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Ombre on the square. We place accents!

Every modern young lady, regardless of age, follows the latest fashion. And this applies not only to trendy colors and styles in clothes, but also innovations in haircuts and stains.

Classics from Cleopatra

All ladies know that the classic is always in fashion,regardless of the date in the calendar and the weather outside the window. This is confirmed by the shearing of the square, which appeared during the reign of Cleopatra and does not surrender its positions to this day. And it is not surprising, because quads are a haircut that fits absolutely all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, regardless of age and shape of the face. Magic quads, like a sculptor, smoothes too wide cheekbones, round face turns into an oval, and rectangular makes it more subtle.

ombre on the square

Fashionable nuance

If you are the owner of this haircut? and there is a desire to introduce any variety, without changing its length and shape, you can make a trendy ombre on the square.

Ombre is a creative, and at the same timeharmonious coloring, imitating the effect of sunburned hair. This method came to the beauty salon straight from the beaches of California: the hair of surfer girls, over which the sun worked intensively, looked like? as if melted, and with the growth of roots a very interesting effect was obtained with a smooth transition from dark to light.

Stylists were inspired by such an unusual color transition and came up with a way to recreate it with dyes. Such coloring has received several names - degradation and ombre.

On the scale this coloring looks unmatched. It gives the classic haircut a fashionable nuance and also rejuvenates!

Many ladies mistakenly believe that stainingThe ombre on the square does not look at all, because it is more suitable for long hair curled in large curls. This hairstyle is worn by Ani Lorak, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga and other stars of music, podium and cinema. And yet, the ombre on the square looks delicious - especially if the staining is done by a professional in a beauty salon, and not at home. An example of a well-executed work of a hairdresser can serve as the hairstyle of the famous singer Ciara.

ombre coloring on the square

Bold accent

Bold and bright girls, in addition to delicate pastelshades, like more clear transitions from tone to tone and color ombre. On a dark square - this is just an ideal option, because this way of coloring will not only refresh your hair, but also give an interesting accent to the haircut, emphasizing a clear geometry. With the main dark hair color, red, copper, purple and cold beige colors look beautiful. Very stylish looks ombre on the square with an elongation.

"No!" home coloring

Internet is full of tips on how to make a trendstaining ombre at home. It is cheaper than in salons, but it looks, to put it mildly, awful. And if on long light hair it looks more or less, then the ombre on the square, made at home, looks sloppy, like overgrown roots. As a result, hair is spoiled along with the mood, and money and time are wasted.

ombre on a dark square

In the beauty salon

Why it is recommended to do an ombre on a square onlythe master hairdresser? The fact is that, unlike long hair, the surface of staining is lower, respectively, the painting technique requires professional skills and accuracy. In addition, the master will pick up color combinations based on the basic color of the hair and your overall color appearance. Proper coloring will emphasize the advantages and soften the shortcomings (if any).

ombre on square with elongation

Variations on the theme of ombre

What options can a barber offer? There are only four of them, but each of them is good in its own way.

The most popular ombre is a soft, smooth,veil transition from the roots of dark hair (chocolate, espresso, brown) to a light shade at the ends of the hair, for example to such as golden blond, beige, honey, champagne.

Another option is an abrupt transition of color fromvery dark in very light with clear boundaries between shades. This ombre looks like a clearly defined strip along the edge of the haircut, which is favorably emphasized by the overall silhouette of the hairstyle.

Also, the master can offer a color ombre - thiscoloring will be very much liked by young and courageous girls who like to stand out from the crowd. From the title it is clear that the master can play with a variety of colors - for example, paint the roots in violet, the hair canvas - in red, and the tips - in orange. Looks colorful ombre incredibly bright and smart!

The last trend is the so-called reverseombre. This coloration looks like this - the hair roots are painted in light shades, which turn into dark tones on the tips of the hair. The reverse ombre can be both pastel and tender, and sharp, clear. The same applies to the colored ombre.

The main thing is not to be afraid of exprising! Trust your hairdresser - knowing your hair, he can certainly offer your ombre!