/ / "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" - the best film of 1988

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" - the best film of 1988

"Who framed Roger Rabbit?""- a comic cartoon film, which was released in 1988 and won three Oscar awards. The creators of the film were two well-known film companies of the USA - Amblin Entertainment and Touchstone Pictures. As a result, a pretty nice family cartoon turned out.

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This animated film differs from allother topics in that it involved both live actors, and "cartoons" - drawing animated images. The film begins in 1947 in Los Angeles, where "cartoons" live on a par with living people. Most of the painted characters live in Multaun, a special area of ​​Los Angeles, which was built specifically for them.

Cartoon "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"Tells of the life of" toon ", which, just like ordinary people, are forced to earn their living. Most of them work as actors in cartoons of the film studio, but there are also those who work in ordinary companies in ordinary positions. And, of course, there are also those who make money in not quite legal ways.

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The budget of the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"Amounted to 70 million dollars. As of 1988, this picture has become the most expensive project in the history of cinema, but in the future all expenses justified themselves. The picture collected more than $ 150 million at the box office only on American cinemas, while the world's fees were much larger. The picture is unique because the cartoon characters, created at different studios, first appeared together in one film.

In the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"There are scenes that were played by live actors under the direction of director Robert Zemeckis. All of them were filmed in one of the small studios in the English city of Hertfordshire. All the scenes with "cartoons" were filmed by Richard Williams at a studio in London.

The basis of the plot of the picture was the work of GaryWolf "Who Censored Roger Rabbit?", Which the writer wrote in 1981. Screenwriters Peter Siman and Jeffrey Price for several months were engaged in the adaptation of the novel, and then presented a version of the script to filmmakers and representatives of the film studio.

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"Who Framed Roger Rabbit?""Entered the treasury of the animated cinema as one of the most controversial and grotesque tapes. "Cartoon" Jessica Roger, the wife of the protagonist, was created in the image and likeness of the most popular actresses in the history of cinema, and that's why she entered the top list of the sexiest animated heroines of the planet. I must admit that, in a pair with her husband, she looks somewhat comical, however, their love is able to overcome all obstacles and punish criminals.

The film involved only three realactors: Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd and Joanna Cassidy. All the other characters were voiced by the dubbing actors. Charles Fleischer and Kathleen Turner voiced the rabbit of Roger and his wife Jessica.

In the end, the picture "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"Was launched in a rental company Buena Vista distribution, with the huge support it had" Touchstone Pictures ". In Russia, this film appeared only in 1995, and was broadcast on the eve of New 1996 on RTR (now - Russia-1).