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Create a logo for the clan - is it important?

Multiplayer games to datehave incredible popularity. And this leads to the fact that gamers, keen on such projects, are becoming more and more. Technologies go forward, which allows you to create more advanced and realistic, diverse games, and the Internet connection is becoming more reliable and high-speed, so now it's easy and easy to play on the network. With a good computer and high-quality Internet, you do not even notice that you are playing on the network, and not locally. That's why the question of clans in all projects is now very acute - the number of players is constantly growing, and it's becoming more difficult for one to survive in such worlds. Therefore gamers are united in clans to help each other, and also to fight with enemy clans. But which basic attributes are necessary for the clan? The logo, name, concept, as well as the game currency - that's all. The most important thing here is the desire, and the players who want to join you will certainly be there.

The essence of the clan

for clan logo

As you already understood, for the clan the logo, name andother attributes are necessary. But first you need to decide whether the clan needs you. To do this, you need to understand what he gives, what can attract and what to limit? So, the clan is a union of gamers who pursue a single goal and help each other in everything. You can be in a clan with your friends, and then you do not even have to come up with any concept. But if it's still a grouping that is made up of different people who have not previously been acquainted, then there must be something that unites you, except the game. Naturally, there are clans in which all are united only for game success, but even with the naked eye one can see that such actions are not always effective. And certainly they never deliver as much pleasure as you can get if you play with people with whom you have something in common. Consider that in the clan you will need to deduct a certain part of your income for development, share items and so on. But at the same time the objects you need will always be found much faster, and if necessary, you will be provided with financial support. You can together swing, participate in clan wars, go to raids on powerful bosses and so on. In general, too many pluses of membership in the clan to give up this opportunity. But, as you already knew, the logo is very important for the clan, which will be the embodiment of your community, your face, which all other players will see.


 draw a logo for the clan

Many underestimate the importance of the clan emblem. But for a clan the logo is really very important, because it is the visualization of this community. If the game has a rating, then, besides the name of your clan, everyone can see the logo. So, over its creation it is worthwhile to think, come up with some original concept, do everything as professional as possible, so that your clan is treated appropriately. Naturally, you must have a person who can draw a logo for the clan. Or you have to turn to other people for this. What are the requirements for the logo?

What should be in the emblem?

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It is clear that the requirements in the various games will bedifferent, and logos for the DotA 2 clan will differ from the emblems for the World of Tanks clan. But for each project there are specific characteristics that the logo must match. First of all, this is the size - most often it is set in several variants for different areas of the game. Also in some games, it is important that the logo has a symbolism that would distinguish it from other clans - for example, your name or motto.

What should not be in the logo

how to make a logo for a clan

Now you know on this topic practicallyall you need to know is how to make a logo for the clan so that your clan is not banned. To do this, you also need to carefully read the rules - it always indicates what is prohibited in logos, names of clans, nicknames and so on. But obscene lexicon and swear words are something that can not be used unequivocally. The same is true of offensive images. Everything should be decent, so that your clan is not banned, and indeed taken seriously.