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Two-sided printing, or Save paper and time

Two-sided printing of documents is an excellent invention of mankind, which allows not only to save paper, but also helps to save time.

Virtually all printers have a functionduplex printing in 2 runs, that is, after one side of the sheet is printed, a message will appear on the screen asking to turn the sheet over and refill it in the printer. Often at this stage, errors occur, the paper is in the wrong position in the printer, and the user is forced to reprint the damaged sheet. A questionable way to save time and protect trees from the pulp and paper mill.

two-sided printing

However, they are now spreadingThe devices by which two-sided printing can be carried out in one run. No overturning and reflection, no doubt, which side to fill the sheet into the printer tray! Printing is performed simultaneously on both sides!

Here it is worth investigating.Not every printer has such a function, before you go into its settings, you should check the specific model for the availability of this feature. Typically, large office bunk cars have this ability, but domestic - only in exceptional cases.

In addition, the software installed on the printer cando not provide such a function, although the design of the MFP can allow duplex printing. If you know for sure that the device provides two-sided printing on the printer, you should search the manufacturer's website for suitable drivers.

When all the necessary software has been updated,

duplex printing on a printer
configure the printer.You can do this with the help of the user's manual, a copy of which can be found in electronic form on the manufacturer's website. If duplex printing is required not continuously but only periodically, you can change this setting by clicking the "Printer Properties" button in the window that appears in Microsoft Word after clicking on "File Print" or the Ctrl + P combination. If the MFP does not provide this, it remains only to use the software tools of the text editor.

In order for two-sided printing of Word to passsuccessfully, it should be in the above window, which is displayed after the command to print the document is launched, check "two-sided printing". This item will be present in the window in any case, but the document will be ready only in 2 runs. So it's better to know in advance how to print a two-sided document on a specific printer, which side to put the paper in the tray, so that the second run is successful.

two-sided printing word
Two-sided printing on complex office printerscan be configured automatically, that is, any document will be printed out in a two-sided form, unless the user has specified otherwise in the settings of the text editor.

Undoubtedly, duplex printing is very convenient.With its help, you can save time to print the necessary materials, especially with significant volumes. Therefore, it is worth, first, carefully choose a home printer, and secondly, once tinker with the settings to later enjoy the fruits of their labor.