/ / Terre D 'Hermes - a unique fragrance for your favorites

Terre D 'Hermes - a unique fragrance for your favorites

For more than thirty years Hermes perfumes arepopular and favorite smells of women and men around the world who rightly believe that the flavors of this powerful brand can be classified as the highest perfume art.

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An important role in the brand's popularity is played bystylish and bright decoration of perfume. Exciting and delicate floral compositions are accompanied by a sweetish, but complemented with spice fragments. This combination is very characteristic for women's fragrances Hermes.

Women's Hermès perfume collectionis intended for elegant beauties, from which it is impossible to look away. The man's aromas of the company do not use notes of ripe fruit, they are successfully replaced by warm aromas of various trees, which very successfully emphasize the image of a confident person.

In 2006 the company produces a new fragrance formen - Terre D 'Hermes. It is intended for men who stand firmly on the ground, but their thoughts soar high in the heavens; for those who do not imagine themselves without air and freedom, who require space for life. These men can see a black cat in a dark room.

The main components of the composition are everything that is connectedwith the earth, because in translation from French the word "terre" means "earth" - wood, stones, flowers. At the beginning of the fragrance you will feel energetic and strong notes of grapefruit and orange, geranium, rose and pepper. Then there are sensual and rich notes of patchouli, vetiver and cedar.

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In the same year 2006, admirers of creativity at homeHermes received another gift - Hermes 'men's toilet water "Terre D' Hermes". It is a magnificent courageous fragrance created for those who are able to admire their own perfection and perceive the admiration of surrounding women.

Luxury Terre D 'Hermes - only for demanding men who, having found their perfect fragrance, do not change him for many years, while enjoying the full harmony of bright feelings and emotions.

Modern technologies are actively breaking into the worldof today's perfumery. They allow you to create completely incredible compositions, give the perfume products not quite the usual sound. The new feminine fragrance of Hermes "Terre Mugler" is worthy of real gourmets. Now, as the creators of the novelty believe, sweet smells have become commonplace, it's time to start trying something new, for example, a salty smell.

There are fashionable houses in the world, including a veryknown, who are always ready for the experiment, they are not afraid to seem ridiculous, they are not afraid of failure, which can spoil the company's reputation. To such brands-experimenters first of all it is necessary to attribute Hermes.

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The famous perfumer Thierry Mugler once created the vanilla sweet aroma of Angel. His next idea was a salty smell.

As Thierry claims, he could not stop a long timeits choice on a product worthy of being embodied in a perfume scent. The company's plans did not include the creation of an art object, which would be discussed in the press and mocked in the lobby. The main bet was made on mango chutney - the famous Indian snack. But then suddenly there was an idea to use the aroma of black sturgeon caviar. Molecular caviar extract turned fresh and dark, it feels something animal and dangerous. No one could have guessed that a fish note could be so refined.

Two more components of Terre D 'Hermes Mugler - wild strawberries and figs. The fragrance turned out to be ambiguous, but you can be sure that he will find his admirers.