/ / 1, 2 and 3 categories of engineers. Assigning a category to an engineer

1, 2 and 3 categories of engineers. Assigning a category to an engineer

Engineers are such workers,who are engaged in various technical devices. The basis of their activities is focused on modernizing or optimizing the solutions that exist at the moment. Beginners in this business are engaged only directly in the observation or adjustment of technical devices.

Depending on the category of engineers, employeeshave different access to technology, aggregates or equipment. They also have different rights and responsibilities. Accordingly, with the growth of the category, the work spectrum will increase, as will the salary.

Surface separation of engineers by category

In the domestic practice, there are the following categories of engineers:

  1. Lack of category.Workers with this specialization can perform only simple actions. And they can not make any decisions, if they are not watched by more qualified professionals.
  2. 3 category.Such workers can cope with the duties of the engineers described above. In addition, they can develop simple drawings. Naturally, they will perform all the work only under strict supervision of specialists of higher categories.
  3. 2 category.Workers cope with the above duties, and without the supervision of professionals. In addition, they have access to the development of drawings for individual parts or small simple aggregates. In some cases, designers themselves collect such details on the created drawings.
  4. 1 category.The employee performs all of the above actions. In addition, if the supervisor or lead engineer gives specific instructions for the creation of new units, engineers can and must implement them.

engineer of the 2nd category
You can also note the lead engineer.He is engaged in the development of all the basic structures that are used in the enterprise. Plus, they can optimize existing systems and units, develop technology that will become more competitive.

Engineers of the 3rd category

Engineer category 3 is aThe executor who carries out orders and instructions of the senior management. Usually the role of the latter is played by more qualified specialists. Despite the fact that the engineer performs the basis of his work under the strict supervision, he can do some actions independently:

  • Choose auxiliary materials that will be more convenient for him to use.
  • Independently improves his skills and studies necessary materials.
  • Develops documentation, signs it before handing it over to the head.

Thus, despite the limited obligations, all the engineers of the 3 category are an independent working unit, which needs to coordinate their actions with specialists.

Engineers of the 2nd category

Engineer of the 2nd category when performing hisactivities should be guided by the regulatory documents of the organization in which he works. Also in his competence is the development of estimates and other documentation.

assignment of a category to an engineer
Typically, the main work of engineers 2category is to get the tasks from the higher leadership, then to divide it between the subordinates. But beyond that, he needs to coordinate the documentation and activities with other departments. Naturally, the engineer should not deviate from the instructions given by more qualified specialists.

Engineers of the 1st category

Engineer of the 1st category has much more rights andresponsibilities. With the growth of his responsibility, wages are also increasing. He can have relevant employees in the subordination, the specific specialization of which will be determined by the direction of the engineer and enterprise.

Engineer of the 1st category will be responsible for:

  • Non-fulfillment or improper performance of their official duties. In addition, if the subordinate engineer did not fulfill the obligations, then the responsibility will be borne by the manager.
  • Offenses committed during laboractivities. For example, if the safety precautions were not observed during the work, the engineer will be held liable. This applies even to cases in which no one has been harmed if there is a violation of TB.
  • Causing material damage to the enterprise.

engineer technologist category
Naturally, such a number of obligations pays off a high salary, because otherwise nobody will want to take on this responsibility.

Category Assignment

The assignment of a category to an engineer isresults of attestation. Usually, the time will be set by the government, but sometimes large companies or businesses hire independent commissions when they believe that one or more workers can improve their qualifications. In other respects, the following engineers can count on the increase of professionalism:

  • Category 3 is submitted by a specialist with a higher education and at least 3 years of experience.
  • Category 2 is submitted by a specialist with higher education and 3 years of experience in an employee of the 3rd category.
  • Category 1 is submitted by a specialist with higher education and 2 years of experience in an employee of at least 3 years.

Thus, assigning a category to an engineeris carried out every three years. Sometimes this time is reduced to 2 years if the specialist worked in difficult conditions or temporarily performed the duties of a worker with higher qualifications. Of course, provided that with his activities, he coped well.

