/ Is it possible to reduce unsuccessful tattoos? All ways to get rid of a bored or ugly tattoo

Is it possible to reduce unsuccessful tattoos? All ways to get rid of a bored or ugly tattoo

Today, the art of tattooing is more developed than ever before.earlier. Tattoo parlors are open practically in all major cities. Any adult person who is ready to pay for this procedure can acquire his own drawing. Ideally, a tattoo should be an organic addition to the image and please its owner until the end of his days. But in practice, there are often unsuccessful tattoos that not only do not bring pleasant emotions, but can seriously damage the life of their owner.

What is the "partak"?

Unsuccessful Tattoos
It is worth noting that unsuccessful tattoos can be divided into two categories:

1) poorly executed;

2) ugly or just bored.

In the first case we are talking about "partaches" - namelyso they call unsuccessful tattoos in their master's jargon and everyone who is keen on the art of drawing native images. This term is suitable for referring to all ugly tattoos, when the intended picture looks distorted, and sometimes frankly not aesthetic. Where do the "partaches" come from? There are several options: insufficient qualification or inexperience of the master, use of poor-quality equipment and paints, improper skin care during the healing period. People often want to reduce tattoos, which are tired of the image on their body. It is for this reason that psychologists are advised to think three times (or better, for several months): do you really want to wear the chosen image all your life?

«Cover up»: overlapping bored tattoos

So, what to do if you have an unsuccessfultattoo and you want to get rid of it? You should start with a visit to a good tattoo parlor. One of the simplest options for correction is "cover up" ("new work on top of the old one"). It's about closing the existing tattoo with a new one. If your unsuccessful tattoo is just a little disillusioned to you, you can try to agree on making minor changes to the drawing. However, few other artists like finishing other people's drawings, and it is quite possible that you will have to spend some time searching for a specialist who will agree to help.

Can I remove a tattoo?

Reduction tattoo
Reduction of tattoo is a procedure for whichabout 30 percent of tattoo owners are recorded. It is really possible to completely remove the pigment from the skin. Today there are two options: laser and surgical removal. In the first case, unsuccessful tattoos are literally burned out of the layers of the skin using a special medical device with a laser. Surgical removal - the method is obsolete, involving the excision of whole layers of skin along with a tattoo. It is worth noting that with any removal of tattoos, complications are possible. Moreover, the removal of tattoos - the procedure is not cheap, and after its implementation, most likely, there will be scars.