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What is an avatar? What is Ava silent about?

Beginners who are just starting to get acquainted withsocial networks, do not always know what an avatar is. The term "avatar", which is widely used on the Internet, means a small image that should reflect the character of the account holder as accurately as possible. It is this small image that will become the soul of the user in the virtual world.

How did the avatar appear?

The history of the appearance of avatars is still being conducteddisputes, but no one knows exactly who exactly came up with this image. Ava is used in all social networks, blogs and forums. They have become almost an inalienable attribute of any user. The role of the avatar is very difficult to overestimate, since without it all users will be faceless and uninteresting creatures.

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How to install the avatar?

Probably, today almost every visitorsotssetey knows what is the avatar "VKontakte." Before selecting an image, you need to think about what kind of opinion about your page will develop with other users. Ava should not only reflect the essence and mood, but also be quite original in order to attract attention.

When the image is selected, you need to download it from thecomputer to the site. Following all the instructions, it will be quite easy to do this. Now Av will become the calling card of the account and will form users opinion on the owner of the page.

What is silent about the avatar?

After we figured out what isavatar, it will be useful to know what she is silent about. Considering the image, you can draw conclusions about the psychological state of the profile owner, determine his mood and mentally draw a portrait.

Children's photos

Own photos in childhood,exposed, as well as cute photos of animals say that the user feels defenseless. He lacks tenderness and love, he dreams of care and attention. Even if outwardly the person looks quite self-confident and successful, there is a child inside him who controls his emotions.

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Photo of your child

If the user sets as an avatarphoto of his child, it indicates the lack of implementation. He does not perceive himself as a separate person, rather, he makes a message to the world: "I am my child". If you think about what an avatar on the Internet, we can conclude that this is an appeal of the account owner to other users. Spreading a child's photo instead of his image, a person wants to say that his baby will do everything that the owner himself could not.

Photos with a partner

Users know what an avatar is"Classmates", and understand its importance. Therefore, those people who want to tell the whole world about their successful personal life, upload photos to their network with their loved ones. Thus, they emphasize their importance, convincing themselves that they are loved and desired.

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Images of nature

Using as an avatar landscapes, peoplewants to find inner harmony and get rid of the fatigue that has accumulated. In this case, do not think about what an avatar is, and how it reflects the character. Rather, the picture indicates a specific situation that provokes stress.

Business and official photography

With this avatar, the account owner wants todeclare their social success. In response, he expects to receive recognition and respect. Such avas can be considered as a kind of narcissism, but a single child lives in a person who was not loved in childhood. He believes that he can not be loved unconditionally, and tries to earn love by expensive things and material values.

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Humorous photos

Spreading funny and humorous photos,a person tries to treat everything with ease and expects the same from others. Laughter and jokes are a kind of mechanism by which you can get away from problems and emotional pain. Sometimes this helps, but often this approach only creates the illusion of solving problems.

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Faceless account

If there is no photo on the page insocial network - this is not a compulsory measure (for example, a person is too well known or does not want to show his face by the nature of his activity), then the owner of the account is clearly not short of security. Such a user can be described as suspicious, secretive and distrustful. Most likely, he himself used to control the situation and influence the course of all processes.

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Since today, virtual communication isan integral part of life, and people spend a lot of time in front of the monitor, it is very important that the appearance of profiles in social networks evoke pleasant emotions. Therefore, knowledge of what an avatar is, will be useful to everyone. A huge selection of different photos and images makes it possible to change your appearance depending on your mood. In addition, using ava users it will be much easier to identify you among other contacts with similar names.