/ / MikroTik, WiFi: setting. MikroTik RB2011UAS-2HnD-IN: setting up WiFi. MikroTik RB951G-2HnD: setting up WiFi

MikroTik, WiFi: setup. MikroTik RB2011UAS-2HnD-IN: setting up WiFi. MikroTik RB951G-2HnD: setting up WiFi

Among the most technologically advanced and productiveWiFi routers that are available in the Russian market are devices manufactured under the MikroTik brand. The most popular modifications of the appropriate type of router include products such as RB2011UAS, RB951G, and RB951Ui. What is the specificity of each of them? How is WiFi configured in these devices?

MikroTik WiFi setup

Features of router RB2011 configuration

We will study how the work withrouter MikroTik RB2011UAS-2HnD-IN. Configuring WiFi in this device involves a preliminary solution of a number of other tasks, taking into account some of its features.

First of all, it should be noted that in the deviceThe Ether1 technology interface is used as the main port for connecting to the LAN, which allows data transfer with a speed of 100 Mbps. For the same purpose, you can use interfaces Ether5 through Ether5. The functions of the other ports also have features. So, Ether10 can be used as a master when connecting the router directly to the Internet. The Ether9 interface is recommended by experts as a backup.

MikroTik RB2011UAS 2HnD-IN WiFi setting

In view of the marked features, the device under consideration is tuned. Let's study its key stages. First of all, you should pay attention to the possibility to update the firmware of the device.

Configuring the router: updating the firmware

So, our task is to update the softwareproviding the device MikroTik RB2011UAS 2HnD-In. Setting up WiFi in this device and ensuring the correct operation of the wireless module, according to experts, assumes that it has a modern firmware.

In order to install the appropriate softwareon the router, it must be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer. Then connect the device to the computer. It is advisable to connect the wire leading to the PC network card to the Ether5 interface.

MikroTik WiFi Bridge setup

After we open the browser on the computer and enterThe IP address in the string. It should be noted that the IP address of the router may not be similar to the typical for many other devices of similar purpose. For example, it might look like

For further work with the routerexperts recommend downloading the Winbox program to your computer. You need to close the browser, start it, and then enter the same IP address as shown in the address field in it. Next - enter the login admin. The password field must be left blank. After that, the program will ask if you want to save the configuration. You must select the Remove option. After closing the program and reconnecting the PC to the Ether1 interface. The operation we are considering will cause the router to stop being identified by means of an IP address, so you must use the device's mac address to access its settings.

MikroTik fine-tuning WiFi

For these purposes, you can again use Winbox.In it, you need to use the interface showing the mac-address of the device MikroTik. Setting up WiFi is the procedure that it is desirable to do with the updated firmware, so go to the final stage of installing the corresponding software. You must point the mouse at the device's mac address, then click Connect. As soon as the program connects to the router, it is necessary to find the previously downloaded firmware and transfer it to the Winbox window area. Immediately thereafter, the software will be installed on the device. Once this process is complete, you must select the System menu item, then click on Reboot. The device starts rebooting, and it can take quite a long time - about 5 minutes. It is extremely undesirable to disconnect until the device is booted, power.

Setting up the WiFI-router MikroTik also involves updating the device's boot module. To do this, enter the Routerboard area and click Upgrade. After that you need to reboot the router.

The device software is updated, the next task is to correctly configure the internal addressing of the device.

Configuring Internal Addressing

We will again help to solve the problem under considerationthe Winbox program. It is necessary to go into it using the mac-address of the device. Now it is necessary to merge the interfaces from 1 st to 5 th in a single switch, and the first port should be designated as the master. It can be called LAN1-Master. Then open the settings of interface 2 and specify the value of LAN1-Master in the Master Port item. Similar procedures should be carried out at ports 3 to 5. As a result, a single switch of the device is formed.

In the same way, configure ports forDMZ, which in this case will correspond to interfaces with Ether6 to Ether8. The next task is to activate the necessary for the functioning on MikroTik WiFi Bridge. The Bridge interface setting is needed so that the LAN switch can interact with the WiFi module.

The next task is to determine the LAN address of the router.It can be the same as indicated above. Next - you should set the correct options in addressing the DNS server. Data that is entered in the appropriate interfaces, you may need to ask the provider.

What else does the functionality depend on?installed on a MikroTik WiFi device? Setting up a DHCP server is the most important condition for the correct operation of the corresponding module. Once it is implemented, it is necessary to close Winbox, after - remove the network cable from the computer and immediately insert it back. Then you will need to test the functionality of the LAN connection. To do this, you must try to connect to the router from the known IP address.

