/ What is the lobby in DotA?

What is the lobby in DotA?

To date, there is a hugethe number of MMORPGs, which are not very different from each other. Simply, the developers try to use absolutely all the possibilities, while this genre is popular. After all, to create an online role-playing game, it does not take too much - some features are hung on the usual base, so that the project does not look so similar to all similar ones, and it's ready! However, there is another kind of role-playing online games - it's MOBA, in which the action takes place not in the game world, but exclusively in the battle arena. Characters also gain experience, get different skills, pick up items and weapons, but each party is single and complete, not related to others. And the most popular game of this direction for today is "Dota", in which special lobbies are created, and battles are held in them. What is interesting about this project, what is the lobby, and how to play on the net - all of these questions should be answered by every fan of online battles.

What is the lobby?

The best MOBA game

In fact, "Dota" is not independentproject - originally it was released as an addition to the third part of the "Warcraft", which had a plot campaign and strategic multiplayer. However, here was introduced one unusual for the series feature - the presence of the main character, special abilities and objects. Therefore, the developers introduced a separate mode in which gamers could confront each other in network battles, omitting the strategic component and referring solely to role-playing. The network mode was not the most standard, which raised questions about what a lobby is and why it is needed at all.

What is in the pillbox of the lobby?

The lobby is not like a hotel

Many users have entered this name intoerror. Most people know what a lobby is in a hotel, for example, but the lobby in a computer game is something new and unusual. In fact, everything turned out to be much simpler. So in "DotA" is called an ordinary room, which is created for players who want to hold a duel. Of course, it has its own characteristics, which, in fact, allow it to be called differently, but the principle is approximately the same. Let's take a closer look at what the lobby is and how to use it in the game.

What is the lobby at the hotel?

Preparing the site ...

Beginners can not immediately understand the mechanicscreating rooms in the "DotA", so it is worth more detail directly on the process itself. Everything is much simpler than you can imagine - you just need to click on the "Play" button, and then find another icon, which will be called "Create a lobby." After that, a small window opens, in which you are given the choice between creating a regular and local lobby. When you make a decision, you will see a screen that will give you an answer to the question about what a lobby is. Before you appear two columns of five slots, each of which can display a player who refers to one or the other team. Also there is a separate column in which the nicknames of those players who have not been distributed by commands will be located. And, of course, there is a column with broadcasters that show the passing match on their channel and comment on it - in fact, "Dota" is nothing more than a full-fledged e-sports. This is exactly what the main lobby window looks like, but it also has an additional window of settings, which you will need very much.

Attention! Settings!

When you found out what is in the DotA lobby, you,naturally, you want to create it and customize it to your own taste, and it is quite possible due to the wide settings provided by the game interface. Firstly, you can specify the name of your room, and also set the password (in case you want to be joined only by trusted players that you trust). Secondly, you can include the use of cheat codes, set the complexity of bots and choose the type of match. In this case, emergency measures are also provided if one team is obviously stronger than the other. To do this, there is a system of penalties that can be set in the lobby settings. As a result, you can greatly affect how the match will look and pass, just by changing a few points in the parameters of your room.

how to create a lobby in DotA

Creating a local game

In the first versions of "DotA" users are very strongsuffered because of the fact that the network game was available exclusively for use on the Internet. Imagine: you know how to create a lobby in DotA, but you can not do it, because you, for example, have tariffed Internet access or a very slow connection. This issue was settled fairly quickly, and in one of the first updates, it was possible to create local lobbies. They differ from the standard ones in that they can hold matches without connecting to the Internet, and through the local network, if you have one.