/ How to find a job in Cyprus?

How to find a job in Cyprus?

This island state attractsthe number of migrants from both the post-Soviet space and from around the world. Serious and well paid work in Cyprus is an opportunity not only to improve your financial situation, but also to open your own business. Or just have a good time in a warm country. For what reason Cyprus attracts so many people, it will be discussed in the article.

Map of Cyprus


The outflow of labor migrants to warm beaches began in the nineties. The goal is obvious - the search for a better life. This dynamic continues today. And there are a number of reasons for this:

  1. It is a small quiet state with a measured and unhurried rhythm of life, which contributes to a smooth climbing the career ladder.
  2. National cuisine attracts many people who like to eat deliciously, and to adopt the culinary skills of local chefs.
  3. Cyprus is a paradise for enthusiasts. It is here that those who wish to occupy their niche in the sphere of services and entertainment flock to one of the most popular resorts in the world.

The island has no problems with the staff and with easeprovides employment not only to local residents, but also visitors. Even for people who do not have any special ambitions, a job search in Cyprus usually takes no more than a week. The tourist sphere is a tasty morsel for emigrants from any country. Hotels, restaurants, entertainment industry - everywhere workers are required.

More purposeful people need two or three months to look around, get used to the rhythm of life and get a job in Cyprus for a high-paying position.

Inquired specialties

The resort does not exceed the number of places in the cityEurope, but emigrants are trying to get here. Asking how to get a job in Cyprus, you should immediately remember which vacancies are associated with the sea, the sun and the beaches: they are maids, janitors, managers, receptionists, chefs and even the heads of guest houses.

Since April, travel companies, hotels,cafes, restaurants, as well as pleasure yachts recruit staff for the season, which lasts until October. Such work in Cyprus for Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians (and also immigrants from the entire post-Soviet space) is characterized by an irregular working day, as well as a lower salary.

For example, six (or even seven) days a week(work will have for eight, nine or ten hours), the migrant receives approximately 350-700 € per month. While local residents for less than 1000 € work will not agree. This is one of the reasons why the flow of people wishing to earn does not weaken from year to year: local companies are easier to hire visitors. Of course, those should have the appropriate knowledge, skills and skills.

Swimming pool in a Cypriot hotel

Managerial vacancies

More serious jobs like the chefor the manager of a small bar is already estimated about 2500 €, and the owner of the hotel has already from 2000 to 4000 € (all depends on the number of rooms, their sizes and services).

Work in Cyprus on a pleasure yachthas a simplified procedure for registration, because these vacancies are also popular. Of course, the applicant must have the relevant international certificates. The salary of a labor migrant in this case varies from 1000 to 1500 € maximum, while a local resident works for money from 1500 € and above.

Non-tourist destinations

The question of how to find a job in CyprusRussian, who do not have any outstanding skills in foreign languages, migrants were asked back in the nineties. But everything is not as difficult as it seems. There are a lot of vacancies that do not necessarily involve interaction with vacationers from other countries of the world, that is non-tourist specialties.

Of course, certain knowledge should bethe applicant (not to communicate in the same language gestures with the employer) in order to work in such positions as, for example, a dry-cargo mechanic. Companies that provide similar jobs are few and the fee depends very much on the employer, but varies on average from 4,000 to 5,000 €.

Administrators of hotels are recruiting and mechanics forassembly, installation and repair of agricultural machinery (for example, lawn mowers, lawn autocool systems), as well as maintenance of prefabricated pools. Payment is about 2000 €.

Kyrenia. North Cyprus

Is there work for girls?

Cyprus offers a wide choice of places. The competitor can only decide on what the soul is more and what kind of payment is acceptable.

The first thought is the work of a guide in Cyprus. Basically such places are offered on excursion yachts, museums, tourist buses and even casinos.

The second - staff like waitresses, cleaners, dishwashers, as well as bartenders, hostesses and dancers.

In all cases, knowledge of the language is required.Since the island for a long time was an English colony, many residents speak this language. In view of the fact that many emigrants from the countries of the former USSR settled in Cyprus, knowledge of the Russian language is welcomed. Possession of Greek is a big plus.

Among the competitors for the vacant seat can be seen immigrants from Turkey, India and Pakistan.

Skilled workers

In Cyprus, there is an acute shortage of experienceddoctors, dentists, lawyers and accountants. But it's not about the whole island, but only about some regions. For example, cities like Nicosia and Limassol do not need such frames, there they are already in abundance.

The difficulty of working in this field is that it is not enough to have the appropriate diploma on hand, it needs to be confirmed.

Activities in this area includeopening own business. That is, it is necessary to make out a license, take into account all possible risks, unforeseen expenses and open a private clinic. For example, in a region with a population of about 3,000 people, the dentist already has a revenue of about 5,000 € already in the second year of employment.

