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Glass replacement on the tablet: work features and cost

Breakage of the gadget is an unpleasant phenomenon.And it does not matter that it's a smartphone, tablet or a phablet. Faults can be different. Often you need a glass replacement on the tablet. It is advisable to order this work from a professional, since further work of the technique depends on this.

Cause of failure

The tablet has a light weight, compactparameters, so it usually carries with them. But the device is short-lived and may break with time. Usually this is due to improper handling. The tablet is considered a fragile device. The screen at it is easily scratched, if it is in a bag without a cover. And cracks can be formed due to impact or temperature drop.

glass replacement on the tablet

Is it possible to replace it yourself?

Replacing the glass on the tablet will remove the defectsscreen. But first it is important to establish the level of breakage. Since the screen consists of a glass part and a matrix, there may be damage to one of these parts. Practice shows that the first breaks often.

Then a question arises as to whether it is possibleself-replacement glass on the tablet. Such work can be done by one's own hands, but this can cause unexpected consequences, for the elimination of which additional spending is needed. It is advisable immediately after the breakdown to take the help of a specialist, so as not to cause damage to the matrix.


When you purchase any device a warranty is issued.It usually indicates what disadvantages can be eliminated at the expense of the seller or the manufacturer. But usually defects from impacts, as well as cracks, chips are not eliminated for free. If such signs are not revealed, then the glass on the tablet will be replaced without money. For example, warranty repair is performed when there is a problem with display or failure of the display.

replace the glass on the tablet

It should be remembered that the repair period can be long, as spare parts are usually ordered from other countries. Restoration of the tablet under warranty is 2-3 weeks.

Mechanical damage

Devices where there are damages are notare repaired under warranty. Therefore, if the glass on the tablet is cracked, the specialist of the manufacturer will present a denial of service. Then the replacement is paid for. Masters can not immediately name the cost of the work, it all depends on the model of the device and the need to order spare parts.

replacement of touch glass on the tablet

How much repair is carried out?

Replacement of glass on the tablet in each firmis carried out for different periods. The work can be urgent, but then the price will be maximum. If the repair is carried out more than a week, the cost is reduced.

The master performs diagnostics, after which he can name the terms of the works, as well as the cost and the cause of the breakdown. The procedure is compulsory and paid.

Applying to the workshop

Even if you need to replace the glass on the tablet, do notshould be returned immediately after diagnosis. It is important to ask the master about the causes of failure and cost. If the repair lasts for a period of a week, the customer has the right to control the process.

the cost of replacing the glass on the tablet

It is important to read the contract or othera document that confirms the delivery of the tablet. The price of work should not increase after the master named the figure. It must incur unforeseen expenses.

While replacing the touchscreen on the tablet canit is expensive, but the savings in this matter can lead to undesirable consequences. In this case, do not give the technique to repair a master who is not a professional. Moreover, now there are many specialized firms.

Budget Tablets

Budget devices (the price is less than 10 thousand rubles) are divided into 3 types:

  1. From cellular operators.
  2. Surrogate Chinese devices.
  3. Official budget tablets.

Only with the latest type of gadgets can you performrepairs. With the acquisition of the rest of the equipment you need to remember that it is almost impossible to resell it or repair it. Before buying, you need to make sure that the brand has a representative office in your city. Tablets from cellular operators are inexpensive - up to 5 thousand rubles. The cost of repairing the device will be higher.


The cost of replacing the glass on the tablet can bedifferent. This is determined by the manufacturer and model of technology. Usually it is 2-6 thousand rubles. In some devices, the matrix screen is sold together, which affects the cost. It will increase to 7 thousand rubles.

cracked glass on the tablet

If a cheap Chinese tablet is broken, then it is important to consider some points:

  1. The same glass will be difficult to pick.
  2. Delivery takes about 3 months.

In this case it will be easier to purchase a new onedevice than doing repairs. Therefore, it is important to decide beforehand which device to purchase. It will be more profitable to buy a quality gadget so that it lasts a long time.

How to save the glass?

To prevent the screen from breaking, you need tocareful handling of the device. The tablet should be worn in a case. The screen should have a protective film. Falls for the device are harmful, so they need to be excluded. Such actions will save the device in excellent condition, and also extend its service life.

After buying a tablet, you need to protect the screenglass. This is an analog of protective films. It is made of hardened material. The product will not allow the appearance of scratches with metal objects and damage from shocks.

Manufacturing technology of protective materialthe following: when tempered, it evenly heats up to a certain level of temperature, and then cools down. It turns out a transparent glass, which is not visible on the display, so the color reproduction does not change. And the responsiveness of the screen is the same. Protective glass will preserve the integrity of the display, and therefore there will be no need to repair it.