/ How much does the model earn in Russia?

How much does the model earn in Russia?

The question of choosing a profession for young girls -the case is subtle and difficult, especially for those who have a beautiful appearance and do not burn with a great desire to sit in offices, but, on the contrary, dreams of seeing the world. Many seek to get into show business thanks to their vocal data or with the help of dances, for others the easiest way to get on the covers of gloss is to go into the modeling business. And here comes a completely logical and reasonable question: "In general, how much does the model earn?" Everyone knows that their income is quite large, but is it really so?

how much does the model earn

Model business

There are a lot of rumors that practicallyany girl can get into the modeling business, the truth, through what she has to go through with it - is silent. And it's not about the terrible rumors that you can get on the cover only through the bed, but in the hard selection already on the first casting. There are a number of specific requirements for girls. Unimportant clothing, important figure - and only it. Many girls, coming to the casting and thinking about how much the model earns, completely forget to think about other things, such as: strict diets, the risk of anorexia, and the most horrible thing for many girls is the exposure to the camera. And after all, it's often necessary to defile in the bathing suits even on castings, not to mention photoshoots for glossy magazines, where "piquant" photos are a kind of "chip" of the number.

Of course, everyone remembers the story of the Russian Cinderella,Natalia Vodianova, who managed to make a dizzying career and get world fame, successfully marry and leave the country, but not many girls will be able to repeat such a feat, because in the modeling business, as is known, there are many pitfalls, and in Russia - even more so. So is it worth starting your career, and if so, how much do the models in Russia earn?

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What models are needed and why

Recently, in a society, non-standard appearance is rather loyal, but despite this fact, they fall on the covers of magazines quite rarely.

Often, just models for advertising goods are requiredcompanies, furniture salons, models for catalogs of clothing, various themed photo sessions and much more. This type of model, as a rule, earn the least - their rate can be from $ 10 to $ 50 per hour, while a percentage of the revenue is taken by the model agency for the provision of the girl herself and her preparation for the shooting. And if this seems like a large sum, then you should not flatter yourself. The volumes of work can be very low, accordingly, and there will be no money. How much the model earns depends only on what kind of demand it is.

 how much do the models earn in Russia

And it should be borne in mind that in Russia the modelbusiness as such is not as well developed as in Europe, the US and other countries. But nevertheless in the capital there is always a place for girls with good forms.

Moscow is a city of glamor, gloss, celebrities andbeautiful places. Everyone becomes famous here, and almost every one can break his star of glory, according to the agency. In order to conquer the capital, it's only necessary to join the ranks of the agency's employees, and there they will paints and enthusiastically paint how much the models in Moscow earn and what heights it is possible to achieve in principle. Many initially promise their wards to earn up to $ 50,000, and all this without straining, so that very young girls can combine this earnings with their studies. The truth is, in what terms the girls will have the desired amount - it is unknown.

Is appearance important?

Many girls are complex about theirappearance. And if earlier in the modeling business only models with the right fine features appeared, now there is demand for almost any appearance. Each non-standard feature can be turned into a dignity and achieve the same success.

What is really worth working on isover the ability to teach oneself: a figure, a pose, a facial expression, a hairdo and makeup. Given the current trends, a girl who wants to become a model, should be able to paint, and make yourself a haircut. In this, training videos can help a lot, and the budget cosmetics of the mass-market will create beauty from any woman.

Is there more money abroad?

Of course, more.And the more diverse the portfolio of the model, the greater the chance that it will be noticed and invited for a fashion week in Paris, Milan or London. To conclude a contract abroad is a real breakthrough, because how much the model earns depends on the shows, there also new connections, sponsorship and acquaintances, sometimes very successful ones.

Yes, the model's revenue in Europe can exceed 100000 $ dollars per year, but only if there is a long-term contract. How lucky, it all depends on a lucky coincidence. Earnings from shows and photo sessions are fickle, because often models rush from one agency to another in search of work. Many painstakingly make up a portfolio, others go to experiments with their own appearance, just to be noticed.

how many earn models in Moscow

Alternative ways to earn

With the development of the Internet, it does not really matter whereyou are and what you are specifically doing, you can become famous from anywhere in the world with the help of social networks. Instagram is an excellent platform for promoting yourself without the help of various agencies that take a part of your income from you. All you need is a little independence and a phone with a good camera.

Have you heard about "fitonyashki"?Yes, those same girls who promote a healthy lifestyle, go in for sports and in their Instagram almost every day publish photos with a signature about the benefits of proper nutrition and regular fitness.

And do you know how much you earnfitness models? Surely you can say that more than any beginning girl. Promoting your account in Instagram is often easier than finding a client who will pay well for a photo session. And for one advertising post in this social network you can earn up to 100 000 rubles. Is it worth pondering?

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Web Models, or Work for All

It so happened that getting acquainted on the Internetnow too it is possible for money. Having a mediocre appearance, a medium-sized webcam, you can become just a web-model. A web model is a new kind of profession, and the responsibilities of girls are more often than not to organize pleasant leisure for their clients for money. She has a free schedule, she chooses the customers herself, initial investments, as a rule, do not require absolutely any. In this case, after learning how much they earn web models, people often doubt that it's just a matter of communication. Nevertheless, for the evening, she can "pick" from $ 25 to $ 500 and above. Girls working in this area say that their income per month is about 70,000 rubles, and this is not the limit. Again, it all depends on the client and on his wishes.

Every day there are more and more agencies ready to show young girls the fascinating world of the Internet and, of course, to earn "easy money". But the choice, as always, is yours.