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Lacoste - toilet water for winners and winners

Lacoste - toilet water, usingextraordinary popularity. In a wide range of men's and women's fragrances are presented. All of them have exquisite notes and give the image uniqueness. Let's take a closer look at the history of the brand and the features of this product.

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The history of the brand began in the last century.Tennis player from France Rene Lacoste in 1927 received from his fans the nickname "crocodile" for an aggressive game. His friend Robert, wanting to secure a pseudonym, gave him a talisman - a sports shirt with an embroidered green crocodile.

Since then, Lacoste left the court only in thisclothes. And in 1933, friends opened knitted production, where they sewn sports shirts with small crocodiles. In the sixties, the brand becomes world famous. Currently, the company produces perfumes, shoes, glasses, watches, leather goods. The brand celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2008.

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Lacoste - eau de toilette - began to be produced in the middle of the twentieth century. Brand fragrances have an individual character, they are easily combined with various images and stylish outfits.

Women's smells are perfection.They are filled with tenderness of spring mood and sunny joy. Perfumes for men include fragrances for young, dynamic, and for mature, experienced representatives of the stronger sex. And, of course, there is toilet water for athletes.

For men:

  • Pour Homme - trendy and modern perfumes with an elegant smell, emphasize a stylish image;
  • Essential is the leading fragrance for those who are young at heart, who value freedom and independence, who feel the romance of new sensations;
  • Hot Play - a fragrance for energetic natures that can not be broken;
  • Booster - for active and athletic men, for those who have a strong will and tough character.

For women

  • toilet water Lacoste Pour Femme gives sincerity and openness. Suitable for women who know a lot about people;
  • Touch of Pink awakens secret feelings with its floral scent. Makes an image feminine, easy and charming;
  • Dream of Pink emphasizes your sensuality and carelessness;
  • Touch of Spring Lacoste - toilet water for fashionable, young, creative girls. It charges the energy of nature and envelops unearthly femininity;
  • Touch of Sun will light up with light and add a fragrance of evening freshness. She is calling for a fusion with nature.

Certainly, perfumery makes the image moreattractive due to a unique train of freshness, energy, coolness, confidence and independence. Lacoste - eau de toilette - is remembered for its intense and rich aromas.

eau de toilette lacoste
Now the axioms of perfume productionhave lost their invincibility. In men's fragrances, floral and fruity notes are increasingly found. They like both men and women. Women's spirits sparkle with strength, freshness and youth. Some of them have a romantic train, while others excite the mind and consciousness with their passionate notes.

Buying Lacoste toilet water, pay attention toon a variety of perfume, as well as its target audience. Each group of fragrances has its own characteristics and advantages. All the company's toilet water has a refined light odor. It is addressed to the winners and the winners.