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"Logos of the USSR" - rules of the game

If you own a mobiledevices running the OS "Android", then probably already many times downloaded to him a variety of applications, including games. Today we decided to introduce you to fascinating entertainment called "Logos of the USSR". Currently, the game is small, and it aims to awaken memories of the Soviet Union, about various symbols, trademarks. Perhaps this application will not appeal to all users, but nevertheless there will certainly be those who will like it.


logos of the ussr
In this game you can feel the incrediblenostalgia, almost everything is impregnated with it, in particular, it's music design, design, and of course signs that the project has to see a lot. Also for you will be provided and other various items, which, unfortunately, can rarely be found in modern homes.

Cinema of the USSR: logo and cartoon

logos ussr 2 movies ussr
So, let's go directly to thethe game itself. The project "Logos of the USSR" is divided into two levels. On each page there will be a large number of emblems. Earlier in the first version of the game, only four logos were presented. However, after the update, two more cells were added for the other options. Also in the main application there is also one wonderful mini-game, for certain it will be remembered only by adults. In it you have to control the wolf, which collects eggs from chicken.

Judging by the comments of users whoa lot of time is devoted to this game, we can say that when thousands of points are achieved in this mini-game, the participant will be shown a stunning Soviet cartoon. The project will also show tasks with different actors, which were filmed in various films in those years.


cinema ussr logo
Play this fascinating puzzle gameit is recommended together with your company, because only at first you will come across simple questions, which everyone can certainly answer. Further, as you progress through the game, you may have difficulties, but if you solve these problems with friends, then you will be able to go much further.

The game "Logos of the USSR" is not onlyfascinating, but also interesting. If you managed to live in the times of the Soviet Union, then you simply can not tear yourself away from it. Each guessed name of the logo you will enter into a special line using a virtual keyboard. Also important is the fact that some puzzles are provided in this puzzle, and if you move in the right direction, then the project will independently notify you of a suitable solution, so it is even possible to guess in some questions.

In the application "Logotypes of the USSR", in addition to the maintips, you can also notice the notes that are set in the emblems themselves, although not all users are able to notice them, so it is recommended to take care when passing the levels. A positive aspect is also that developers constantly work on new levels and in every possible way improve the project. In the game "Logos of the USSR 2", the Soviet cinema is the main theme, so if you are good at it, you can test your strength.