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Pros and cons of the Internet for the individual

Speaking of what the pluses and minuses come fromInternet, it is necessary to agree that everything is good only when it is in moderation. The Internet was conceived as an alternative to the types of telecommunications that existed at that time; Nowadays it is one of the main types of communication all over the world. What is more in this particular fact - negative or positive?

pluses and minuses of the computer

Most likely, this question can only be answeredconsidering the totality of things that relate to the Internet at the level of the individual. In this sense, the pros and cons of the computer play a much larger role, since the individual can not touch the global network without using a computer. The PC was also conceived at first with the aim of making life easier for people and speeding up various kinds of calculations (the terms "computer" and "computer" have much in common, but borrowing depersonalized their meaning in Russian).

In other words, both the computer and the Internetsuch development in the modern world, that their originally defined role went beyond what is permissible. Is it possible to say that, for example, are the advantages of the computer also the advantages of the Internet? Probably not. After all, a computer is seen as a tool for using the Internet in such a statement of the question. In this sense, the pros and cons of the Internet are not advantages and disadvantages of a computer or other devices.

Pros and cons of the Internet

Physiologically, it is natural for a person to read,think, watch and produce various manipulations with your fingers. But today the mentioned pluses and minuses of the Internet affect not only the physiology of the individual, but form his inner world and open the door to a different reality. Often people feel in such cyber worlds much more comfortable, since in such an artificial world any person can potentially change in one click and become anything. In this respect, the impact of the Internet on a person as a person is similar to that of alcohol: an individual is able to change in one fell swoop, even for a while, his state, which he quickly gets used to and, most dangerous, returns again and again completely uncontrollably.

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It is clear that the pros and cons of the Internetare a mirror image of the pros and cons of the human personality. This became even more evident, since the benefit of speeding up computing brought with it new opportunities, to which the person was completely unprepared. Already, for example, even statistics have confirmed that about half of all people who are in one way or another connected with computers and / or the Internet do not read books. This speaks not only of the decline of book publishing, but also that the idea of ​​people about education, education and upbringing changes radically. All this testifies to profound changes in society, in morality and in life.

Biologists say that everything is alive all the timechanges, mutates, and that this is a completely natural and natural process of the development of organisms. But in the wild, organisms are subject to the rules of nature, and what do people obey, condemning themselves to a voluntary mutation of this kind?