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What spirits do men like

It is not necessary to say how important eachwomen perfume. And some regularly monitor perfume novelties, in order to constantly fragrance with a fashionable fragrance, while others believe that every woman should choose her own unique smell. And indisputably, many people try to make a choice, based on what spirits men like.

It is known that at the very beginning of relationsthe decisive importance is precisely the smell, people seem to be "sniffing" at each other. Nevertheless, modern sexologists claim that a woman smells good when she does not smell anything. Experts advise choosing a partner to rely on their own sense of smell and evaluate the natural smell of the body. In general, it is believed that the most ideal partner for us is one whose smell we do not feel.

Meanwhile, women have always enjoyedspirits and not always at the same time pursued the goal of seducing the man he liked. So, according to statistics, only 10% of the fair sex use perfume as a tool for temptation. For a quarter of ladies, perfume is a kind of aromatherapy and helps to keep the mood. However, the vast majority of women use the fragrance precisely because it likes and makes you feel more confident.

But, perhaps, a question, what kind of women's perfumesmen, worried about all the girls. It is almost impossible to answer it unambiguously. Since different men prefer different smells, however, like women. But nevertheless, it was possible to reveal some general regularities by means of interrogations to experts.

But before we talk about what spirits men like, let's find out what fragrances are in general. There are four main groups:

1. Eastern (mysterious). Usually it includes vanilla, spices, spices, musk, sandalwood.

2. Sea (fresh). It's a light smell with a sea breeze.

3. Woody. Includes notes of tobacco, citrus, leather and wood.

4. Flower. The smell of flowers and fruits.

Each smell binds us to a certain way.And we can identify the main such associations. So, it is believed that the original and bright nature choose the vanilla armament, the scent with the notes of the chypre is associated with the female vamp, the vegetable and sweet and sour flavors are preferred by dreamers and dreamers, cunning temptresses choose oriental smells with nuances of musk and amber. Well, young beauties like citrus and fruit flavors.

But let's return to the question of what spirits liketo men. Judging by the polls, a quarter of the strongest half are crazy about the smell of their own perfume, if the lover puts it on the skin, for example, in the evening or in the morning. According to them, its aroma on the skin of a loved one is able to "start". A man gives this confidence that a woman belongs only to him. Meanwhile, to the flavors of unisex, most of the representatives of the stronger sex are indifferent.

American neurologist Alan Hirsch conductedStudies that have proven that the most exciting for men is the smell of cinnamon. A third of the representatives of the stronger sex are crazy musk. And no wonder he is known to be an aphrodisiac. Sexual fantasies also excite rosemary, vanilla and ylang-ylang. Enhances the feeling of a kiss, as well as a touch and even a look of the smell of patchouli.

What kind of perfume does a man like minimalists like?If your lover is self-confident and self-sufficient intellectual, choose natural citrus, unobtrusive armature of the cold sea, the smell of wild flowers. Men with strong characters prefer "sweet" women, which means, the fragrance of sweets, spices and fruits.

Many representatives of the strong half with delightthey speak of the fresh, proud and "smart" fragrance "L" eau par Kenzo ", in their opinion, they are used by sociable girls, as well as about the delicate and sensual" Eclat "from Lanvin.

Representatives of various perfumery companies conducteda poll to name the spirits that men like best. The list, in addition to the above, includes several more perfumes. This "Angel" from Thierry Mugler, in the opinion of the respondents, the fragrance is chosen by women who are bold in expressing feelings, "Coco mademoiselle" (Chanel), "Be Delicious" (Donna Karan), "Armani code", "Nina" (Nina Ricci) and others.

Nevertheless, when choosing a scent, you should take into account first of all your own preferences. Hardly a fragrance that does not like it can give you confidence and charm.