If everything works out, go to the next stage of working with the MikroTik router. Fine-tuning WiFi is a task that we have to solve now.

Configuring the WiFi Module

At this stage, we will again usethe Winbox program. Run it and select the Wireless option in its interface. After that, double-click on WLAN1. Then select the Advanced option and the Wireless tab. After that, the correct values ​​are entered in the settings window that opens. In this case, it is recommended that they be consulted by a qualified technician. It is possible that they can be obtained from the provider.

Once the necessary settings for theThe previous tab will be listed, you should select the HT option. In the corresponding interface, some parameters may need to be adjusted: again, it is recommended that you ask the specialist if you need to do this. If you find out that you do not need to make any changes on the corresponding tab (or if you set these parameters as recommended), you can go to the next interface - Security.

In it, select the default option, afterconfigure the scheme of data encryption. It is advisable to select the WPA PSK option. Also in this interface you will need to enter the password on the WiFi. Is it possible to consider it sufficiently protected by a customizable MikroTik WiFi? The configuration of the router in terms of security in general corresponds to those schemes that are commonly used in modern wireless communications. The chosen encryption standard is among the most reliable. It is also important, of course, to choose a sufficiently complex password for WiFi.

At the request of the user, you can further enhance the security of the device. Consider how.

Additional security of the router

Set up the settings that provideadditional security for the router, preferably before the Internet is accessed via the device in question. In this case, it is necessary first of all to disable a number of services, the activation of which is not necessary to ensure the functioning of the router, and from the security point of view it is undesirable.

These are options such as FTP connections,Telnet, as well as WWW. Also, it is necessary to allow network requests to the router only from the LAN. That is, by the IP address of the network administrator's computer or from any PC that is part of the corresponding LAN. To solve the problem in question it is necessary, again, to use those interfaces that are present in the Winbox program.

NAT and DMZ settings

The next important task is to set up correctNAT and DMZ options. Concerning the first service - it is necessary, using Winbox, to select the Firewall option, then the NAT tab. After that, you need to add a special rule to the corresponding setting area by selecting the WAN1 option in the Out Interface item, which is located on the General tab. It is also useful to select the Masquerade item on the next tab - Action.

Regarding the configuration of the DMZ, you need to select the Addresses item of the Winbox program, then enter the necessary addresses for the LAN and for the router in the appropriate fields.

WAN Settings

The next important task is to establish the correctsettings needed to use the Internet. In fact, all you need to do in this case is to enter the correct IP address from the provider in the corresponding interfaces on the Addresses tab. Also, you need to set the default gateway in the router settings.

After this, the mainmodules of the device, as well as integrated in MikroTik WiFi. Setting up wireless access generally does not involve adjustments to other options, but experts recommend that you also check whether the SNTP client is functioning correctly - the interface responsible for correctly displaying the time in the internal roster registers.

In this case, you must select in the fieldClock settings the time zone corresponding to the city in which the router's user resides, and also to specify the address of the NTP server from which the router will be able to request time.

Other common modifications of the router are RB951G, as well as MikroTik RB951Ui-2HnD. Setting up WiFi and other options on this device has features. Let's study them.

Features of the router RB951G

So, the company MikroTik produceshigh-tech router MikroTik RB951G-2HnD. Setting up WiFi and other options on the corresponding device in general is carried out in the same way as in the device RB951Ui. But there is some difference between the routers.

MikroTik RB951G-2HnD WiFi setting

The RB 951Ui router is newer.It is equipped with a powerful processor with a frequency of 600 MHz, and an extended RAM module of 128 MB. It turns out that this router is more productive. The device differs from many analogs in the ability to transmit data through the Ethernet port at a speed of 100 Mbps. Like previous models, the newer router allows you to transfer power to other devices via the PoE protocol. In its characteristics, it generally corresponds to the capabilities of the MikroTik RB951G-2HnD router. The WiFi configuration of the device in question is also implemented using Winbox.

But above all certain actionsit is recommended to do with the hardware of the router. So, some experts pay attention to the fact that the router antenna in the delivery set is sometimes not packed in the best way: it is bent so that its efficiency is greatly reduced. It is recommended that the corresponding hardware component be carefully straightened.

After that, you can proceed to configure the MikroTik WiFi router present in the model in question. The corresponding module will be configured according to the following algorithm.

