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Work as a driver in the "Magnet": reviews of drivers with photos

If you are interested in working as a driver on the networkstores "Magnet", feedback from employees will help determine the decision. The article is devoted to their opinion on working conditions and features of activity on the example of a number of cities, including Sterlitamak and Smolensk.

Work as a driver in the

About the network "Magnet"

For 22 years of existence in the market of sales of goodshousehold chemicals and food products, the chain of stores of JSC "Thunder" (founder SN Galitsky) became the largest in the country. In the settlements of the Russian Federation there are more than 14,000 retail outlets, including:

  • "Shops near the house" (10521);
  • hypermarkets (237);
  • family shops (194);
  • specialized objects for the sale of cosmetics (3107).

The firm is the leader in sales and the largestA private employer in the country (260 thousand employees). In JSC "Tander" a powerful logistics system with a distribution network and its own fleet has been created. For those who want to find a job, the driver is offered to work in Magnit. The drivers' comments testify to the well-thought-out system of distribution centers (there are 35 of them) and a sufficient number of modern cars (more than 6 thousand), which ensure proper storage of products and optimization of its delivery to the retail network.

Reviews of drivers about work in


A feature of the company is the constant availability ofjobs against the background of the economic crisis in the country. Regularly open new outlets, which requires up to 300 new employees every week. The firm needs responsible and motivated cadres who want to develop professionally together with the joint-stock company. The company considers the possible employment of people of different ages, giving young people a chance to successfully start and gain experience, retirees - the realization of professional skills in walking distance from home.

If a person is interested in working as a driver in"Magnet", reviews of drivers send it to the official website of the company. Here you can get acquainted with the availability of vacancies and send an application for a specific position by posting a resume. If there is no necessary offer in the region, you can fill out the questionnaire, which will be considered by the employer. When the necessary vacancy appears, the HR department will contact the applicant on the contacts indicated in the questionnaire.

Work as a driver in the network of stores

Employer's announcement: work as a driver in "Magnet"

The drivers' comments assess the reliability of the company's offers to competitors. You can read about the terms in the posted ads:

  • Device for TC, which provides for an official salary of 34,500 rubles and a bonus for length of service.
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment at the expense of the employer.
  • Payment of parking.
  • Absence of downtime during loading and unloading operations.
  • Update fleet.
  • The opportunity to participate in professional skills competitions.
  • Availability of a corporate phone.
  • Preferential vouchers for rest.
  • Additional pension benefits.

Positive feedback from drivers about work in the "Magnet"

To work on wagons are requireddrivers-professionals with the category "E", engaged either in direct delivery or in transit. In fact, this is the work of truckers, where each column produces a convenient schedule for the drivers. There are options: 7/7, 4/4, 5/5 and even 15/15. Attractive moments are the timely payment of salaries and the possibility of an internship. Independently to leave in flight it is possible only after delivery of examination (tehminimum and SDD) and passage of a medical board. All celebrate a large number of new cars, own parking and repair base. In addition to mounting and eliminating minor malfunctions during flights, participation in repair work is not required.

There is an organized delivery of employees todistribution centers (RC), where there are dining rooms and lounges. Otherwise, the drivers' comments about the work in Magnet differ greatly. Satisfaction with work depends directly on management and the atmosphere in the convoy.

Negative moments

Among the shortcomings, most notes the systemfines, affecting the amount of wages. Deductions are made for fuel overruns and theft of property while waiting for loading. Drivers consider the rates of diesel fuel consumption to be underestimated, so fines are a rather frequent phenomenon. The employment contract refers to the position of the driver-freight forwarder, and in fact it is necessary to fulfill the duties of the loader, so as not to waste time on idle time. For this firm does not pay. There are no business trips, so meals during the flights are personal expenses of the drivers of the company "Magnit".

Work driver (reviews from the photo are presented inarticle) is risky. Furas are designed for traveling on a flat road. Serious accidents happen to ice, however JSC "Tander" saves on car insurance for CASCO. It is difficult for multi-ton vehicles to follow narrow city streets, where they often interfere with passers-by and cars. To avoid conflict situations on each wagon, telephone numbers are provided, where you can contact the logisticians.

RC in the settlement of Stabenskoe (Smolensk region): reviews of drivers

About 450 vacancies for drivers were opened in2015 with the commissioning of a modern distribution center in the Smolensk region. Warehouses, shops for processing raw materials and a transport enterprise began to serve more than 120 points of retail trade. The complex occupied the territory of 16.9 hectares, which housed: a fuel filling station, a sink and a new repair base. Organized delivery of personnel from 20 settlements of the region.

Reviews of drivers about work in

What are the drivers' opinions about the work in Magnet?Smolensk confirmed the opinion of workers from other regions. Despite the improvement of working conditions, there is a turnover of personnel associated with an ill-conceived system of stimulating wages. Fines lead to the fact that some drivers with a high intensity of labor receive less than 35 thousand rubles less than promised. At the same time, most people note a good atmosphere in the production team, mutual assistance and satisfaction from working in the country's largest retailer.

RC in Sterlitamak (Bashkortostan)

The distribution center in Bashkortostan is open in2012th It serves the Volga region and is one of the largest in the country. Daily organized more than 100 flights only direct delivery of products. RC is one of the first, where all stages of warehouse operation are fully automated. And what is the difference between working in "Magnet" as a driver? Testimonials (Sterlitamak) indicate that vacancies are rare here. The huge territory is kept clean, but there are facts of downtime during loading, which hurts drivers affordably.

Work in the

Higher salary for those who work forinternational delivery, which selects the most professional staff. Applicants should pay attention to compliance with safety regulations. In February 2016, there was an egregious case when the freight forwarder pressed the wagon to the ramp, and local doctors failed to save his life. Working as a driver in the "Magnet" (driver reviews testify to this) are fraught with risk, so worthy pay and social guarantees are necessary conditions for making a decision on employment.