/ / DIR-615 router: setting up WiFi and resetting settings. How to configure the D-link DIR-615 router?

DIR-615 router: setting up WiFi and resetting settings. How to configure the D-link DIR-615 router?

Router DIR 615 - model of production of the companyDlink, which is well established in the computer equipment market. The router has a stable network, has Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows you to protect all home computers, while making a transparent connection between them. But not all at once can correctly adjust all that is necessary, therefore we will check up, how much it is simple.


When buying such a device,that everything that we need for initial work, in the complete set already exists. It's not very pleasant, having bought a router, to bring it home and realize that now it is necessary to go for a cable, because the first time you turn on the D Link DIR 615, the setting is carried out only over the network cable. A special case of Wi-Fi settings for the first time is not suitable - the network is disabled.

But in the package there is everything we needfor the first time: a wire for connection to a computer, a pair of antennas, a power supply for the network, the device itself and a disk with programs. Also a whole pile of securities, guarantees and most importantly - the instruction in Russian. There is also a special stand: the router can be placed on the edge, so that it takes up less space on the table.

Connect to the computer

The connection is very simple.First, we screw the antennas, they have the most usual thread, then we pull out the Internet cable from the computer and plug it into the wan jack on the D Link DIR 615. The first connection must be configured via cable. Near the nest wan usually there is a sticker, unhook it, behind it 4 identical ports. Using the attached cable, connect one of the ports to the computer. Which port of the four to choose - decide for yourself, now they are equivalent. On the computer, we plug the cable into the socket where the Internet used to be. Plug the power supply into the power connector. All that we need for the initial setup is ready. We stick the plug into the socket and wait until the router is loaded. At the same time, turn on the computer, if it was not done before.

Start setup

So, we connected the cables, turned on the computer,router, but the Internet is no longer there - however, for the first time we do not need it. It will be necessary to have instructions for the D Link DIR 615. The setup in the manual is quite detailed, so we will use it.

We turn the pages to the Russian language (heusually the second in the brochure) and begin to set up. First you need to tell the router how to configure the Internet. To do this, you need the settings issued by the provider when you connect. However, if you connect to the Internet through adsl-modem, the settings will be much easier. Now turn on the browser and drive the following numbers into the address line: This address is received by the router at the plant, we may change it later.

Enter the required data in the highlighted login window.They are in the instructions, but they have this usual router: admin in both fields. Press "Enter" to confirm and get to the main screen of DIR 615. All settings are shown here. You can configure in semi-automatic mode, using the buttons on the left, but it's more correct to check and make all the settings yourself. Click "Advanced Settings" in the lower right corner and proceed to the step-by-step configuration. Usually the language is picked up correctly. If the non-Russian is opened, you can fix it at the far right of the button.

Configuring the Internet

Immediately make a reservation that if the Internet cableis included in the modem, and not in the DIR 615, the configuration is greatly simplified. The difference is if the Internet goes through a modem, then in the router you can choose a static or dynamic IP, and the rest will pick up itself. If there is no modem, the output to the network will be configured in the DIR 615 itself. The Internet setup is opened by clicking the Wan link in the Network box in the newly opened window. Click on the link and select the connection type. Most providers use PPPoE. Select the type of connection in the upper field. Then just below the port and name (this is more necessary for you). In order for your provider to recognize the router and allow it to go online, sometimes you need to replace the MAC. We do this just below in the "Ethernet" section. If you connected the router to the same network, through which you went to the network before, we press the button "clone MAC". In the figure below it is not signed, in this version of the firmware it is to the right of the field MTU -1492

dir 615 setup

In the "PPP" section, enter the user name, password andset MTU value to 1492. This data is represented by the provider when connected, and if the MTU is higher than the specified one, there may be network problems. The other parameters are set as in the picture below.

d link dir 615 setup

We go further, in the "Miscellaneous" block we put twoticks: Required NAT, also it is desirable to enable the "Firewall" - additional protection when working on the network. This is the same firewall or firewall, but built into the router. In the picture below they are included.

dir 615 wifi setup

Save all settings by clicking on "Apply". The main part is completed. In a new browser tab you can open, for example, the search engine "Yandex."

Set up Wi-Fi

If we have a laptop or a smartphone, they cango online also through a router. To do this, go back to the main DIR 615 configuration window. The wifi setting is done in a block, which is called that. Click on the "General Settings" and in the window that opens, select "Enable".

router dir 615

After saving the changes "Change", let's return to the mainwindow. Now in the same block we go to the link "Basic settings". Here you need to set the network name (it will be seen by your smartphone when searching for a network). Again, click "Change".

reset dir 615

Actually, it's all if you live in a privatehouse, smart will not only catch next to the router. If you are in an apartment and do not want neighbors to use your connection, you need to protect it with a password. From the main window go to the link "Security Settings". Set the settings as shown in the picture below. Enter your password. Click "Change".

router dir 615

Now those wishing to connect to your network must specify a password. You will also have to specify it, so you need to save the password.

Here, in fact, and everything that is necessary for the normal operation of the DIR 615, the wifi setting is completed, now on the laptop / smartphone you need to try to find a new network and connect to it.

On this you can put a point.You can deal with the stand and try to put the router on the edge. We examined the basic parameters of the DIR 615. The adjustment of the other parameters is done on the same principle and is described in detail in the instructions.


In conclusion, let's touch upon the issue of resetting the DIR settings615. You might not need it, but it's worth considering. The reset button is located on the back of the router in the form of a small hole in the circle, signed "reset", next to the power socket. When the router is turned on with a paper clip or pin, press it (it is in this hole) and hold it for a minute. After the release, the router will restart, after which you can reconfigure the Internet, wi-fi and other settings.