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What is the impedance of headphones

Impedance of headphones is their resistance at the entrance. Many technical and operational characteristics depend on it.

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If the impedance in the headphones is low (25 ohms or less)they require less energy to ensure high-quality sound. These headphones are well suited for use with devices such as music players, mobile phones and other portable devices.

And if the impedance of the headphones is more than 25 ohms,they require more energy for a higher level of sound. This resistance protects them from possible damage caused by overloads. Such headphones can be used with a wide range of audio devices. For example, they include models used for dj-inga, the nominal resistance of which is about 25-70 ohms.

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If the impedance of the headphones is low, they becomemore susceptible to damage when using more powerful amplifiers. If you, for example, connect a low-resistance headphone to a dj-setup and use it at full power, you probably will blow them up.

So, what is the optimal impedance?Headphones that will be used to listen to audio from a portable player or laptop, ideally should have a resistance of about 16-20 ohms and a sensitivity of at least 100 dB / mW. If your device complies with European standards of maximum volume, it is best to choose headphones with a resistance of 16 ohm, since in such devices the maximum power is even less than in the others.

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As a rule, the recommended nominal resistance of headphones is indicated in the documentation for the device.

It is important to consider the impedance of the headphones, since allModels have to work with different amounts of electrical energy and resistances. Each model of headphones is specially calculated and calibrated to meet specific load volumes. This not only ensures the safety of the use of technology, but also extends its life span.

Previously, in the 60-80 years, often used highthe impedance of the headphones, since the output energy of the devices of that time was extremely high. After that, they began to use resistors that lower the output voltage. In 1996, a standard was established for the resistance of headphones - 120 ohms. This had a significant impact on the production and development of models with high impedance, but at the same time hampered further development in other areas. In 2009, the mass sale of iPods began, resulting in equipment with low resistance found a high popularity. Therefore, the development of low impedance headphones has received a new impetus.

So, impedance is one of, albeit not the most, butall the same important characteristics of headphones. The model you select should match the audio technology you use to achieve the best sound quality and ensure stable normal operation. Therefore, pay attention to the impedance when buying headphones and choose the most suitable model in order to avoid fast wear and deterioration of the quality of work.