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How to make a video with a simple editor under Windows

Digital photos have long been included in oureveryday life. The cost of budget cameras makes them very interesting even for a person with an average income. As a result, almost in every family there is a whole collection of selected photos on a computer hard drive or on a laser CD. Indeed, it's so cool sometimes to review photos, show them to relatives and friends. But one of the traits of each person's character is a desire for the better. Photos are static images of moments of life, like frozen time. Their opposite is video. Of course, it is convenient to purchase a video camera, but the lack of this solution in high cost (especially high-quality models). In addition, if you know how to make a video from your favorite photos, then the camera is not needed.

What is it for?Still, a video from photos and a full video are a bit different. The answer is simple. Such a video can be sent to distant relatives via the Internet; working with the program-editor, you can create a real masterpiece, from which a loved one will come to delight. For example, if you create a video from your favorite photos with your own hand, add "your" soundtrack, then this is the best gift for a loved one. Who doubts - check.

So, how to make a video?This will require: photos, a sound file of the desired duration, an editor program, some free time and, of course, the desire to create a masterpiece. More details on the programs.
There are quite a lot of them - for any color andtaste. Differences two: different functionality and method of distribution (for free or for free). One of the most simple and affordable programs is Windows Movie Maker. In the known operating system Windows XP, you can find it in the menu of the Start button. The newer "seven" will have to further understand how to make a video, because Movie Maker for some reason in the system is not included, so the program will have to download and install separately. When choosing an installation package, pay attention to the bit depth, it must correspond to the operating system (32 or 64).

So, open the "Start" menu, follow in"Standard" and run the editor Movie Maker. After selecting the image import panel, specify the desired images (Ctrl + left mouse button). By the way, with the help of the Drag & Drop method, you can selectively drag the images into the check box at the bottom of the program window. In general, perhaps, this is the best way, since it allows to achieve the necessary flexibility of the installation process. For each frame (image), you can select visual effects (alas, their list is not too large). After opening the audio panel, select the desired file. The scale shows the correspondence of video and audio streams, we achieve the desired (otherwise the situation may arise when the video is still playing, but there is no sound anymore). The prepared clip can be viewed by clicking the "Play" button. Quite convenient, since it is clear where and what needs to be changed. By the way, before pressing Play, we do not forget to move the cursor-label to the desired start of playback. After the preparation of the clip is complete, it remains only to save it on the media by selecting the appropriate item in the menu and specifying the desired quality.
Of the alternative solutions worth noting SonyVegas. Unfortunately, this editor program is distributed on a paid basis, but it has great functionality. The principle of operation is similar to Movie Maker: drag the images to the scale, add a sound track, insert effects. And, of course, telling how to make a video, you can not fail to mention Nero Vision. The advantage of this editor is that it is included in the software package Nero - a well-known solution for burning CDs. Although it can be downloaded as a separate application.