviet children. Such literature for children 9-10 years brought up in them a sense of justice and empathy for those around them. Together with Dinkoy, they are still learning to help the poor, the destitute and the weak.

Heroes of books about the wizard of the Emerald City, about Urfinus Dzhyusa and seven underground kings of Alexander Volkov are now popular no less than in Soviet times.

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Extraordinary adventures of Ellie and Toto's dog inEmerald City, their help to new friends in achieving their goals became an example for imitation. For modern children these books are just as interesting as for those who lived in the middle of the 20th century.


Still popular today are books for children 9-10 years old, whose list continues the work of the Soviet author Andrei Nekrasov.

Before becoming a writer, he tried himselfin different spheres: he was a sailor, traveled a lot and wrote down the tales of seasoned sea wolves. These notes later formed the basis of his humorous story "The Adventures of Captain Vrungel."

This incredibly funny book fell in love not onlySoviet children, it is read with pleasure today's schoolchildren of lower grades. It tells about the participation of Captain Vrungel, his pupil Sailor Lom and the sharper from Calais Fuchs in the international regatta on the yacht "Bede". Numerous obstacles, through which the main characters had to pass and which they overcame with a certain degree, are described with such a sense of humor that even adults like to re-read this work.

Similar books for children 9-10 years old (the list contains many creations by authors from different countries) teach that any adversity can be overcome if one does not lose the presence of the spirit.

Writers of England: Lewis Carroll and PL Travers

Great Britain gave the world a large number ofchildren's writers, whose works are read not only by the kids, but also by their parents. For example, Lewis Carroll, a professor of mathematics at Oxford University, wrote such books as "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice in the Looking-Glass".

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Published in 1865, a fairy tale about a girl who fellThrough a rabbit hole in an unusual world in which strange creatures live, enjoys constant love in children and adults. This work, written in the genre of absurdity, influenced the development of children's literature in the style of fantasy. The subsequent adventures of Alice on the other side of the mirror are also full of mathematical and philosophical jokes, and the works themselves remain so popular that films and cartoons are still being shot on them.

Pamela Travers is known not only in her nativeEngland, but all over the world thanks to a series of books about Mary Poppins - nanny, who appeared in the Banks family with the east wind. The magic surrounding the young woman has a positive impact on the children she looks after. These authors and their works are on the list of the best books for children.

JM Barry

The next great writer from England, whom the whole world knows, is JM Barry, author of books about Peter Pan.

At the heart of the story of Peter Pan, who neverwill not grow, lies the author's sadness at his 9-year-old brother. JM Barry settled the main character in the country of Netland and gave him the opportunity to fly. Together with him there live Missing boys, fairies, mermaids and evil pirates. The adventures of children from the Darling family in Netland are so exciting that until now the directors continue to shoot new versions of the play, which was first staged in 1904.

No less popular is the instructive literature forchildren (9-10), the list of which continues to appear in the 20th century fantasy genre. To date, it has thousands of fans around the world, and books written in this style are in constant demand and popularity.

Clive Staples Lewis

A close friend of Tolkien - the famous Irish poet and writer Clive Staples Lewis - is familiar to children on such works as The Chronicles of Narnia.

The history of four children, who by chancefound themselves in the magic country of Narnia, like children 9-10 years old, because here the heroes are not only their peers or animals they know, but also those that they could hear from the ancient Irish legends and myths of Ancient Greece.

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The liberation of Narnia from the power of the White Witch,which brought the inhabitants of the country not only a lot of misfortunes, but also a century-old winter without Christmas and New Year, lies at the heart of the first book. In total, Lewis wrote a series of seven novels, the first of which was "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" was published in 1950, and the last - in 1956.
Since the first publications this serieshas been a constant success and is included in the top best books for children 9-10 years old. By 2006, more than 100,000,000 copies were sold, which were translated into 41 languages.

Joanne Rowling

England gave the children another famouswriter - Joanne Rowling. The children of the whole world know it from the series of novels about Harry Potter. The story of an orphan boy growing up in the inhospitable home of his uncle and subsequently becoming a great magician has such an exciting story that more than 400,000,000 books were sold that were considered the best-selling books in history.

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The same popularity is enjoyed by films about HarryPotter, who became second in the cinema at the box office. These books for children 9-10 years old (the list contains 7 works) have also become loved by adults, since by their example Joan Rowling inspired many ordinary people to change their lives for the better. Being a secretary-interpreter, living on a small salary, she became a writer and a multimillionaire.

Robert Louis Stevenson and Arthur Conan Doyle

No less popular among children are such authors asStevenson and Conan Doyle. Their heroes are admired by several generations of readers, and the interest of filmmakers and animators shows that they are likewise sympathetic to modern children.

"Treasure Island" is suitable for those children whodream of becoming pirates or finding treasure. In this novel by the English author Robert Lewis Stevenson, there are both. The protagonist of the book, a boy named Jim Hawkins, became the owner of the map, which marked the place where the famous Captain Flint hid his wealth. The teenager went on his quest with Squire Trelawney and Dr. Livesey.

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Their numerous adventures are still occupied by the minds of young visionaries, and the book itself has been included in the category "the best literature for children 9-10 years" for more than 100 years.

The list is continued by another Englishcelebrity - Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of short stories about Sherlock Holmes. The adventures of the great detective and his faithful assistant Dr. Watson became so fond of readers that the British made an apartment on Baker Street in London, in which Sherlock Holmes allegedly lived, a museum of these literary heroes.

Mark Twain

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are already 140 years oldfavorite children's heroes. Their adventures, described with a great sense of humor by the writer from America Mark Twain, influenced the childhood of many people.

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The main characters are still an example today,that even a child can influence events, show courage and ingenuity to help friends in trouble and punish people guilty of crimes. The works of Mark Twain are good literature for children 9-10 years old, the list of his books can be continued with such novels as "The Prince and the Pauper" and "The Yankees at the Court of King Arthur", which will be no less interesting for schoolchildren.

Jules Verne

For those who dream of traveling, the bestthe choice will be books for children 9-10 years, whose list is headed by adventure novels by Jules Verne - a writer from France. His works "Children of Captain Grant", "Fifteen Captain", "The Mysterious Island", "Around the World in 80 Days", "5 Weeks in a Balloon" and others are unsurpassed masterpieces of cognitive fiction.

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In every work of this author there is a hero,He has extensive knowledge, which he shares with small readers in an unobtrusive and instructive way. The works of Jules Verne are still relevant, as he wrote about scientific achievements that became possible only in the 20th century.