Worker in North Cyprus

More options

Work in Cyprus is possible and not too muchdemanded spheres. That is, we need specialists who simply know how to do something better than others. And in this case, the presence of an appropriate diploma does not play a role. We are talking about technologists and chemists in the field of nutrition.

The same category includes builders,installers, carpenters and painters. This niche was occupied for a long time by immigrants from Poland and Bulgaria, but due to the fact that those have recently ceased to come to Cyprus, the demand for specialties is growing again.


In the country of azure beaches and a friendly sun, the niche and IT specialists are looking for.

The work of a programmer in Cyprus is not a phenomenonso widespread, because most ads deal with the tourism industry. But if you monitor sites, vacancies then appear, then disappear. Because it's wrong to say that such specialists are not in demand. Such activities, as a rule, are not seasonal, and the employer is interested in long-term cooperation, therefore, the applicant must have an appropriate package of documents.

In any case, there are IT companies where personnel may be needed, because if there is a desire to seek work as a programmer in Cyprus, here is a list of some offices:

  • Amdocs is a manufacturer of software for billing and operating support.
  • PrimeTel is the operator of the virtual mobile network MVNO, headquartered in Nicosia.
  • Asbis is an international holding company engaged in the sale of information technology products.
  • ThunderWorx - provides Cyprus with all kinds of communications like power lines and not only.

This is not all companies represented in therepublic. For the most part, they are all international and just open another office in a city, which is a very strong motivation to move the competitor to a warm country.

Bank of Cyprus

Work with real estate

The kind of activity that does not always implyemployment directly in Cyprus. Work with real estate is often offered by large holdings, which are presented in the form of small companies in different cities. For example, "Sunny Valley" (a member of the holding "North-West") offers a vacancy for a manager who will be engaged in the sale of housing in the city of Limassol.

The list of job responsibilities also includes meetings and communication with a potential client (which means language proficiency), demonstration of the facility and monitoring of prices of competing companies.

Such work is not easy to get, because the experiencelabor activity in this position is mandatory, and without the knowledge of Greek (or at least English) at the highest level, in general can refuse even an invitation for an interview.

Territorial differences

Many know that the island is divided into the South andNorthern Cyprus. Residents of these regions for many years are at war with each other and defend their own independence. The north belongs to Turkey, and the southern part of the island is in the European Union and is considered Greek.

The south is more hospitable, and people come here becausethere are no special problems with employment. But the work for Russians in northern Cyprus is harder to find because a large percentage of Turkish immigrants and, accordingly, many employers put forward demands in the form of knowledge of the Turkish language.

North and South Cyprus

Where and how to find work?

There are different ways.The easiest way is to use a search engine, find a suitable site (such, fortunately, a great many), attach a resume in English and leave your data for communication. Another option is to use the Internet resources of the Cyprus Employment Service.

If the search fails, you should findOfficial projects belonging to Cypriot print media, and read ads from employers. The same can be done already being on the island, only already holding a newspaper or magazine in his hands.

In addition to these methods of job searchremotely, you can come directly to the employer already on the island, go through an interview and get an answer about hiring. In case of refusal it is desirable to apply to any recruitment agency (such on the island a great many), where they are always ready to help the applicant, to show available vacancies and give a couple of practical advice on employment.

General requirements for the applicant

Firms put forward their own terms based on the nuances of a vacant workplace, but there are items that are mandatory for everyone:

  • absence of significant health problems;
  • convictions are not welcome;
  • the skill of owning foreign languages: for North Cyprus, English and Turkish are needed, and for the South - English and Greek;
  • the ability to handle a computer;
  • work experience in a similar position.

The last point is especially important not only forprogrammers or girls who want to get a nanny or a governess for a season, but also for representatives of all specialties that involve interaction with people. For example, work as a guide in Cyprus requires a number of qualities such as the ability to understand the interlocutor and convey information, because tourists often have questions.

Package of documents

As mentioned above, the vacancy is greata bunch of. The main thing is to determine the direction and keep the course in the chosen sphere of employment. Before you fly to the resort, you must issue a visa and work permit in Cyprus. One of the following is given out (depends on the chosen sphere and industry):

  • A (if the activity is related to agriculture and is self-employed).
  • B (also not wage labor, but in the mining industry).
  • C (self-employment in trade).
  • D (employment in research is also not self-employed).
  • E (contract activity as part of a proposal from a Cypriot company).
  • F (issued to tourists with a large financial wealth, not requiring employment).

To obtain a visa, you need to collect the following package:

  • Submit the completed questionnaire;
  • passport (copy and original);
  • a document confirming the absence of a criminal record;
  • health certificate;
  • an extract from the bank, evidencing the availability of sufficient funds on the account;
  • a labor contract with the company of Cyprus, where the migrant is going to be arranged;
  • a color photograph measuring 3 x 4 cm;
  • receipt for payment of visa fee.