Job duties of process engineers

Any engineer-technologist (categories and length of servicedo not matter) is engaged in the fact that it introduces new technologies into the standard established production process in the enterprise. All his actions will be focused on two basic rules:

  1. Reducing the cost of production.
  2. Increase productivity in a competitive environment.

category of design engineers
Since the work of a technologist is directly related to the activities of the company, the management must keep it constantly informed of any changes, especially those relating to its sphere.

Each engineer-technologist of category 1, 2, 3 and withoutshe must have some knowledge. They include legislative acts, GOSTs of equipment and products, information software, computer equipment of the enterprise and so on.

Duties of Design Engineers

Designers work with equipment, drawings andtools. Such an engineer should perfectly understand the schemes and devices. If necessary, he will have to establish them, modernize or draw up such drawings that will allow other workers to assemble a more modern and technological device. It is impossible to specify the duties of designers, since they will depend on the specifics of the work of the enterprise, as well as on the narrow profile of its specialization.

There are 3 categories of design engineers. Each of them, respectively, allows you to work at different levels. During the implementation of its activities, the designer uses the following:

  • Drawing tools.
  • Specially designed or developed software.
  • Directly personal computers.
  • Means of automation.

Engineer of 1 category
Sometimes such engineers are allowed to use other tools. But the main weapon of an employee is his experience and professionalism.

Job duties of design engineers

All categories of design engineers are engaged in the development of whole projects or their individual parts, it all depends on the qualification. During operation, the following elements can be used:

  • Technologies.
  • Personal experience.
  • Means of automation.
  • Various domestic or foreign modern devices.

what categories of engineers
Regardless of categoryengineers-designers, the corresponding workers should have a large amount of knowledge. They include any design technology, as well as technical calculations, and how to conduct them. It is impossible not to note the standards and GOSTs, which are in line with security. Any extraneous knowledge is welcome, but they will not necessarily be paid by management.

Rights of Engineers

All categories of engineers, regardless of their experience or professionalism, have certain rights. They are as follows:

  • To offer management various ways that will help improve working conditions, make them more organized.
  • Use scientific literature and materials,which will help to cope with responsibilities. That is, any engineer does not need to learn by heart all the information, from time to time he can use books or magazines.
  • To pass certification in accordance with the procedure established by the enterprise or the state. In the process, they can get a new category, as well as remain at the same level of qualifications.
  • To improve the qualification with all the ensuingthis consequence. That is, after receiving a new category, the employee has the right to a large salary, better working conditions, new entries in work books and so on.

category of engineers
In addition to the above, engineers are able to enjoy all the rights specified in the Labor Code of the country where the work is carried out.

Responsibility of Engineers

All categories of engineers bear a certain responsibility. It consists in the following:

  1. Timely performance of duties.
  2. Organization of personal labor activity, execution of orders and instructions at the set time.
  3. Compliance with fire safety rules, as well as the regulations established at the enterprise.
  4. Maintenance of documentation, which will detail the activities of the engineer.
  5. If there are employees in the subordination, then the head will directly be responsible for the failure to fulfill their duties.
  6. If in the course of working activity the safety precautions were violated, the engineer must take measures, as well as inform the management in a timely manner.

If the labor discipline is violated, then the engineerwill bear the responsibility established in the legislation. It will depend on the severity of the misconduct. For example, an employee may be forced to pay a fine, labor, arrest or deprivation of property.


It is known which categories of engineers exist on thepresent day. However, in order to become a true professional in his business, to be in good standing with his superiors, and also to earn large sums, it is necessary to work hard and learn. Otherwise, neither the experience nor the attempts to get a new category will help to improve their specialization. In addition, it is recommended to monitor the release of new regulations, technologies and scientific literature. Engineers are one of the few employees who are obliged to follow modern discoveries, otherwise they will lose their competitiveness.