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Zharkov Alexey: biography, filmography

We all remember and love movies made in the timesSoviet cinematography. And this is understandable. Kind, sincere, truthful, they teach us to work honestly, live in peace with others, respect the elders, be loyal to our fatherland. Separately it is worth mentioning the magnificent Soviet actors, talented and dedicated to their profession. Many of them actively participated in the fighting during the Great Patriotic War, serving in the ranks of the Soviet Army. Others were born after her graduation. They fully felt the message of the tragedy of the postwar period, experienced many troubles and privations. But, in spite of this, the spectators warmed their hearts, urging us to live, love each other, be true to our ideals, principles. Zharkov Alexey is a striking example of such an artist.

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Postwar childhood

Our hero was born back in 1948, at theoutskirts of Moscow. Biography of Alexei Zharkov tells us about how our compatriots lived in those difficult times. How many hardships and difficulties they had to endure. But even this could not break the cheerfulness and diligence of people. We definitely need to learn from them.

Most people lived modestly then.Families, as a rule, were many children. So actor Zharkov Alexey was born in a similar family. Everything in it, from the smallest to the oldest, worked as hard as possible. Each family member had his own duties. From an early age, the children were accustomed to work, as they could, moonlighting. And this habit remained with people throughout life, helped them always.

Talented since childhood

Lived amicably, all together.The older generation, grandmothers and parents, and all the children. A modest little apartment on the outskirts of Moscow was their common home. It is noteworthy that all the furniture in it was made by the head of the family, carpenter, and in the past a participant in military operations. It was the father who once noticed that his son has creative talents, dreams of art. And then his parents bought him a real musical instrument, accordion. Also, on his own initiative, the actor in his youth attended the drawing circle, sometimes this skill helped him earn extra money. Once Alexei's brother took him to a circle of acting skills. Subsequently, the love for this kind of arts became fatal. It became a matter of his whole life.

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Little-known to the age of thirty

After graduating from the Moscow Art Theater School on the course of A.M.Karev, Zharkov Alexei for a long time served in the theater. Ermolova (periods from 1971 to 1988 and from 2000 to 2012). And in the distant 1988-2000 he was an actor of the Moscow Art Theater. A. P. Chekhov.

Few know, but Zharkov Alexey Dmitrievichplayed more than 100 roles in the theater and cinema. He is now People's Artist of Russia. Our hero fully justified this honorary title. Indisputable proof of this - the films in which he played. They are still popular with television viewers. They are loved by the older generation, and by young people. The actor put himself into his characters, giving them a special color. Many people do not even realize that Alexei Zharkov was actively acting in films only at the age of thirty.

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Movies for All Seasons

In the distant 1987the film "Ten Little Indians" was released. Subsequently, he was very popular. A famously twisted detective story with an unrivaled play of actors makes viewers come back to viewing this film. And the films "Torpedo Bombers" (1983) and "My Friend Ivan Lapshin" (1984) became classics of motion picture art. This, of course, is the merit of our hero. Zharkov Alexei Dmitrievich played in them key characters, typical for that time. And the film "Lost in Siberia", filmed in 1990, was a real sensation. He blew up the audience, harshly and uncompromisingly telling about the fate of people who were touched in one way or another by the GULAG. In this picture, love and death go hand in hand, encouraging us to live on. Scary pictures, seen by a foreigner, an Englishman, made a depressing impression on him. And only the love of a simple woman helps to restore his desire to live. This picture touched many people alive.

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There is something to think about

It is impossible not to mention such a picture as"Shtrafbat", filmed in 2004. In the film, the creators tried to show how hard it was in those terrible times. People whose fate brought together in these units had no choice: to die or to live. Only die. On the orders of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, only with their own blood they could atone for their homeland. Sometimes in one line were the ruddy unprincipled criminals and defrauded scientists. All of them, so different, by the will of fate turned out to be together. They so wanted to live. The audience took this film ambiguously. In fact in 2004 witnesses of those terrible events were still alive. And they sometimes had their own opinion about the past events.

Actor Zharkov Alexey starred in such an ambiguousa film like "To Whom I owe - I forgive everyone". This picture is a farce, a comedy. She tells us that sometimes a person wants to relax, he needs a breather and understanding. Rapid running around in circles, solving endless problems and things. All this does not allow us to live, distracts from the main thing. And household disorder and lack of normal earnings only aggravate the situation. It was all this that made the hero of the picture simulate his funeral.

Alexei Zharkov, whose films are so different,always brought in any picture a highlight and a special style. This was an action-packed and criminal series with the participation of the hero of our article. Its name is "Zetta Group". It was shot in 2007. The narrative tells us about a terrible situation. According to the plot, innocent people were taken hostage. A complex and intricate plot keeps the viewer in suspense. The protagonist of the series has to fight for its principles, risking his head and the lives of his comrades.

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Happy need to be able to be

Alexei Zharkov, whose films we are so fond of,lived a long and difficult life. Now he is more and more resting in the suburban dacha. He really has something to be proud of. Next to him was always his faithful spouse, a true fan of his talent. In the past, she was a flight attendant, and later a housewife. His wife gave him two wonderful children. Alexei Zharkov, whose personal life was successful, according to him, always knew how to be happy. He, like many born after the war, valued what is, knew how to rejoice in the small. This we need to learn from him. Of course, his children will agree with this statement. They also found their place in life. Zharkov Alexei, whose son works in the prosecutor's office, is proud of his family. His daughter followed in the footsteps of his father, choosing an acting profession.

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Instead of concluding

If you have not watched the pictures of this wonderful and talented actor, be sure to pay attention to them. You will not regret! They will make an indelible impression on you, they will force you to think about many things.