The above securities are transferred to the migrationservice after the job is found, an interview is completed and an employment contract is drawn up. The entire procedure for handling the appeal can take about three months, after which a long-awaited visa is issued for a year. At the end of the period there is the possibility of extending for another 12 months.

Hotels in Cyprus

Another document

The work visa is not limited to, you need moreget and work permit in Cyprus. How to do it? It is necessary to collect all the same package of documents (only copies instead of the original of the passport) and give it to the employer.

Representative of the organization (as a rule, thisis engaged in the personnel department) is sent to the Department, which keeps records of labor migrants in the country, and provides the specified package of documents. It should be emphasized that all this time the applicant must be at home and wait for the response of the Cypriot side.

After a positive answer, you can collectthings and go to the country beaches and sun. On arrival, it is given only 8 days for medical examination, renting an apartment and solving other household and organizational issues.

Legislation should not be deceived,an attempt to get a job illegally a large fine is waiting for not only the company that hired an employee without paperwork, but also the migrant himself. In addition, everything will end with forced deportation back to the homeland and a ban on entry into the future.


Search for vacancies for immigrants from the post-Sovietspace abroad is very difficult, but possible. By the way, reviews of work in Cyprus, saying that there is none at all, do not correspond to reality. Obstacles often cause red tape with documents.

Not all companies go for knocking out quotas forforeign workers. Especially on the island there are very few posts that a local resident can not occupy. But there are solutions in terms of freelancing: you can stay in Cyprus working for an organization that is based in another country.

As a result, for example, the creator of a computergraphics with Russian citizenship, which works, say, on the company EA Games, is regarded as an ordinary Russian, working for an American firm, and does not cause any criticism. Either an IT specialist working for an office in Moscow will not have any problems either. The latter option, by the way, is an excellent example of how to find a job in Cyprus Russian freelancers.

But, as already mentioned above, you need a residence permit and a work visa.


Summarizing, it should be said that many Russianscompare Cyprus with Moscow in the price plan. The cost of renting housing varies around the figure of 400 €. But if in the capital it is a question of a standard one-room apartment (by the way, a small studio in Cyprus will cost about 150 euros), the Cypriots offer for the same amount private households of about 90 m2.

Answering the question about how to find a job atCyprus to Russians, Belarusians or Ukrainians (and indeed to immigrants from any country), it is enough to say that you need knowledge of English and the desire to develop. To perfectly master a foreign language, you need to surround yourself with the carriers of such a language and literally "immerse yourself" in speech especially, moving to your goal step by step.

Local residents often open Greekschools, where they teach the language of visitors. Of course, this is not free, but those wishing to stay in Cyprus are happy to devote time to this event. After all, every beginning is difficult, and knowing a second foreign language is a huge step towards the goal.

Beach of Cyprus

Work in Cyprus, whatever one may say, requiresinteraction with both colleagues and local residents. It is unlikely that someone will want to sit locked up when the next to the sea, the sun and tender sand. For this you need to know and local features.

For example, many write that there is no crime at all. Of course, there is. But in comparison with European states, the level of crime on the island is prohibitive.

In addition to rental housing, you should also consider utility bills:

  • Sewage services and water supply - about 30 € per month.
  • The pool also generates costs.If such is common, the amount within 70 € is divided into all the houses whose inhabitants bathe in it. If private, payment for cleaning services is made by the owner of the house. Or you can make a planned disinfection yourself, then the cost of chemistry will cost 20 €.
  • Electricity - from 25 to 150 €.As there is no central heating, the water simply heats on a sunny day in barrels placed on the roofs (in the overcast - the boilers are rescued). Air conditioners are used as heating in winter (at night, the temperature drops to +3 ° C) and for cooling in the summer.
  • Gas is not everywhere. Concluded, as a rule, in new buildings. The rest are content with the cylinders, which are enough for a month. Replacement - 10 €.
  • And, of course, such a blessing of modern society as an Internet connection costs about 50 €.

Summarizing, it should be said that somerefuse such a luxurious apartment with a cost of about 800 € per month and choose a small cozy apartment for which a smaller amount is given - somewhere around 300 €. Here already to each his own.

Many choose exactly private houses near the sea.In addition, it is better to buy real estate in order not to pay rent and not to spend money that can be invested in your own business. You just need to plan everything correctly and prioritize.

But in general, Cyprus was, is and will be a paradise forenthusiasts who decided to move to build their own bright future. The main thing is to get used to the local leisure lifestyle. After all, where to hurry, when around the sea, sand and a beautiful starry sky. And clean air is drawn to sports and health of your body.