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Alexey Myasnikov: biography and creativity

Today we will tell you who Aleksei Myasnikov is. His personal life and creativity will be described further. It's about the Russian actor of cinema and theater. He was born in 1972.


Alexey Myasnikov was born in Moscow.In the same city, he grew up. Visited sports school number 178. He graduated from GITIS in 1993. Since 1993, he plays on the stage of the Russian Academic Youth Theater. He is one of the most popular actors in the field of dubbing. He is the official Russian voice of Paul Walker. The actor dubbed eight paintings, in which his foreign colleague starred.

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He is married to Irina Nizina. She is also an actress. The family loves outdoor recreation, and also spends a lot of time with friends and close people.


Alexey Myasnikov is an actor who worked onwith the play "Berenika". He played the father of the groom in the production Forever. He got the role of journalist in the play "Shadow". He played Venturi in the production of Lorenzaccio. Received the role of Judge Thatcher in the play "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". Played Belozerova in the production of "Erast Fandorin." Alexey Myasnikov received the role of Dixon in the play "Yin and Yang." He embodied the image of Ivan Turgenev in the production of "The Coast of Utopia." He worked on the play "Chekhov-GALA". His Majesty played in the play "Think about us." He received the role of Nigel in the play "Rock and Roll".

Cinema and dubbing

  • Alexei Myasnikov in 1995 starred in the film "The Crusader."
  • 1997 - worked on the painting "Breguet".
  • 1998 - played Arshak - the confidant of Antiochus in the film "Berenice."
  • 2001 - starred in the movie "Truckers" as an investigator.
  • 2005-2007 - played Kostya in the film "Advocate".
  • 2005 - starred in the role of production manager Nikita Sergeevich Yarov in the movie "Airport".
  • Andrew's courier was played in the film "Company History".
  • 2007 - starred in the movie "House somersault" in the role of Andrei Tikhomirov, a single father.
  • 2010 - Dan played in the tape "Detective Samovars".
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Duplicated the following films:

  • "Fast".
  • "Knockin 'on Heaven".
  • "Matrix".
  • Ripley.
  • "Gladiator".
  • "Racer".
  • Fast and the Furious.
  • "Call".
  • "Equilibrium".
  • "Stop it."
  • "Lara Croft".
  • "Chronicles of Riddick".
  • "We were accepted".
  • "Staying Alive".
  • Translator.
  • "Harry Potter".
  • Alfa Dog.
  • "Not caught."
  • "Poseidon".
  • "The Return of Superman."
  • "Person of the Year".
  • "The Departed".
  • "Vacation".
  • "Territory of virgins."
  • "Pretty boy".
  • "Chuck."
  • "Transformers."
  • "Operation Valkyrie."
  • "A half and a knight."
  • "Gran Torino".
  • "Pretty boy".
  • "John."
  • "Throwing a cobra."
  • "Without an ensemble."
  • "Take me to hell".
  • Fast and the Furious.
  • "Keepers".
  • "Knight of the Day".
  • "Start".
  • "Floor".
  • "Seducer".
  • "Old New Year".
  • "Guardian angel".
  • "Dark Shadows".
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  • "The Avengers."
  • "The Dark Knight".
  • "The Druzhinniki."
  • "Resident Evil".
  • "Iron Man".
  • "Paranoia".
  • "Race".
  • "Jack Ryan."
  • "Air Marshal".
  • "13th district".
  • The X-Men.
  • "League of dreams."
  • "Overall".
  • "The stars are to blame."
  • "Hostage".
  • "Miss Rush."
  • "Wild".
  • "Divergent".
  • "The Avengers."
  • "Everest".
  • «5th wave».

Also the actor is engaged in scoring computer games. Among them: Lost, Mafia II and "The Witcher-3".


Alexei Myasnikov starred in the action movie "Crusader".The plot narrates about a group of stunt men. In Turkey, shooting a picture of the Crusaders is a tragedy. Dies one of the participants. The death of the stuntman is arranged by criminals. Thanks to the tragedy, they smuggled a large consignment of drugs across the border. Anton is killed - the producer of the film. Money is stolen. Due to lack of funds, the film was disassembled into commercials.

Sasha Konov is a stuntman who understands that everythingrigged. He saves the wife of Anton - Olga from Caucasians. Then he contacts Slava the Dead - a thief. He says that after the arrival of the film group in the city, the price of drugs fell. Olga anticipates that Anton is alive. Konov and Dohly also know about it. Konov hides in the abandoned construction site. He, along with Olga, is captured by Anton, unexpectedly "resurrected." Anton, knowing that the bandits will not let go of Konov alive, reports where he hid the money. Appear thieves under the leadership of the dead and Caucasians. Olga and Konov are saved. He takes pictures to the end. In the tape appear scenes taken from another work by the director - "The Knight's Novel."

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Also, the actor participated in the movie "House somersault".His story tells of Andrei Tikhomirov - the single father of three children. At first, the farm was helped by the hero Klara Semyonovna - his mother. Then he decided to deal with everything on his own. Andrew, unable to withstand such a load, called friends to help - Zhora and Dima. Now men will have to take upon themselves a considerable responsibility - to raise children and grow up. Photo by Alexey Myasnikov attached to this material.