RB951G router: setting up network interfaces

As in the case of ensuring the functioningdevice in the modification of RB2011UAS, it is necessary to cancel factory installed router options. To do this, you need to re-enable the Winbox program. Using the interfaces of this software, you need to select System, then Reset. After that, the router will reboot, and you can start configuring it. In this case, as in the case of the previous device, it is necessary to update the firmware.

MikroTik RB951Ui-2HnD WiFi setting

What basic principles are recommendedto adhere to ensuring the correct functioning of the MikroTik WiFi installed on the router? The network interfaces can be configured in this case in several ways.

So, you can use the algorithm, in accordancewith which, addresses in the LAN will be received automatically by the device. To do this, select the menu item IP, then the DHCP option, and then set the settings by which the DNS server addresses, as well as the NTP server, will be obtained automatically.

If you connect to the Internetvia the PPPoE interface, then select the PPP menu item, then add the Client setting. In it, you must select the settings area responsible for ensuring the functioning of the network connection to the provider's servers, then select the tab, which specifies the login and password for accessing the resources of the Internet provider.

Some administrators prefer to specifyIP addresses manually. To do this, select the IP item, after the option Address, and in the opened interfaces to fix the necessary settings. Typically, this also requires the choice of the port to which the cable from the Internet provider is connected. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the subnet mask is indicated using a slash.

If the IP address is specified manually,Also, configure the default route settings. To do this, select the IP menu item again, after the Routes option, then add the required route. The most important parameter to ensure correct operation of the modification of the MikroTik router under consideration is the configuration of the WiFi bridge. Let's consider how the given task is solved.

Configuring a bridge in a router RB951G

In order to configure the bridge on the router incorresponding modification, you must select Bridge option in the interface of the device management program. Then go to the Ports menu area, and then add the required network ports to the bridge. The optimal number of them is from 2 to 5. You also need to add a port to WiFi. When setting up a bridge, you need to register an IP address in it.

The next task is to configure DNS. We will study how it is implemented.

Configuring DNS

To solve the problem under consideration, it is necessaryselect the menu item IP, then go to the DNS tab. After you enter the correct server address. It is necessary to install an option in the corresponding interface that allows access to the router from computers connected to the network. It can be noted that for these PC addresses can be issued automatically by the router. To activate the appropriate algorithm, you need to select the IP item, after - the DHCP option, then - enable the settings interface.

Since the ports in the device are combined in a bridge,you must select the point bridge1. After you need to specify the subnet parameters. As a rule, the corresponding options are set by the program automatically, but you need to check their correctness.

These are the main parameters to whichpay attention when setting up the RB951Ui. The next task in the framework of ensuring the functionality of the MikroTik router is setting up a guest WiFi. Let us study the features of its solution.

Configuring WiFi in a router RB 951G

WiFi settings in the modification in questionThe router should start by opening the Security tab in the Wireless section. After that, you need to set the encryption options for the data. As with the previous modification of the router, it is advisable to select the WPA2 PSK technology to protect network access. It is also necessary to set the password to a sufficient extent.

The next task is to activate, in fact, the WiFi-module in the device. To do this, select the Interfaces tab, and then activate the following options in the corresponding interfaces:

  • Mode in ap bridge mode (only if this option is enabled, the router can function as a separate access point);
  • Band as B / G / N (the corresponding parameter is responsible for activating the support of the router of certain wireless standards);
  • Channel as 20 or 20/40 (this parameter sets the bandwidth of the router's bandwidth);
  • Frequency in the value 2412 (this parameter corresponds to the working frequency of the router);
  • SSID: in the value selected by the user (the corresponding option determines the name of the wireless network);
  • Protocol: like 802.11 (activating the support of the router of the basic wireless communication standard, most often supported by devices with a WiFi module).

This is how you configure the guest WiFi network. MikroTik is a router that has interfaces with other popular settings. Which ones can you pay attention to?

MikroTik power WiFi setting

So, among the options that can optimizethe work of the MikroTik router is the power of WiFi. Setting the corresponding interface allows you to amplify or, if necessary, reduce the signal and at the same time the range of the wireless network.

These are the main features of the popularrouters of the brand MikroTik - RB2011UAS, RB951G, as well as RB951Ui. Undoubtedly, this company produces other high-tech products. For example, MikroTik hAP Lite. Setting up WiFi in this device will also have features, but in general it will be implemented by algorithms similar to those that characterize the work with the routers we examined.