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Headphones-plugs: the best models, review, rating, how to put on

Often on the streets there are people wholisten to their favorite music at a very high volume, which is not liked by others. This problem can easily be solved by modern headphones-gags, the best of which are highlighted in the article.

They are a good way to listenmusic from the player. It is thanks to the plugs that the outgoing sound from the music device will not be heard by others in crowded places, and the owner of these headphones will be able to get pleasure and a charge of vivacity from your favorite tunes.

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Types of headphones

In fact, modern progress has already reachedhigh altitude and the choice of headphones for listening to music is quite large. Each person has his own preferences, so the assortment should be considerable. Modern headphones are divided into 4 varieties, each of which has its advantages:

  1. Inserts. These headphones can easily be put into the earshell, because of what the name went. Due to the force of elasticity, they are capable of not falling out of the ears when moving. The small size of the membrane contributes to poor reproduction of low frequencies. In addition, they can not boast of excellent sound insulation, but their cost is quite acceptable to all buyers. People, unpretentious to the volume and quality of sound, gladly buy and use these headphones for a long time.
  2. Overhead. As in the previous version, the name went fromtheir same main feature - headphones are superimposed on the ear with a special mount. In comparison with the inserts, the sound of the overhead headphones reproduces much better. Gamers or owners of large smartphones and tablets prefer this particular option, because the excellent soundproofing helps not to be distracted by external sounds, which often hinders work or exciting games. The cost is not that big, so when you buy a new electronic device, you can add a little money and purchase a tool to listen to music that will fit tightly to your ears.
  3. Monitor. Ideal for those who want at leastsome time away from the world and just enjoy a new musical album of your favorite band or listen to a set of soothing tunes. These headphones are large in size and completely cover the ears. Extraneous noise will not exactly bother the person using this option. Of course, there are drawbacks, but the main one is the large size, but there are fans of such headphones and the number of them gradually increases with each release of the new model.
  4. Vacuum. Ideal in all vacuum headphones (or boththey are also called "gags") have never heard negative opinions from customers in their address. They were able to surprise all music lovers and to give them pleasure from using. And more detailed information about them is below.

Right choice

Buyers, knowing the achievements of moderntechnologies, argue that wireless headphones-plugs are the best of its kind. But this is not the very first fact, which should be taken into account when choosing headphones of one type or another. There are several defined rules that will help you make the right purchase and spend money on the option that suits the buyer the most.

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Going to any electronics store, according toconsultants can conclude that the best headphones are in this store and, having chosen a model from any shelf, the buyer will not regret it. Unfortunately, often after such words people spend their money in vain and the purchased goods cease to perform their functions for a couple of days. Just a few points will enable you to quickly find good headphones:

  1. Frequency range. This characteristic indicates a range inwhich will play the sound. High quality depends on a wide range. Quite often, you can check it on the earpiece's membrane - the wider it is, the greater the range.
  2. Sensitivity. Another characteristic that occupies an importantthe place is what volume will be sufficient for a person. The sensitivity of the headphones should be more than 100 dB. Gaps have about this indicator, so the person is quite enough outgoing sound and increase the volume, because of which the hearing deteriorates, do not have to.
  3. Resistance. Data on this must be indicatedon the package or product instructions. Take into account this parameter should be taken into account depending on the technique used. For example, gadgets and portable technology require a resistance of 16 to 50 ohms. Importance of the characteristic - the greater the resistance, the greater the signal will be needed to swing the membrane.
  4. Power. Like resistance, power must match the device. If the power of the sound source is much larger than it is acceptable for headphones, then they will fail very soon.
  5. The level of distortion. When the unit plays a sound, certain distortions are allowed, the level of which is usually measured as a percentage. The highest quality of sound will correspond to the smallest percentage of distortion.
  6. Additional characteristics. Weight and size are also an important element, owhich is not recommended to forget when buying. If the product meets all the above tips, then immediately run to the cashier and pay it is not worth it. Pay attention to the dimensions that do not interfere with the movement of a person or the implementation of any other actions.

Vacuum headphones (plugs)

This option differs from the others in the firstturn compact size. This type of headphones does not bring inconvenience, if, for example, use them during running or just walking around the city, viewing the sights from all sides. In addition, they can boast of the presence of silicone attachments, as well as fixing the speaker inside the ear canal.

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In these models, the quality of soundand a deep level of sound insulation. In the modern world, vacuum headphones are the most relevant. Noisy public places, metro, metropolis - all these unpleasant places will be interesting if headphones-plugs play music and bring pleasure.

