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A laptop. Battery calibration. How it's done

The biggest "plus" of laptops is their mobility.You can work on them anywhere. And all this thanks to the usual battery. And here comes the question. How can I increase the battery life? Calibration of the laptop battery will help you.

In order to learn how to calibrate the batterylaptop, it would not hurt to know what it's all about. The battery consists of only two parts: a control unit and a system of elements that accumulates an electric charge. It is the controller that is responsible for controlling the charging of your battery. In case of a breakdown, you lose the entire battery.

The controller removes and sends the operatingsystem information about the level of battery power, or rather "tells" how long the computer is able to work without recharging. It seems like everything is fine-tuned, so what is the need to calibrate the laptop battery? Let's consider the following situation.

You work quietly on the computer at a time,as the charge of your battery is 50%. Well, everything seems normal. But, as a rule, the computer system suits here is such a surprise. The actual battery charge is 50%, but the controller and computer notify you that the battery charge is only 20%. And that's what can happen next. You work further and spend 10% more energy. The actual charge of the battery is now 40% (!), And the controller in alarm transmits that you have only 10% to the full discharge of the battery. As a result, the shutdown process starts. What do we get as a result? All the data is neatly stored, since it did not get to the "hot" shutdown of the laptop, but the remaining 40% of the energy would have at least another hour of battery life. This is one of the examples that forces the user to enter the words "laptop, battery calibration" into the search engine.

A non-calibrated battery has a number of significant drawbacks:

  • Significant reduction in battery working time
  • The life of such a battery is extremely short

Ways to calibrate a lot.There is a huge variety of programs, but why look for something when your computer already has everything you need. Almost every laptop has a utility for battery calibration already in the BIOS.

We can proceed.Regardless of which laptop you have, the battery calibration starts at 100% full charge. You should also uncheck the checkboxes at the system settings, such as: enable sleep mode, turn off the hard disk and the screen. Now completely (!) We are discharging the battery. The procedure is mandatory, you should not overlook it. A non-calibrated battery can be distinguished by one characteristic feature. It allows the computer to work for a long time even at a charge of 0.1%. Now we have a "zero" charge. Note! If the battery is stored for a long time in an absolutely discharged state, the battery will "die". That's why, as soon as possible, connect the laptop to the charger. After full charge, calibration is complete. Note, without periodic calibration of the battery, its normal operation is impossible. The process is simple, but quite important. If you bought a new laptop, the battery should be calibrated at least two times. Believe me, you can work much longer.

Now you know how to calibrate the laptop battery. I will clarify some important facts about batteries that can be useful for you:

  • You can not leave them in a discharged state for a long time
  • The cycle of a full recharge should be performed at least once a month
  • Do not believe the advertisement! Working hours of almost all batteries: no more than 3 hours (10 or more hours - no more than an advertising move)
  • Depending on how much your laptop is running, battery calibration can give different results. And in any case not negative!