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Mobile Hot Spot in Windows 10. Launching an Access Point in a Simple Way

For some time, users of the operating systemWindows version 10 after the update encountered the appearance of several new and, I must say, quite unusual features. Among all the innovations, it's worth mentioning the mobile hot-spot of Windows 10. For the present, few ordinary users know what it is, what it takes and how to activate this tool in the system. Further on all these questions it is offered to stop as much as possible in detail.

What is a mobile hot spot?

If you do not take into account purely technical sidequestion, and confine yourself to the simplest explanation, the new function is a unique tool that can be used to create an Internet distribution point for any other device.

mobile hot spot windows 10

Roughly speaking, the mobile hot spot of Windows 10 isa tool for converting a computer terminal or laptop into a kind of station with which the connection signal is being broadcast. If it is even simpler, the computer device turns into the most common router like a router or a modem based on a wireless connection.

It was necessary to produce complexmanipulation with the command line, in order to correctly configure the distribution. Now the question of how to set up a mobile hot spot for Windows 10 is limited to determining for yourself which connection will be used for the distribution, setting the network name and specifying the desired password (this is a mandatory condition).

A connection and distribution options can bea lot (each of them will be considered separately). In addition, the connection activated by this method will be able to use any device, including computers, and mobile devices. But just pay attention that all of them must have built-in or external Wi-Fi-adapters with properly installed drivers.

How to enable mobile hot-spot in Windows 10 for Wi-Fi distribution?

Proceeding from the fact that the new function appearedonly when upgrading to Assembly 1607 (Anniversary Update), all those users who have not been updated in automatic mode, you need to search for updates yourself using the "Update Center".

After installing the update in the notification menu,the icon of which is located in the system tray at the bottom right, the tile "Mobile Hot Spot" will appear when deployed. Windows 10, however, can give access to this function and through the options menu with the selection of the network and Internet settings section, where the corresponding line is displayed in the list. The icon in the tray is used exclusively for the inclusion of a hot spot, but the main adjustment is made in this section.

set up a mobile hot spot in windows 10

So, after entering the search menu first thingIt is necessary to pay attention to the network name and password, which the system sets by default independently. A little lower there is a button to change them, which you need to press, if you need to make corrections to the set combination.

how to enable mobile hot spot windows 10

In the settings window, you can change both the name of the selected network, and the actual access password itself, but it must contain at least eight characters.

In the network sharing line, you can specify any currently available connection (provider name, Ethernet, wireless network, etc.).

To activate access, you just need to movethe permission slider to the on position. In addition, you can enable the remote enable function (the description explicitly states that both devices need to activate Bluetooth), but this is a prerequisite for the correct operation of the service is not.

Note: with this type of distribution, the maximum number of simultaneously connected devices can not exceed eight (more purely for technical reasons it will not be possible to connect).

Distribution via 3G / 4G modems

With modems that can work on the basis of 3G / 4G technologies, there should not be any special problems. Here the main condition - the presence of a working device with correctly installed drivers.

windows 10 does not work mobile hot spot

The settings are the same, and modems, as a rule, are automatically detected when the distribution is activated.

Windows 10: Setting up a mobile hot spot for distributing a signal over a Wi-Fi network

No less interesting, although somewhat unnecessary,looks like the possibility of connecting a computer or laptop to a wireless network with the distribution of the signal through it. It turns out that the terminal receives the Internet through the installed network and sends a signal for it.

does not turn on the mobile hot spot windows 10

There is no special meaning in this, but in practice such a connection can be used if the existing Wi-Fi network has restrictions on the connection of only one device and no more.

The simplest methods of management

As for the management, then the developers tried to ensure that the user was at hand. Naturally, you can switch the slider directly in the settings shown above.

disconnects mobile hot spot windows 10

However, as already noted, in the notification area there is a special tile, clicking on which activates or deactivates the distribution. Reasonable and simple.

What should I do if Wi-Fi does not turn on?

Now a few words about possible failures and problems. Suppose that in Windows 10, the mobile hot-spot does not turn on, and the system displays a message that Wi-Fi is not turned on.

setting up a mobile hot spot windows 10

Common tools to troubleshootit turns out not always (not to mention reinstalling the drivers of the wireless adapter). In this case, the command console in which the string netsh wlan is set is set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = "NetworkName" key = "XXXXXXXX" keyUsage = persistent, as shown in the image above. Instead of the specified network name (NetworkName) and password (XXXXXXXX), you need to enter your data). Usually after the execution of such a command everything falls into place.

In some cases, if in Windows 10 mobilethe hot spot is disabled, you should pay attention to the status of the corresponding driver. It should be understood that this situation is in no way connected with its lack (if it was not installed in the system, even tiles "Mobile Hot Spot" in Windows 10 would not be).

lost mobile hot spot on windows 10

The most optimal solution for startingcall the "Device Manager" and turn on the display of hidden components. There may be several Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapters, on each of which you need to make a PCM and use the line "Enable" from the menu if the device is not active.

In case of emergency, you can also update drivers (you can call this item either from the PCM menu at once, or use the property bar, and go to the driver tab in a new settings window).

Problems with mobile modems

In the case when in Windows 10 the mobile hot spot does not work when trying to distribute using the connected modems, usually the problem is not the drivers.

Most likely, this is due to short-termfailures of the operating system itself or with the absence of signal from the network of the mobile operator. This will help either the usual reboot of the system, or the choice of another location, where the connection will become stable.

What if I can not connect to existing networks?

Finally, let's see what can be done ifthe mobile hot spot on Windows 10 disappeared, and after that the user received a notification that the system can not connect to an existing wireless network or Ethernet network.

Apparently, the connection is reallyabsent. In this case, it makes sense to check the cable for the wired connection or even to reset the router, having previously disconnected it from the mains and having sustained a pause before switching on again about 15-20 seconds.

A similar situation can ariseThe reason is that the Internet connection for the connection uses the high-speed protocol PPPoE. Unfortunately, just such connections mobile hot-spot Windows 10 simply does not see or, if want, does not recognize. Alas, but things are exactly like this. It may be necessary to change the router settings a few by setting the use of L2TP or selecting a static or dynamic IP with the automatic settings for the IPv4 protocol in its properties.


That's all that concerns such an interestinginnovations. Finally, in Windows appeared a simple and universal tool that allows you to distribute the Internet from any computer (or mobile) device running under the tenth modification. And even earlier, even many system administrators puzzled over the organization and inclusion of the access point, using the maximum number of system tools. Now you just need to specify the network name, set the password and press the power button. It remains to be wondered why this idea was realized with such a delay.

As for errors or failures when connecting,as already can be seen, almost all of them, with rare exceptions, are of a program nature. Do not forget that the service itself seems to many users somewhat unfinished (for example, some modems or Wi-Fi USB adapters may not work, while there are no problems with other models).

Sometimes the service can be blocked by all sorts of antiviruses or even the built-in firewall of the system, so it makes sense to disable them for a while and see what the result will be.

But in general, the novelty looks quite dignifiedand is useful to all those who are trying to quickly organize the distribution of their computer devices. And of course, I'd like to hope that in the near future this service will be slightly modified (at least in order to use high-speed connection support via PPPoE).