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Actor Vsevolod Kuznetsov: voiceover

Vsevolod Kuznetsov by profession - actor of theater and cinema, is the director of dubbing.

He graduated from the Shchepkin Theater School inclass of Yuri Solomin. The beginning of the nineties was marked by work at the Moscow Art Academic Theater with the famous Tatiana Doronina. The service there lasted two and a half years. Studying different aspects of the acting profession.

Voice acting

Duplicates foreign films, in some of themVsevolod Kuznetsov acts as the author of the Russian text. His voice is spoken by beloved and famous heroes. It's enough to remember Neo from the movie "The Matrix", Dracula from "Van Helsing" or Chris Tucker in "The Fifth Element."

Actor Vsevolod Kuznetsov has time to play in the theater.He prefers Soviet films directed by Gaidai and Ryazanov, drawing energy from old comedies. The actor announces television programs, works in documentary films. It attracts interesting material, which is used in the "Athenian School". For the shooting takes place trips to Italy, Turkey, Jordan.

vsevolod of blacksmiths
Vsevolod Kuznetsov lovingly recalls the film "Men in Black". In it, he had to voice an actor Will Smith. After this, there appeared the landmark films "Jurassic Park" and "The Fifth Element".

Special techniques and secrets of scoringThere is no master, he tries to understand what he wants to do and say the actor at a certain moment. And this is the main thing behind the text. You need to read a lot, be savvy in any field. Then it turns out and Volan de Mort in all the films about Harry Potter, and the cat in the cartoon about Shrek.

In those films in which Vsevolod took partKuznetsov, the voice acting will be magnificent. His voice adorns the film, transforms the hero, whom he duplicates. As a result, the character is remembered by the audience. Where does this velvet magical voice come from? After all, thanks to Russian intonations, everything that happens on the screen is different.

The voice of cartoons, audiobooks

Vsevolod Kuznetsov first tried himself inozvuchke animated films on the example of the animated series "Little Mermaid." In "Transformers 3" the voice of the Russian actor was spoken by US President John F. Kennedy and the dispatcher based on the Autobots. Vsevolod is happy to take on the dubbing of films in which Brad Pitt, Will Smith and Tom Cruise are playing.

actor vsevolod blacksmiths
The actor understands the characters played by these symbolsHollywood. Every gesture and act is predictable. Reading audiobooks, the actor has been engaged since 2006: "Bronze Bird", "Dirk", poems of Boris Pasternak.

Vsevolod Borisovich is married and has three children.

Voice acting games

For a long time it is estimated how much was made forcinematography Vsevolod Kuznetsov. The films, in which his voice sounds, reach the figure of 190. Few people know that in addition to animated series and films, the actor voices computer games. Since 1995, he is among the most sought-after masters of reading for foreign actors. He makes them closer and more understandable to the Russian audience.

Why engaged in voice acting?

Vsevolod began as a theatrical actor, but fateordered that the money that was received for work in the theater, the family Kuznetsova was not enough. He decides to go to the movies. It was not a hobby, but a part-time job. But soon this additional earnings become the main one, and the voice and dubbing take up all of his time.

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Kuznetsov found his way of working on images.At first he carefully looked through the film, tried to understand what his hero is, what he wants to say with his gestures, deeds. Only then he began to voice. With some kinorabotami actor akin, because he put his whole soul in their voice acting.

Magnificent articulation and a shrewd approach to business

So, in the work on duplicating the film "EugeneOnegin "Kuznetsov just fell in love. He worked with great pleasure. Perhaps, because the film is based on the work of the great classic A.S. Pushkin. Or because it was possible to insert excerpts from the novel in the verses in the film. The ability to write your own translation script, to choose the right words is the gift that very few people have.

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This can not be learned, this must be lived.Vsevolod Borisovich perfectly understands the complexity of his work: he can not use facial expressions, no one will see his gestures. He is only allowed to use his voice. This is his instrument, which he owns splendidly. His characters are recognizable. Directors dubbing has long been determined for themselves, what heroes of the screen can be trusted to him.

Work on TV channels

Vsevolod Kuznetsov worked for "STS", "TNT", "NTV." Now his voice is on the channel "Science 2.0". He is a master of creating his own dissimilar and non-existent in the Russian language words.


If a graduate of VsevolodKuznetsov played on the stage of the theater, acted in film, the audience and listeners would not have heard a unique unique voice, which for many years now has been spoken by characters of favorite films. It turns out that the voice is not only a tool for the singer, he can perform an important function in the work of someone who performs voice acting films.