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How to craft the distributor and how to use it

Few expected that "Maynkraft" will become sucha popular game. But the unexpected depth, freedom of action, the breadth of opportunities attracted millions of people to this project. In many respects this was facilitated by mechanisms, which in the game there is simply an incredible amount, and all you can do with your own hands. For example, you should take the distributor. This device, which can be used for a variety of purposes, it is actually universal and useful to everyone. Therefore, everyone should know how to craft the distributor, then to use it for their own benefit.

What is the distributor

how to craft a distributor

Of course, you can immediately rush to the bench andstart creating new mechanisms, but for starters it is always worthwhile to understand what they are meant for and how they work. Therefore, before you learn how to craft the distributor, you better get acquainted with what it is, what its functions and the principle of operation are. And it is an ordinary block, which on one side has a hole through which the unit will issue objects contained in it. Distributor has only nine cells, each of which you can fill with different things. Well, this mechanism functions as follows: you put specific elements in its cells, and when the distributor is activated, he throws out a random object (from those that are contained in it). This is a very convenient feature. This device can be used both for storing artifacts, and for other purposes. And now let's look at how to craft the distributor so that it can then be used in action.

Recipe of the distributor

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Each item in the game that can not be found innature, has its own recipe, according to which you can make it, if you have enough resources. If you want to learn how to craft the distributor, you will need to acquire onions and red dust. In addition to them, you will need seven blocks of cobblestone - this component is the main one when crafting the mentioned mechanism. Bow should be placed in the central cell, but make sure that no one ever shoots from it, otherwise it will not be suitable for crafting. Under the weapon, place a block of red dust, and fill the remaining cells with cobblestone. That's the whole simple recipe. Now go to the craft, and you will have a ready-made mechanism in your inventory. If you are asked about how to craft the distributor in Meincraft 1.5.2, do not try to search for a separate answer, since nothing depends on the version of the game - the recipe is the same everywhere. So, you know how to create this mechanism, now you need to figure out how it can be used.

Main purpose

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Naturally, it is first of all necessary to drawattention to the version of the application that was originally proposed. It will be easy, because you now know how to craft the distributor. In Minecraft 1.5.2, as well as in later versions, you can use this mechanism for a variety of purposes, but in the first place it is intended for distribution of various items. You load into it those things that you can use in the future, and when you need it, you simply activate the distributor, and it gives you its contents. It can be used in all situations: use to give food, never to starve, to distribute armor, to always be able to update a worn out cuirass or any other element, etc. And all these conveniences are available due to the knowledge of how to craft the distributor in Minecraft.

How to get the distributor to shoot

how to craft a distributor in minecraft

Many players are interested in how to makethe distributor does not scatter objects around him, but push them with force in one direction, and so that they inflict damage. Many people think that this depends on how to craft the distributor in the "Maincraft". In fact, everything is quite different, here everything is decided not by the crafting recipe, but by the objects that are in the unit. If they are arrows, explosive potions, snowballs and other similar shells, then you will succeed - the objects will fly along the desired trajectory. This can be used to protect certain points - just install the pressure plate and connect it to the distributor. By the way, this is not the only way to turn the mechanism into a trap.


how to craft a distributor in a maincraft

You decided to turn a simple mechanism fordistribution of items in real hell for opponents? You have the opportunity to experiment. The fact is that you can put liquid in the dispenser's cells, such as, for example, lava. And an unnecessarily curious player who wants to eat what lies in your "chest" can open it without suspecting anything. This is where all the lava contained in the mechanism will flow. Naturally, this is not the only version of the development of events - you can come up with other ways. For their needs, you can use both liquids and objects. In "Maynkraft" your success depends entirely on your imagination.

Other ways to use the distributor

As already mentioned, the distributor isan incredibly versatile mechanism. You can turn it into anything you like. This can be a spawn of mobs - for this you will need eggs that need to be loaded into cells, and then activate the mechanism. It can also be a depot for transport, an automatic device for watering the garden and so on. It all depends on you, you can analyze how this device works, and then use its advantages and functions to your advantage.