/ / Men's toilet water Lacoste Essential Sport: description of fragrance and reviews

Men's toilet water Lacoste Essential Sport: description of fragrance and reviews

A tiny green crocodile conquered the world marketperfumery. Today the French company Lacoste occupies one of the leading places, as well as almost a hundred years ago. Lines of perfumes from this manufacturer are sold at lightning speed. In addition to fresh fragrances, Lacoste produces fine collections of fashionable and comfortable sportswear for both adults and children. Most often, the active products of the company are given by strong men with a strong physique. It is this type of people who chooses freshness, a frosty aroma with light notes of citrus and spices. All of their desires and preferences are taken into account and implemented by the company at the highest level.

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History of the company Lacoste

Its way the world brand began in the distant 1922in the romantic and sporty city of France. Rene Lacosta became the parent of the company. Initially, the production was aimed at creating fashionable sportswear. With such a product line, the Lacoste brand has earned renown in all cities of Europe, America and Japan. And by 1959 it was priyanto decision to launch another line of clothing, this time a nursery.

Becoming Lacoste in the perfume market

For twenty-five years the company was pleasedconsumers are extremely comfortable and not lagging behind fashion sportswear. And only in 1984 the world perfume market came out easy and memorable men's cologne Lacoste Pour Homme, which was designed for strong and active young people. Aroma literally for several months became incredibly popular among the stronger sex and sold out in large editions. Perfumery stores began to make large orders for the delivery of a new smell. Under such circumstances, the creator of René Lacoste decided to release another line of men's fragrances.

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For the second creation was invited to work in thea company known all over the world for perfumer Jean Curleo, who after a huge number of experiments finally introduced the international market Booster. The fragrance, according to many consumers, fills the owner with energy, the desire to live and perform feats, contributes to the surge of new forces. And this is not surprising, because the creator set himself exactly this goal, which he achieved due to his subtle taste and skill.

In the future, Lacoste continued to rejoiceconfident men with fresh fragrances. The most popular are Lacoste Touch Of Pink, Lacoste Essential Sport, Lacoste Elegance. Experiments in the company involved famous worldwide perfumers. As a result, a lot of dynamic and fresh flavors came off the assembly line, which until now enjoyed incredible popularity among young and active male representatives.

As for clothes, the company did not stopits creation and still supplies excellent things to the world markets. A green crocodile can be found not only in cosmetic stores, but also in branded boutiques on any continent. Collections of sportswear, as well as fragrances from Lacoste, continue to be popular. And the book reviews of the company, in turn, are replenished with only positive lines.

Eau de toilette Lacoste Essential Sport: a new men's fragrance

A new sports perfume French companysurprised in 2010. The creator was so inspired by this sport, like kitesurfing (this is an easy slip on the waves on a surf that moves with a kite) that I decided to experiment with the "wind".

lacoste essential sport

Composition of Lacoste toilet water

Lacoste filled this line with frosty freshness,which envelops a man, gives him strength and confidence. The aroma is dominated by notes of citrus, musk and amber. At the very top, bergamot, grapefruit, ginger are palpable. Also in the composition of Lacoste Essential Sport (EDT) came nutmeg and juniper, and in a train from the perfume there are musk, vetiver and patchouli. This set of fragrant notes will give any sportsman a kind of refreshing romanticism. If a young man at least once try Lacoste Essential Sport, then he will not leave a heady sense of boundless freedom and endless space. This toilet water is like the coolness of sea water, the rapid flow of wind and an incredible sense of flight.

What type of men will a new fragrance from Lacoste suit?

Choosing a gift for a young man shouldcarefully consider all perfume lines from the French company. Eau de toilette will be an excellent present for men from twenty to forty for their birthday, New Year or Valentine's Day. The main thing is not to make a mistake with the choice. Lacoste Essential Sport is perfect for men who do not sit still, but are actively engaged in any kind of sport. The new fragrance will make the wearer noticeable and will best show his character.

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Lacoste Essential Sport: reviews

The male half of sports fans stopsyour choice on the new French perfume. For the past six years, active young people have been delighted with the quality of the Lacoste Essential Sport, because it fully meets their requirements and desires. Eau de toilette, according to consumers, leaves a pleasant trail of smell, filled with notes of citrus and spices. A strong male body is enveloped in a cool freshness that attracts the attention of female representatives.

This fragrance is produced not only as atoilet water, but also as a deodorant, which is quite convenient. After all, there are people who use a certain cologne, and the remedy for removing the smell of sweat is changed often. So we can say that the perfumers of the company took into account all the preferences of men.

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As for the purely toilet water LacosteEssential Sport, it can be found in two versions: in bottles of 125 ml and 75 ml. The availability of this option is also important when buying. The bottle, according to consumers, is very convenient and compact, you can take it without problems with you, and it does not take much space in your bag or car. The design of the package corresponds to the fragrance - the same light, unobtrusive, but elegant. Perfume, thanks to the persistence of the smell, which lasts from six to ten hours, is very economical to use. And how much does the toilet water of Lacoste Essential Sport cost? The price of such a product, as well as the point where it can be purchased, is the topic of the next section.


There are many places in the world where you canto get perfume from a French company. Naturally, in brand boutiques, prices are an order of magnitude higher in comparison with conventional cosmetic brands. And in online stores, prices are even lower than in perfumes. But, anyway, on average for Lacoste Essential Sport 125 ml will have to pay from 1800 to 2000 rubles, and for 75 ml - from 1200 to 1500 rubles.

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Summarizing, we can say that the new perfume fromLacoste will be a great gift for a young and active person who does not imagine his life without sports and movement. This fragrance will give an unforgettable feeling of lightness, freedom and some kind of romance. Sea freshness will give strength and energy, and citrus in combination with spices will add to life bright colors. Any man will be happy to become the owner of the perfume from Lacoste, because the essences created by the company will make it visible and desirable. And women, sensing this wonderful fragrance, no doubt, will want to buy the same to their second half.