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Windows 7: How to change the color of the "Taskbar" in three simple ways?

The graphical interface of the seventh version of Windows,although considered one of the most beautiful and pleasant in appearance, nevertheless sometimes bothers. In particular, some users for translucent shades and disliked Windows 7. How to change the color of the "Taskbar", affecting other elements of the design of the interface, now will be shown. You can do this by at least three simple methods.

how to change the color of the taskbar

Windows 7: How to change the color of the "Taskbar" through the personalization settings

Basic settings regarding appearance,can be called by right clicking on the free space of the "Desktop" with the choice of the string of personalization. The main changes are made by changing the default theme.

When you enter the settings, the user in thethe main window will see three main sections in which the sorted topics are stored: own, created by the user, Aero and basic ones. If you do not have your own themes, Windows panels from the Aero section (by default) and basic themes are used as replacements, not including those that can be downloaded from the Internet.

panel windows

If you look specifically at the basic design,you can select a classic icon and apply the changes. The appearance will resemble the old Windows 98. However, the disadvantage of this setting is that the variable color will be strictly defined initially. That is, if you need to set the "Taskbar" black color, nothing will work, although it is possible for windows. Just in the color scheme for this panel, the tone is not provided initially.

Using Performance Parameters

Now about one more setting of Windows 7. How can I change the color of the "Taskbar" so that it gets a classic look without entering the settings and personalization settings? Too simple.

black color of the taskbar

To do this, call the properties menu with the rightclick on the icon "My Computer" (on the "Desktop" or in the "Explorer"), and then go to the tab of visual effects. When choosing the best performance parameters, the interface will again be changed to the classic, and this technique is applicable absolutely to all Windows systems, starting with the version of XP.

Change the color of the "Taskbar" using third-party programs using Taskbar Color Changer as an example

And now a few words about specialutilities that can be used in a Windows 7 environment. How to change the color of the "Taskbar" with their help, we will consider the example of the very popular application Taskbar Color Changer. Its advantage is that changes will only affect this element, and the rest will not be affected.

First we run the program (necessarily on behalf ofadmin) and see the main window. The whole setup is reduced to two simple steps: choosing the color and applying the changes. Here you need to use the randomization button (Random), which can generate a random color or give the user a choice of hue. In the selection window, there are basic colors, but you can also call an additional palette if you want. Moving the cursor on the color transition and you can select the desired shade, which is absent in the main palette.

how to change the color of the taskbar

By the way, the program allows to make similar changes not only in the "seven", but in any other modification of Windows.

Instead of the total

As a matter of fact, everything that concernschange the color of the "Taskbar". As you can see from the above material, Windows own tools and settings are far from perfect and allow you to customize only using pre-defined colors and parameters. But third-party utilities do this not only quickly and efficiently, but in a much simpler way. Naturally, the described program is not the only one of its kind. Today on the same Internet of such applications one can find not even hundreds, but thousands.