/ / The film "The Old Gun." Actors Philip Noiret and Romy Schneider in the movie "The Old Gun"

The film "The Old Gun." Actors Philip Noiret and Romy Schneider in the movie "The Old Gun"

The actor of the movie "The Old Gun" in 1976 waswas awarded the "Cesar" award for the best male role. Philippe Noire embodied on the screen the image of a soft, intelligent man, from whom the war made a cruel avenger. In the world of cinema later, several similar characters were created. But the French actor was never able to surpass any of his colleagues.

In June 1944, the SS was destroyedThe village of Oradour-sur-Glane, located in the west of France. 642 people died. Among them were children and women. These events formed the basis of the film "The Old Gun."

Actor Philippe Noiret

One of the greatest people in French cinema has played dozens of roles. According to critics, he performed the best of them in the films "Life and Nothing More", "Old Gun".

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The actor was born in 1930 in a wealthy family.Childhood Noiret was held in Toulouse. From an early age I studied music, I loved to sing. Tried to enter the conservatory. When I failed the exams, I attended lectures on dramatic art.

Philippe Noiret played for many years on the stage.He made his debut in the movies in the late 40's. But the first roles were episodic. Prior to filming in the movie "Old Gun" actor played in such films as "Zazi in the subway", "Cyrano and D" Artanyan "," Night of Generals "," Topaz ".

Julien Dundier

Robert Enrico - director of the film "The Old Gun." The actor, mentioned above, played Julien Dundier, surgeon of the hospital in Montauban.

Julien Dundier treats fighters of resistance.He is not interested in politics. In any case, this is how he tells the SS officer, who burst into the hospital brazenly. Dundier is an idealist, an innocuous fat man who is used to honestly carrying out his work. He also loves Clara and Florence.


Once upon a time before the war Julien had a wife whogave birth to a daughter. Then she met another person, fell in love with him and left her family. But Dundier never grumbled at fate. He is glad that with him was the daughter of Florence, and is happy when he meets an unusually beautiful woman named Clara.

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The hero of the film "The Old Gun" - kind and naiveeccentricity. And it was for this that he fell in love with Clara. She becomes his wife and replaces Florent's mother. In their family, of course, there are quarrels. But small. Julien has a rare ability to love unlimitedly, and in his big heart there is no room for jealousy and suspicion.

The Death of Clara and Florence

About the pre-war life Dandye recalls in the summer of 1944year, after a terrible event. In May, he sent his wife and daughter to his family estate, and a few weeks later, after arriving there, he saw that no one was alive. Before his eyes a ruined church, the bodies of the dead. The doctor's daughter is killed. His wife died a painful death: SS men burned her alive from the flamethrower. And then the hero of the film finds an old gun and enters into battle with the Nazis. From now on, he lives only as revenge and memories of his wife and daughter.

"Old Gun" - actors and roles

The main female role in the film wasthe famous German actress Romy Schneider. In the seventies she was at the peak of her fame. The role of a Frenchwoman, killed by German soldiers, is not the brightest of her films. In the filmography of Schneider, despite her short life, many of the main characters.

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The actress brilliantly formed a career, which is notbrought happiness. In 1981, she lost her son, and then began to abuse alcohol and medication. The actress passed away seven years after the premiere of the "Old Gun". The cause of death was not established. Films with Romy Schneider: "In the bright sun", "Thief", "Murder of Trotsky", "The main thing is to love", "Woman's Light", "The Phantom of Love".

The daughter of the main character at the age of eight playedCarolyn Bonnom. In the 9-year-old Catherine Delaport. Jean Buis played the role of colleague Julien. The actor is known for the films "Nikita", "Podzemka", "The Last Battle". In the film "Old Gun" also played by Robert Hoffman, Joachim Hansen, Madeleine Ozere.