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SPA hair care

Beautiful silky hair will never come out offashion. Unfortunately, even strong healthy curls can eventually fade and become lifeless due to lack of proper care. An important role in the deterioration of their condition is played by permanent staining, drying and artificial hair straightening.

To preserve the natural beauty of the hair, it is necessary to give proper time to care for it. Even with the most neglected cases, you can return the locks to their former attractiveness and health.

spa for hair

SPA hair care

For the rescue and rehabilitation of the most damagedcurls today there is a special program for hair SPA. The procedure is an integrated approach for the return to life of overdried and lifeless hair.

Such a program can be passed both in the salonbeauty, and at home. Today, many well-known brands produce a line of professional products for the care and restoration of damaged hair. Such products consist mainly of natural remedies, and with regular use help even the most lifeless strands turn into luxurious curls. SPA hair care involves an integrated approach to solving the problem, therefore each line of products consists of several products aimed at revitalizing the life force and beauty of the affected hair. However, you can purchase such funds only in specialized stores or pharmacies.


spa hair care

The first step on the way to healthy hair isapplication of hair shampoo. SPA-procedure begins with the cleaning of each hair from contaminants, their preparation for the most complete intake of active substances. Also, shampoo, in addition to cleansing nourishes every hair with the necessary trace elements, restores and moisturizes them. You can apply it daily. With regular use in conjunction with other means, the result will not be long in coming.

Nutrition and Recovery

The next step in the procedure for hair SPAis the use of balm. It should be applied to cleanly washed hair for several minutes. The components that make up the product will nourish the hair with the necessary elements, "seal" the split ends and give the hair a healthy and beautiful appearance. The frequency of application depends on the overall condition of the strands. We must not forget that professional means are aimed at treatment and recovery, so on healthy hair they must be used with caution. Before using the SPA-balm for hair, for best results, it is better to consult with a specialist.

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The final stage

The final stage in the SPA-procedure isapplication of a reanimating and restoring hair mask. In contrast to balsam, it has a more concentrated composition and a well-pronounced effect. Hair mask SPA is not suitable for daily use. If the shampoo from such a ruler can be used constantly, then for the mask the recommended frequency of application is once a week. Some manufacturers in the use advice recommend using the tool courses, depending on the degree of damage to the hair.

It is important to understand that medical cosmetics should not be used as usual. It is best to consult a specialist before starting the course.

Salon care and not only

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In order not to spend money on products thatmay not be suitable, professional line of SPA hair products can be tried and when visiting a beauty salon. Today, many hairdressers offer, in addition to the usual hair treatments, also a SPA-care for an unhealthy head of hair. Employees will select the means and give recommendations on the further care of the hair.

Also in the salon you can try the serviceSPA-laminating hair. The procedure consists of several stages, including cleaning, applying several means and fixing the result by means of a hot hair dryer or ironing.

Lamination suitable for the owners of weakhair, which are shaken in bad weather. The procedure will help to strengthen the lifeless curls, give them volume, make it mirror smooth and shiny. After the completion of the beauty salon specialist will give recommendations on the further care of the hair.

However, such a procedure can be carried out andindependently at home. For this, no special knowledge is required, it is sufficient to follow the instructions of the instruction. Manufacturers who produce home-laminating kits, stage by stage, describe the process of the procedure. To get a good result, you just have to follow them faithfully. On the photo the hair is after and before lamination.

spa hair care

It is important to understand that this method of care does not haveof the cumulative effect, so apply it only once every 1.5 to 2 months. Also, before starting the procedure, it is not superfluous to consult a specialist, because lamination does not suit everyone, and can instead "give healthy" smooth hair a "disgusted" lifeless mane.


Most women who use drugsSPA-care for hair is satisfied with the result. Regular use of professional products helps to restore to life even the most neglected locks, and also to maintain in perfect condition and regenerated curls.

However, to achieve a good resultit takes time. Even the most expensive means of professional cosmetics can not for one application turn dull hair into a luxurious mane. Therefore, it is so important to follow the rules and recommendations for use indicated on the product packaging.

There is also a negative experience of using SPA-tools.This may be due to the wrong way of using cosmetics, excessively plentiful application, or overly frequent use. In this case, it is possible to saturate the hair with substances that make up the products, so the result can be the production of fatty stuck together strands, rather than shiny and beautiful hair.

Also, before using these funds, you need toget acquainted with their composition. Since the products of the SPA line are professional, they usually contain natural ingredients, which allergies can cause.

Is it worth using?

There is no single answer to this question.However, SPA treatment at home is becoming more popular among women, because this is a way to restore hair to its former beauty. But, it is important to understand that such cosmetics should be used with caution, especially people who suffer from allergies. Therefore, to achieve a good result, it is better to consult with a specialist. He will tell you which series of all the variety of SPA hair products will suit and really help to improve their condition, and not harm them.