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How to make a hanger in "Meincraft" and how to use it?

If you are playing in Maynkraft, you shouldunderstand that aesthetic beauty here plays a very important role. Given the complete absence of the plot, any quests or tasks, you completely complete your own gameplay. Therefore, a lot of time can be occupied and the creation of an ideal house, plot, as well as some other structures. In general, you build and create what you think is necessary, as well as useful or beautiful. Accordingly, chests for storing things fit perfectly in terms of necessity and utility, but not in any way to the point of beauty. And then the question arises: "How can we make the storage of at least some objects more aesthetic?" Here you will come to the rescue of some modifications that will add to the game special features. For example, the Bountiful mod will allow you to store your armor in sight. And how to make a hanger in "Meincraft" for this, you will learn from this article.

Craft hangers

how to make a hanger in maynkraft

A hanger is a special stand that allowsyou store on her clothing, in particular armor. How to make a hanger in Meincraft? First, you need to install a special Bountiful mod that adds some recipes, items and features to the game. After that, you need to scrape the concrete slab, and also get six wooden sticks. If you combine them on a workbench, you will get the desired result. As you can see, the crafting recipe is extremely simple, so you do not have to suffer with either the process of hanger production or with the search for ingredients, since they are all generally available. Now you know how to make a hanger in Meincraft, but so far you have no idea how to use it.

Using the hanger

how to make a hanger in maynecraft

It is not enough to know how to make a hanger in"Maincraft" - you still need to learn how to apply it. In fact, for the time being, it has far from the most attractive appearance and just stands in front of you until you use it. And it's quite easy to do this - you just need to pick up the item you want to leave on the hanger, and click on it with the right mouse button. Depending on what kind of object you held in your hand, it will take its place on the hanger - if the object can not be hung on the hanger, it will remain in your hand. If you decide that you need to remove something from the hanger, then you just need to move the cursor over this item and click the right mouse button to get it in your inventory. As you can see, it was not only the process of how to make a hanger in the "Maincrafter", but also its use, was not only simple.

Methods of application

how to make a hanger

So, you figured out how to make a hanger in"Maynkrafte" and how to interact with it, to hang an object on it or remove it. But now it's time to move on to more global thoughts - how to use it? Naturally, in the first place this is a decorative object. You can decorate your house with hangers, on which there will be multi-colored armor from different materials. But this is far from the only way - for example, in a multi-user mode gamers create hangers, hang their armor, make a pumpkin instead of a head and cover it with a helmet, give a sword in hand - and get a great bait for opponents who might think it's a living player. Only you must understand that all these actions are suitable for the version of "Maincraft" 1.8. How to make a hanger in older versions? Unfortunately, this is not possible, and you will have to update your client to install this mod.

Another way

There is, however, another option - there is a modArmorStand, which adds to the game only one item - a hanger for armor. It crafts much easier - from three cobblestones and two sticks, but it can be used only in decorative terms.