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Recruitment is ... Methods and methods of attracting suitable candidates for the position

Recruitment is a synonym for "hiring",which originated from the American version of the English language. This word refers to the general process of attracting, selecting and approving suitable job candidates for permanent or temporary work in a particular organization. Recruitment is one of the main responsibilities of HR managers, HR specialists in human resources and human resources.

A more detailed definition

By and large, the explanation given above,can be attributed to the standard set of personnel in the enterprise. What is the difference? Recruitment is the process of finding and hiring the most qualified candidates (within or outside the organization) for open vacancies. And you need to do this as soon as possible, more economically, and even find a person who will bring maximum profit to the company.

recruiting is

Stages of employee search

Recruitment is a multi-stage process. Its complexity and number of stages vary, depending on the size and requirements of the enterprise, but it is possible to distinguish such basic stages:

  • Vacancy analysis. At this stage, the requirements for the future employee, his duties, time of work, salary, etc., are determined.
  • Preparation of a detailed job description based on its analysis.
  • Drawing up a recruitment plan.
  • The choice of persons responsible for finding new employees, or the assignment of tasks to employment agencies.
  • Search for databases of potential candidates, as well as a summary using announcements.
  • Reduction of the list of applications submitted to the most suitable.
  • Interviews with candidates using business games, tests and other selection methods that are best suited for this position.
  • Clarification of data and recommendations.
  • Selection of candidates.

ways of recruiting

Methods of recruiting

The pervasive penetration of the Internet into all spheres of life has not bypassed the sphere of hiring.

While many traditional ways of recruiting continue to work successfully, the World Wide Web has significantly expanded their list. Here is a list of the most popular options:

  • Search among friends or closepersonnel. The best recruiters have an extensive range of connections with many leading specialists who can recommend an optimal candidate or act on it themselves.
  • Involving suitable workers from otherorganizations, or so-called enticement. This also applies to one of the important skills of a good recruiter - he knows where there are good employees, and is able to persuade them to join their employer.
  • Search on Internet boards, as well as in print ads.
  • Selection among university students of higher education institutions and their internship in the company, as an option - selection among students on the eve of their certification.
  • Search in social networks, primarily in the networkprofessionals LinkedIn. Most recruiters use these tools if not for selection, then to check information about job seekers. Therefore, you need to carefully treat everything that you write on your page.
  • Search for an employee within the enterprise for transfer to another position.
  • Involve third-party organizations - personnel or recruiting agencies.

recruitment methods

Recruitment templates

During the search for a candidate for the position of managerfor staff it is necessary to repeatedly place the same information on different sites, analyze received applications, and then repeat the same questions in interviews with applicants. To speed up this process and save time, templates are used for recruitment. They are of several types, depending on which stages of the search are intended. For example:

  • Job description design template - itmust include information about its name, the name of the employer company, its location, the main duties of the employee, the required skills. There should also be information on how to contact the person responsible for recruitment.
  • Templates for shortening the list of candidates - asThe rule is the tables in which the recruiter enters the data about the applicants for the position according to the fields that they had to fill in the resume or other form for the submission of data. In percentage terms, he indicates how much the competitor's skills meet the requirements, if necessary, leaving notes. This allows you to organize the information and unerringly select the most suitable candidates.
  • Templates for interviews - in order toto interview all applicants, and not to miss any questions and answers, it is best to prepare templates for personal meetings with applicants. So all of them will be on equal terms, and the recruiter will be able to possess the complete information necessary for selection.

recruitment templates

  • Templates of refusals - not all applicants will approachcompany. To save himself from unnecessary calls and clarifications and let the person know that he can continue his search for work, the recruiter will come in handy with a form of a letter of notification that the candidate was rejected. This is not only a manifestation of courtesy, but also a support for the company's image. After all, who knows, maybe tomorrow she will need this man.