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Dynamic microphone - an excellent sound amplifier

Computer technology is becoming stronger in oureveryday life, and various devices make it more vivid and full of joyful events. For example, many people can not imagine their lives without a microphone. Today this device is actively used not only by professional musicians or radio hosts, but also by ordinary citizens. A microphone is simply necessary for communicating with friends on the Internet, recording voice, singing in karaoke, etc.

Dynamic microphone
There are many kinds of devices, but more often than notThe microphone is either dynamic or capacitor. The second one is used in recording studios by professional singers or leading on radio stations. Condenser microphone is good because it has high sensitivity and can transfer all the shades of voice, but has a significant drawback - it catches all extraneous noise.

Many people choose a dynamic microphone.First, it is relatively inexpensive, has a wide price range, so it is suitable for consumers with different levels of income. Secondly, the device has a reliable design, it does not fear strikes and numerous drops, the main thing - do not damage the membrane, and then the dynamic microphone will perfectly transmit the sound. Thirdly, it works great with loud sounds, therefore it is actively used for voice and music scoring in front of a huge audience for a long distance. This microphone is not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity, so it is very practical.

Dynamic microphone to computer
A dynamic microphone consists of a voicecoil, diaphragm and magnet. These three parts with an audio drive form a small power generator. The membrane in this device is made of plastic, it receives sound waves, and the diaphragm from this oscillates. The voice coil made of wire is located behind the membrane and from the sound oscillates with it. In turn, a small magnet creates a magnetic field. From the motion of the voice coil, an electrical signal is generated in it, precisely transmitting the sound that was sent to the dynamic microphone.

Because the microphone is not only usedprofessional singers to perform on stage, but also simple users, there are often questions how to connect it to a computer. There is nothing complicated in this, you just need to follow certain recommendations.

The microphone is dynamic
So, to connect a dynamic microphone to thecomputer, you need to purchase an adapter with a large jack at the input and small at the output. Then you need to plug in the microphone, and insert the device into the connector on the pink sound card. To control the driver, go through the control panel to the section "Sound, speech and audio devices", but usually the desired icon is in the tray.

In the context menu, select "Settings"audio parameters ", for this, right-click the speaker icon in the tray. Switch to the "Audio" tab and select "Audio recording" to set the required volume of the device. After that, the microphone is fully ready for use. Done!