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Tattoo on fingers: photo, value

Tattooing is not just an adornment of the body, butA special symbol, a sign that says something about its owner. A modern tattoo can be either small or impressive. If it is a question of fingers, then, of course, the tattoo will be miniature. But is it worth drawing at this place? What does fashion and specialists say?


Tattoo on fingers is an original solution, buteverything should be in moderation. Not everyone will like this option. If you decide on your first small tattoo, think about what you want it to say, what the image will mean to you personally. The picture on the picture on the fingers looks impressive? Most likely, the tattoo was done recently. Unfortunately, even a colored tattoo made by a professional loses its brightness, becomes pale, it becomes washed out. It's not a matter of paint, but that the human body and skin age with age, hands often come in contact with water and various fluids. Keep in mind that the skin on your hands changes quickly, you can not escape from it. The tattoo can be corrected in five to seven years, but it will not look fresh. Its boundaries are enlarged and blurred.

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Tattoos on the fingers even the masters themselves callthe most successful choice. If the client is interested in making the tattoo look beautiful and has not changed over time, it is not recommended to do it on the hands, palms, fingers, feet, on the ears and behind them, on the elbows, knees, face, head, groin and near the armpits. Even if it looks stylish and beautiful in photos, for the most part the impression is deceptive. After all, not all tattoos go in principle, and if they are located in unsuccessful places, then the person looks ridiculous. For the tattoo, you need a special character store, a way of thinking, appearance and style, even the scope of the activity.


Despite all the shortcomings, tattoos on the fingersreally looks original and attractive. These can be inscriptions, small images (crown, flower, star, heart shape, geometric lines, symbols). The choice is huge. The master in the salon can himself offer options, or the client does it. The tattoo can be colored, and also executed completely black paint. Remember that in a modern society a tattoo, even the most unusual, hardly anyone can be surprised. So try to make a personal painting for yourself, and not for the sake of posturing.

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If you look at the photo, the tattoos look on your fingersin large numbers is not quite aesthetically pleasing. It's mostly about girls. However, minimalism looks beautiful, emphasizes the fragility of a woman's hand. Men in this regard can afford more, especially if the tattoo for them is a kind of cult. And men's hands are larger than women's, so tattoos look more harmonious in combination with other large tattoos on hands and body.

Before doing tattoos on the hands and fingers,remember that there the skin is very thin, there is no thick fatty layer, and, hence, painful sensations will be stronger. But the tattoo is a way of self-expression, so if you really want, then no one will forbid doing it.

How to choose the right tattoo

Most often on the fingers make small tattoos.The most popular today are inscriptions: names of favorite people, slogans, slogans. Fashion for such tattoos were introduced by well-known musicians and representatives of show business. For example, among women, the most famous singer is Rihanna, whose fingers are decorated with neat tattoos in the form of inscriptions. Such tattoos are usually made on the side of the finger.

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If the hand is clenched into a fist, then the inscription is not visible.First of all, the tattoo should carry a semantic load. For example, a newly-married couple can use not ordinary gold rings, but to fill a figure in the form of a ring on nameless fingers. Popular tattoos, in addition to rings and inscriptions: feathers, insects, symbols, lines, musical notes, crystals, stars, flowers, the sign of infinity. Do not forget to ask the advice of the master, because he knows better, on which fingers a certain image will look great. Before you make a drawing, pay attention to the following tips:

  • In advance, choose an inscription or an image that will decorate your finger, determine also with the dimensions;
  • carefully choose the salon and the master, ask advice from friends who understand the tattoo;
  • consult with the master, listen to his opinion, ask about the process itself, sterility, ask for anesthesia if you are afraid of pain;
  • be sure to find out how to take care of a tattoo;
  • choose blue and burgundy colors for tattoos, they last longer.

Beautifully will look like numerous small tattoos, these can be phrases from a favorite poem, a beautiful saying.

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Tips for Men

Tattoo on the finger for men can and should bebrutal. Men tend to make large tattoos on their fingers. More often these are images, not inscriptions. The most popular male tattoo is the Latin cross. He embodies religion, Orthodoxy. But not always it carries a religious significance. For many men who have done such a tattoo, it carries a hidden semantic load. Girls also sometimes choose a similar image, but more often these are miniature tattoos. Men and tattoos made on joints are in love. Images in this place can not be hidden, so this solution is recommended in the main for the strong sex.

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Recommendations for women

Is there any significance for tattoos on the fingers?Of course. Most often this is not just a whim and a tribute to fashion, but a way of self-expression. Tattooing is one of the best methods to make it beautiful. Women have a popular ring tattoo. Drawing is carried out both in the form of a thin ringlet, and massive. Most of all women will fit rings in the form of a bow, crown, heart. The crown is considered a strong symbol. It means superiority and power. Women who choose just such a tattoo, used to control themselves and their emotions, are able to manage themselves well. Beautifully on the fingers will look like a tattoo ring of letters. It can be initials, a word that has a special meaning.

value of finger tattoos

Significance of tattoos

What do finger tattoos mean?All of them have a certain meaning, even if the owner chose the tattoo by accident. For example, drawings located on the joints of the fingers, began to do for the first time in prison. They were common among prisoners. Today, such tattoos have entered the masses, they are often preferred by men. It can be words, numbers, images. For each person they carry their meaning: the birthday of children, the date of the wedding, the occupation, the motto and so on. It is very important to choose the right drawing, otherwise you can get into an embarrassing situation. For example, a web and a spider are a symbol of thieves and scammers. Stars, hearts, abstract curls, beautiful geometric lines are most suitable for the role of tattoos on fingers. They mean exactly what the person himself puts in them.