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How to create logos for the clan?

In computer games most often you actindependently, without contacting other gamers. Naturally, the exception is multi-user projects, where you in any case will need to unite with one gamer, confront others and so on. But all this is one-time contacts, which you can not remember in the next game session. However, it should be understood that communication in multiplayer games can sometimes solve a lot, so the best way for any gamer will be joining the clan if the game has a clan system. Here you can always have the support of partners, help the newcomers themselves, develop joint development plans and much more. Naturally, the clan should have a name that will characterize it, but more importantly, a logo. Many start slipping on this point, because they can not imagine how to implement it. This article will give recommendations on how to create logos for the clan.

Concept development

logos for the clan

First of all, you should understand that the logosfor the clan - this is not just a drawing that will be displayed in the game next to the name of the clan. It is something more that defines you as individuals, and your clan is like a small society, gathered together by common views, interests and goals. Therefore, the development of the logo should be conducted with full seriousness. You need to think about what exactly you want to show with this logo, how best to express it, how to find a balance between a too boring and empty logo, oversaturated details. In general, there will be enough work - moreover, it is recommended to develop several variants at once, in order to then compare them among themselves and to filter out those that fit less. In the end, you will stay with one - the one that is ideal for your team. However, how to compare logos for the clan, if they are only at the concept stage?

Logo creation

how to create a clan logo

Naturally, the concept of logo can be comparedonly approximately, for greater clarity, you need to have ready samples before you, which can be placed side by side and compared already visually. Logos for the clan are most conveniently created in high-quality programs for processing graphics, because in the same Paint you can not achieve competent results. Photoshop is the best way, because it has a pretty impressive functionality, which you can quickly figure out. Naturally, it's best if you have a person in your clan who can work with graphics. But if not - it does not matter, because you create not a full-fledged artistic creation or a mock-up of a web page, but a small icon. If desired, you can go through a couple of basic lessons to learn the basic properties of the program. After that, you need to create the layout of the logo in the amount that you dictate the rules of the game in which you have a clan. Now you know how to create a clan logo with your own hands.

Special Services

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If you do not want to mess with graphicseditors and independently cope with the creation of logos, then you can try to ask for help on the Internet. The first option is special services that produce ready-made graphics according to given criteria - they are absolutely free, but the result may not turn out exactly as you expected. The second option is specialized forums, where users will help you create a logo for free or for a symbolic payment. Naturally, not in the money. Perhaps you will be asked to provide a service for a service or something like that.

Final editing

When the creation of layouts is completed, you needwill decide what should be the logo of the clan, and realize it in practice. Drawing the finishing touches, graphic corrections - and your clan now has its own unique logo.