It's hard to find really good headphones, butIndeed, the ideal is considered to be gags. They can be connected completely to any device, whether it be a player, phone or tablet. Gags will always show that when you buy in the store, the buyer's choice is not wasted on them.

Despite the fact that they are inserted deep into the ear,They will not cause harm to the auditory organs. Many people claim that headphones of this type can easily plant a hearing, in fact it is a delusion. Listening to music at normal volume and not for too long will not lead to bad consequences.

Melomaniacs especially approve of the gag, since,among other things, they also have another important advantage - powerful bass. The cost of headphones is not so great, but they really have many advantages.

Best options

Before going to the store or switching to sites,where you can buy headphones online, people pay attention to the rating of headphone-plugs, and not only. After all, there are also customers who have a device that breaks very quickly after purchase and have to immediately spend money either for repairs or for a new replacement. Over time, these individuals become more picky when choosing a purchase and take into account all the characteristics necessary for them.

The review of headphone-plugs, gaining popularity every day, will help you better understand the unsurpassed hits that have been on sale in the last few years.

Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2

English manufacturer presents the bestheadphones-plugs for music that are capable of competing with many manufacturers. As you know, in England acoustics are not engaged in so many industries, but the quality of the existing is really high.

Pretty creative design and an extra loopfor an ideal fit to the ear make the goods interesting for a variety of buyers. In the configuration, you can find additional silicone attachments, because they are often lost from the headphones themselves, and you have to quickly find a replacement.

headphone earplugs review

In terms of sound, the producers paid special attention to the powerful bass. In addition, another advantage - any style of music will be reproduced without flaws.

KEF M200

The main advantages of this model -unique design and the presence of a loop that, in comparison with the previous model, is able to change its own shape to better gain a foothold on the ear. More often such a model is chosen by fans of the style of electronics or rap. Although with the rest of the headphones will cope with ease.

Cresyn C450S

The next position is not too expensive, butsufficiently high-quality headphones-plugs. Their best qualities are an original design, attracting the attention of all passers-by, as well as special constructive delights. A bright flat wire will not break at the first sharp movement, as it happens in cheap headphones. In addition, it is worth noting and high sensitivity, which does not interfere with the detail of sound. Basses adorn the sound of music, so you can safely say that in a series of "cheap and angry" can be quite qualitative models.

best headphones earplugs for music

Westone W30 / W40

Two not very different modelsguarantee high sound quality. There are quite a few earphones of this type now, but the manufacturer has supplemented both models with features that distinguish them from other options. For example, if a wire accidentally breaks, it can be quickly replaced with another one that is present in the kit, and colored plastic nozzles will adorn even the most cloudy day. Noise isolation and an ideal sound quality can not but please the customers, so for such a model it will not be a pity to give a round sum of money.

Jabra Rox Wireless

Modern version - wireless headphones,occupying a leading position for their dignity. Often people are interested in shops, how to put on headphones-plugs without wires, so as not to lose them accidentally on the road. This model will never fall out of the ears unnoticed, since the headphones are equipped with small horns that contribute to a reliable fit in the ear. Moisture and dust do not interfere with their work, and the control panel will allow without additional effort to stop and start the player.

Headphones-plugs with a microphone are required for people,who listen to music on the phone. Therefore, another advantage of this option is a microphone, which includes only one button located on the same control panel.

JBL Synchros S100

This example of minimalism, having an aluminuma body and a pair of additional stiffeners. These headphones attract people's attention with almost no tangle. They will serve their master long and well.

headphones earplugs with microphone

Philips SHE3590WT

Lightweight vacuum headphones are introducedbuyers in several color variations. To use them quite comfortably, for hikes or traveling abroad by car they will be an excellent option. Comes with a few nozzles of different sizes, thanks to which the headphones do not fall out of the auricle.

Sennheiser IE 4

Comfortable and inconspicuous in the ears of headphones differideal sensitivity and strong wire, which will not be easy to break even purposefully. Nozzles for headphones necessarily go in the kit, so worry and purchase them in addition do not have to. Their price is not too high, but not everyone can afford it. Although it is worth noting that they will last much longer than cheaper models, for which you will have to give money almost every month.


Of course, the modern fashion includes wireless headphones-plugs. The best of them have already been described above. But in addition to new technologies, buyers appreciate the classics.

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In occasion of stoppers people speak outexclusively on the positive side. After all, sound quality and nice appearance are the first factors that people pay attention to. Headphones-plugs in all meet the requirements of music lovers, so there can be no doubts about their quality and reliability.