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Professional competences of teachers

One of the directions of modern research inpsychology of labor and personnel management is the competence, qualifications of employees. Professional competencies are a circle of professional issues in which the individual is well oriented. At present, the most demanded in the society are workers with profound professional and personal qualities. Situations in the modern world make demands not for specific knowledge, but for qualification, literacy of people.

Professional competences

In everyday life, along with the term"Competence", the terms "qualification", "professional competence" are used. After analyzing the content of these definitions, it can be concluded that they differ in volume, composition, structure. The most acceptable is the interpretation of the word "competence":

- the system of knowledge in action;

- personal qualities and properties;

- integration of ZUNS providing professional activity;

- the ability in practice to realize their potential for activities in the professional sphere and be aware of the responsibility for its result, the need to improve in the work.

Considering the professional competence of the teacher, the following components stand out:

- motivational-volitional, including values, desire to work with children, motivation to learn new forms and methods of work;

- functional, characterized by the presence of knowledge and skills, possession of pedagogical technologies;

- communicative - the ability to communicate, interact, clearly and clearly convey the idea to students or pupils, mastering the skills of business communication;

- Reflexive - the ability to analyze the results of their work to determine the potential for professional and personal growth, various kinds of achievements.

formation of professional competences

Formation of professional competencies isthe basis of professional qualities of the individual, which are integrative in nature, are considered in the aggregate; their prerequisites are formed already at the stage of professional training in a higher or secondary special educational institution. The passage of the course retraining in the courses of advanced training should be considered as a process of development and deepening of competence.

Professional competence is one of the most important components of a specialist's personality. Currently, a lot of attention is paid to the training of skilled workers in the education system.

professional competence is
In recent years in preschool institutionsthe influx of people without special education has increased. Low wages, greater responsibility for the health of children, increased responsibilities, do not contribute to the replenishment of staff with workers with a high level of professionalism. The introduction of new FGS in education requires the presence of people with high professional competencies both in schools and in pre-school educational institutions, for the formation of which there is a developed network of post-graduate special training.