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Peggy Sue - the immortal character of books and films

Peggy Sue is the main character of numerousstories of the famous French author Serge Brussolo. In total, the series has fourteen books, which describe the unusual adventures of a teenage girl.

Peggy is a character from books

The heroine of Peggy is a girl of 14 years.She lives with her mother Maggie and father Barney. She has an older sister named Julia. The family often changes their place of residence and moves from place to place, as Peggy always earns herself a reputation for being crazy, and she is often kicked out of school. And the whole trick is that the girl from childhood on the heels of pursuing the mystical Invisible. Only she alone can see them and cause pain to the mysterious ghosts with the help of one glance only. Magic, unusual worlds, mysterious characters imbued with all the books. Peggy Sue has become an integral part of the life of many teenagers who love everything that is shrouded in mystery.

Peggy Sue

Not only in books, but also in cinematography

But Peggy Sue is not only a character frombooks by Brussolo. She is also a star of cinema. This girl is the main character in Coppola's film "Peggy Sue Married." The premiere took place in the distant 1986, but the film still attracts the attention of the audience.

The picture of Francis Ford Coppola organicallyinterlace two main lines - life and science fiction. This combination seems rather unusual and attractive. The first domestic theme touches on the problem of the crisis of middle age, when a person understands the need to change something in his life and wants to build a better future, looking back and taking into account the whole life experience. In the film, ordinary ordinary problems are solved with rather fantastic methods. This is the highlight of this movie. Heroes try to correct mistakes with their own hands with the help of time travel.

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Back to the past

Peggy Sue in the movie Coppola goes back to the 60'syears, where there is an easy and unobtrusive atmosphere. The girl is shocked by the fact that she met with her family, where they are still so young. She has the opportunity to talk with those she never expected to see again with. Returning to the past, Peggy attends classes at the school, where he communicates with his old school friends. Now she can answer simple questions as a mature and experienced person.

Peggy Sue is stunned by the opportunityto correct mistakes of the past and thus to adjust the situation in real time. She tries to make up with Nancy, her younger sister. But something upsets her. The heroine of our article in the past still meets Charlie. But in the present he deceived and betrayed her, for which Peggy can not forgive him. But soon she notices that this young handsome Charlie is so unlike her husband, whom they divorced in 1985. The girl again begins to fall in love with her future wife.

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The story of the girl about the future is believed by her grandfather, andalso the hero of the film, Richard, unrequitedly in love with the young beauty. Grandfather Peggy wants to help the granddaughter in returning back. They conduct a strange ritual, during which the main character of the story disappears. But later it turns out that she was abducted by Charlie, in order to confess her love and give a locket. Peggy Sue begins to understand that it's impossible to leave fate. She and Charlie kiss, and the next moment the girl comes to herself in real time. She wakes up in the hospital, and Charlie's husband holds her hand. In the eyes of Peggy Sue, the hope for a new period of their life together burns.

Do not look at the past

About the film Francis Coppola you can talkinfinitely. The picture is imbued with kindness and warmth. Over the years, the film becomes only better, like a quality wine. Cowpole filmed the film without superfluous tweaks and ornate. Having looked at the picture, you begin to appreciate what is in life at the moment, not to regret the past and to perceive past mistakes as an integral part of fate.