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"Sweet flirtation": 3 episode. Passage. Detailed guide

Today we will consider with you the topic:"Sweet flirtation." 3 episode. Passage. "The thing is that this toy is divided into many different parts connected with each other, all actions will necessarily reflect on the final result.So be careful.Let's try to get acquainted with you with the toy" Sweet flirtation ", and already then we will read about its passage.

sweet flirting 3 episode


What is our today's game? Nothing more than a real dating simulator. But with all this we will also have to live the life of an ordinary schoolgirl who has been transferred to a new school.

"Sweet flirtation.3 episode ", the passage of which requires a pretty good wit, depends heavily on the two previous parts.Why? We'll talk about this a little later.For now, let's see what the toy is based on. What will have to be done?

The basis of the game

So, before you start this game,Let us think about how we will have to play. It is worth noting the fact that the whole game "Sweet flirtation" - these are mostly dialogues, which are connected among themselves by some small quests. Something from the series "Dress for the party," "Make fun of your classmates" and so on.

As we study the guide "Sweetflirting. 3 episode, "we will have to save money and, of course, energy." The last "thing" is exactly what is constantly missing, especially if you decided to go through several episodes at once.

You can recruit energy through daily visits toa toy. In addition, it can be won in a mini-game. They will depend on what "club" you go to as your character. For example, in the sports section or prefer to engage in gardening. So gain energy, and then start playing "Sweet flirtation. 3 episode." Passage will be several times easier after reading our guide.

sweet flirtation 3 episode castiel

The task of the director

The first thing you will need is to finda collar, a toy and a leash for the dog headmistress. After that, you have to catch Kiki. What a restless dog! Well, we have patience and strength - and we are going to fulfill our task.

I'll have to start with the teacher's room.In it you can find the collar. Take a good look at the bottom corner of the screen. He's out there somewhere. Now go around the locations a bit. In particular, from school to the yard. In the game "Sweet flirtation, 3 episode," Castiel will now play a very important role. The thing is that it will help you find the leash. After talking with a young man, go to the gardening club. Look at the lawn - the leash will lie exactly there.

Now go back to the locations.For example, a teacher's corridor. Stumble upon Nathaniel, and then talk to him. After the conversation, it turns out that the toy is lying somewhere in the yard. Go back to the street, and then look at the bushes. Slightly pocharite there - you will find a toy. As you can see, we met you with a rather important part of the game "Sweet flirtation." Dialogues, 3 episodes, 1 part is an important stage that will help you in the future. We have collected everything you need to catch. Try it! But it did not work! We'll have to look for some kind of bait for a harmful dog! Let's try to understand with you this problem.

Harmful Kiki

Well, "Sweet flirtation.3 episode ", the passage of which can be dragged out without energy, continues.We have just tried to catch Kiki, but we have not succeeded in this.We will have to look for bait! The dog biscuits are ideal.Let us remember which of our friends have a dog.

sweet flirting dialogs 3 episode

Well, of course, Castiel!Let's go and talk to him. Depending on your relationship, the guy will give you pechenyushki or sell them for $ 20. This is our friend! Now let's try to catch with you Kiki. Go to the gym. Now to the yard, and from there - to the recreation. It remains to run into your class and catch a dog. Now slide back into the corridor to give Kiki the headmistress. Mission accomplished. Perfectly. Now let's continue our theme: "Sweet flirtation. 3 episode." Passage of the game. " We are waiting for an additional task.


To begin with it is necessary to talk to you about sportsclub. The first task is optional. Dazhan will ask for a bottle of water. You can buy it at the market for $ 5. If you want, you can cancel the assignment. After that, the athlete will have to find his medallion. To do this, find Amber and her friends. As a rule, girls wander around in recreation.

Overhear the conversation of girlfriends.From the dialogue you will know that Amber put her hand to the loss of the medallion. In addition, you will be told where to look for the decoration. This is the section under the half-open box of Amber. Take the medallion and give it to Dazhan. Done.

gay sweet flirtation 3 episode

Now let's talk about the gardening club.Talk to the Iris several times. For the first time ask for seeds, in the second - remind of your request, in the third - take the box with the seeds and give it to Jada.

The second quest is optional. A young man will ask you for the seeds of wormwood. Want - buy, want - no. It's simple.

So our game "Sweet flirtation is coming to an end."3 episode. "The passage of this part will require us to do one more thing, namely, to bring Jada his notebook, go to class A, and then melt among the books. Find the loss and then return it to the boy. date.