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What is the meaning of leopard tattoos?

Leopard is the smallest specieslarge cats. Despite this, it combines such qualities as speed, intelligence, survival, brute force. Color tattoos are now very firmly entrenched in fashion trends and leopard tattoos are no exception. But before leaving a mark on your own skin, it is important to know the meaning of the image.

Few facts

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In the people, leopards became famous for their cunning:they use tactics of suggestion, giving their prey an imaginary calm and confidence in safety, after which, at the most unexpected moment, they attack. Leopards kill everyone on their way - there are several known cases of attacks on humans, but do not worry. If there is a choice in front of a leopard, for example, a well-fed antelope or a man, then he will no doubt choose the first.

It has long been believed that leopard spots symbolizethe ability to hide the truth, giving himself an advantage in any situation. Even the Italian poet Dante in his work used the image of a leopard as a symbol of deception, fraud and malice. Representations about this predator in African traditions make a great contrast with the European ones. In Africa, a leopard is a very perceptive animal. Many consider him a brave warrior who does not escape from the attack.

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These animals have a connection with the spiritual realm,so shamans wear leopard skin to protect themselves from evil spirits. The Egyptians used skins to protect themselves from the god of darkness and chaos - Seth. Despite such differences in interpretation, one is undeniable: the leopard is a beautiful and elegant animal. Knowing the above facts, you can easily interpret the meaning of a leopard tattoo.

What does it mean?

Variants of interpretation can be set:

  • intelligence service;
  • cunning;
  • deception and manipulation;
  • protection;
  • loneliness;
  • force;
  • heroism.

It all depends on the options for leopard tattoos.Such images are made by people who prefer to enjoy a solitary life. People with leopard tattoos are identified with the quiet, peaceful existence of this animal. They love peace of mind, protect themselves from daily fuss. Therefore, the meaning of a leopard tattoo involves solitude, dignity and courage.

Black and white or colored tattoo

Black and white tattoo emphasizes the needremain unknown and popular as an unheard legend. The possessor is proud of the availability of privacy and tranquility - such a person can feel free only at home.

If we are talking about a leopard colored leopard, then itshows the strong desire of its owner to a solitary life. Spots help to mask your true nature - so you can wait for the best moment to attack. Tattoo opens the instincts of search, destruction, adaptation to the environment. A person can fully control any situation and turn the outcome as he likes.

the meaning of a leopard tattoo

As you know, body art is the best waysay about yourself, without saying a word. When choosing such a tattoo, then pay attention to what is next to the leopard, on his rack, the expression of the muzzle. Choose a picture individually. The only limitation in this matter is fantasy.

Leopard tattoos do not carry anynegative value, but if you are a calm and balanced person, then a leopard with a grin will not exactly fit you, so be careful when choosing an image.